Murphy’s Law

Li Yang had a strange dream last night. He didn’t remember exactly what he had dreamed about. As a result, his mobile phone alarm clock was awakened twice. When he woke up, his wife Xu Feifei had already left. Xu Feifei worked in Jiangbei, Huizhou, far away from home, and went out half an hour earlier than Li Yang every day. Li Yang drove from Chenjiang to Huitai only ten minutes, so he could sleep more every morning. As soon as Li Yang looked at his mobile phone, it was not early, so he quickly got up and washed.

There is also Xu Feifei’s breakfast in the steamer on the kitchen stove, which should be steamed buns and dumplings. Xu Feifei got up every day and steamed the bought earlier on the stove, then went to wash and dress up, waiting for the dressing to be proper, and steamed well earlier, and the time was not delayed at all. After finishing breakfast, Xu Feifei went to the door of the community to catch the company bus. The breakfast left for Li Yang was still hot in the steamer.

There is still a box of hot milk in the steamer today, and a piece of paper is pressed under the plate on the table. Li Yang pulled out the note, and the words from Juanxiu’s line: Don’t work overtime today, come back early. Li Yang didn’t think of anything special today that was worth returning early, and his thoughts were filled with milk and barbecued pork buns.

When Li Yang started the car, he glanced at the time, and there was still a quarter of an hour, enough to rush to the company to punch in. If you are late, you have to write an explanation, and you have to look at the leader’s face. Li Yang was a little thankful. However, when his car turned from Wuyi Road to Zhongkai Avenue, looking at the crowded traffic in front, Li Yang could not help frowning—it might be late today.

Li Yang drove forward, quickly jumped in to grab the road, ran all the way, and in a blink of an eye saw the green light at the intersection of Zhongkai Avenue in front of him start counting down. The first thought in Li Yang’s mind was to step on the accelerator and rush to rush in front of the red light, but when he approached the stop line, the yellow light was on and he turned to emergency brakes. At the moment Li Yang stopped the car and stopped, the red light was on, and a motorcycle drove past his car. The next scene almost made Li Yang’s heart pop out of his throat. A car approaching from the intersection on the right snorted with an emergency brake in the middle of the road. The motorcycle was shaken twice and the car passed by.

Li Yang was shocked, and could not imagine whether he would hit a motorcycle if he rushed over. When the green light was on, Li Yang didn’t notice it for the first time, and was slammed on the throttle by the rear car with two beeps. When he arrived at the company, Li Yang first put a work card at the gate, and then drove the car to the parking lot.

Li Yang went to the office and found that no one was there. Was he late for the group today? Suddenly, the phone rang. “Li Yang, why not come to the meeting?” Li Yang was confused, did not understand what meeting was held, and did not receive the meeting notice. “Which meeting room?” Li Yang asked not much, and quickly took the notebook to the meeting room upstairs.

On the way, Li Yang turned on his mobile phone and looked at the WeChat work group. At six o’clock in the morning, the manager sent a message in the group, asking everyone to arrive at the company for a meeting 15 minutes in advance. A recordable work accident occurred in the workshop. Li Yang didn’t pay attention to WeChat news because he got up late today.

At the door of the meeting room, Li Yang glimpsed that all the heads of workshops were sitting in the meeting room. The factory’s safety director was working with you to analyze the work-related accidents that occurred this morning. Li Yang took a chair by the door and sat down. The department manager Ma Mingtian glanced at Li Yang with displeasure. Li Yang pouted awkwardly and apologized. After sitting down, Li Yang glanced at the contents of the projected PPT, and he was thankful that the work accident did not happen in the workshop under his jurisdiction, otherwise it would be miserable.

The meeting was held for almost an hour. The accident was characterized as an employee’s illegal operation. At the same time, there was a lack of equipment protection, which allowed employees to make mistakes. Li Yang has seen a lot of safety accident analysis. The accident process and conclusion are similar. As long as he tells the employees under his jurisdiction not to take chances to violate the rules, the department and personal safety indicators are appropriate. At the meeting, the safety director mentioned two new terms, one is the iceberg principle and the other is Murphy’s law. The principle of the iceberg is easy to understand. Murphy’s law probably means that if you are worried that something will happen, then it is more likely to happen. Li Yang remembered a motorcycle that was almost hit by a car in the morning. According to Murphy’s law, a person who rides a motorcycle will have an accident sooner or later-“thinking about it”.

Li Yang’s work on this day mainly focused on the safety of the workshop, working with the team leader to make safety observation logs, confirming the protective measures that can be introduced during the operation process to reduce potential safety hazards, writing reports, and waiting to see Xu Feifei’s WeChat news, it was already off work time. Li Yang repeatedly identified each word of Xu Feifei’s WeChat message to ensure that he did not mistake the meaning. Xu Feifei wrote a long line in WeChat, meaning that he had planned to have a candlelight dinner at home. He made it clear to him. Now he changes his mind and eats at the revolving restaurant of the World Trade Center in Medina. Divorce also needs a high profile.

Li Yang’s mind was blank, but Xu Feifei did not expect this to happen today. He didn’t care about the manager’s request for a safety summary meeting after work, and drove to the city after get off work. The road from Zhongkai Avenue to Gutang Ao is under construction, which is a bit congested. Li Yang bumped into the countdown seconds when he passed the traffic lights. He stopped the car behind the stop line before the yellow lights came on. Li Yanggang stopped the car, and with a loud bang, the car shook forward violently-rear-end!

Li Yang was furious and stepped down to check the situation. The driver in the rear car also came down. He was a young guy and said apologetically: “I thought you would rush over and don’t want you to brake quickly. My responsibility, let me report the insurance.” Li Yang stood there like a puppet. I don’t know what to say. Why did such a “lucky” thing hit together today? In a trance, he remembered the dream he had last night–

Li Yang and Xu Feifei ate in a restaurant. A man next to the table was holding a book while reading while waiting for someone. When the woman came, the man closed the book, and the cover of the book read “Murphy’s Law.”