Yun Sheng shut himself in the room, covered it in the quilt, and slept.

He didn’t like to sleep before, but like most high school boys, he likes surfing the Internet, playing games, playing mobile phones, playing basketball, and swimming. But since that incident, he seems to have changed his own, more otaku than otaku. He always closed the door tightly, secretly poured a few sips of liquor, and then put on a quilt to sleep. Except for the cat named Anna, he refused to accompany and disturb anyone.

Confused, the phone rang (Aladdin’s magic lamp music), Yun Sheng closed his eyes and touched the phone with his hand, tucked it under the pillow, his hand slipped, but the phone turned on, and a strange sound came out :

“Hello, I am Aladdin. Now, I can fulfill your three wishes…”

Anna on the pillow paused and pursed her tongue, licking Yun Sheng’s face, itchy, making him feel kind and warm.

Curiosity killed the cat, and since that incident, he has vowed more than once: Never again that stupid curiosity.

Anna stretched her waist and climbed onto the quilt, lying on Yun Sheng’s chest, her eyes round and her head tilted, looking at him curiously.

Yun Sheng suddenly had a weird thought, and he had words in his mouth: “Magic lamp, magic lamp, I have a wish, I want to turn this cat into a beautiful girl.”

The blue light flashed on the screen of the mobile phone, and the cat on Yun Sheng disappeared. Instead, it was a beautiful girl of seventeen or eighty years old, with a face similar to Anna, light and fluttering, and her weight seemed to be the same as Anna.

Yun Sheng came to the spirit all at once, holding the girl’s face with both hands and gently asked: “Are you really Anna?”

“Yes,” the girl replied softly, “I am Anna.”

The girl jumped out of bed lightly like a cat, sat down gently on a computer chair, her hands resting quietly on her lap.

Seeing this, Yun Sheng had to lift the quilt and sit on the edge of the bed, seeming at a loss for a moment.

“Thank you for turning me into a human being,” Anna seemed generous, always smiling. “This is my biggest dream. Thank you for helping me realize my dream.”

“The person I like and trust the most in this world is you.” Yun Sheng organized the language with difficulty. “Although you are a cat, I always treat you as a person. I have thought about it countless times, It would be nice if you were a girl. In the dark days of my life, only you are the best to me. Without you, I might have chosen to die long ago…”

“Thank you for loving and trusting me so much,” Anna said gently. “However, I think the best for you is your parents and your family.”

Yun Sheng obviously didn’t want to talk about his parents and family. He eagerly grabbed her hands: “Now, my ideal has finally been realized, and your ideal has also been realized. Let’s be my girlfriend, let’s elope together. I don’t want anything, I just want you…”

Anna gently broke free of his hand and smiled and said, “Yun Sheng, calm down. Now, I am not your girlfriend, and I can’t elope with you. Please forgive me.”

“What?” Yun Sheng was surprised. “When you were a cat, I loved you so much, and you loved me so much, staying with me every moment, even sleeping with me every day. Now, I change you To be a beautiful girl is just to be with you and to make you my girlfriend…”

“The love between us is the kind of love between pets and their owners.” Anna said politely, “That is not love. Now, I am willing to be your best friend. As for whether you can be your female Friends, it depends on mutual understanding and fate in the future, what do you say?”

After thinking for a long time, Yun Sheng stood up in disappointment and said, “Then you should be a cat again, I think that Anna is more intimate with me.”

“Please don’t do this, I beg you.” Anna Chuchu pitifully knelt on the ground, “I said that becoming a person is my biggest dream.”

“What’s so good about being a person?” Yun Sheng suddenly sat on the bed and said angrily, “People are so complicated, so hypocritical, so stressful in life, so tired to live, it’s better to be a pet cat, relaxed. Comfortable, isn’t it?”

“But people are the most advanced creatures,” Anna knelt on the ground and pointed to a couplet on the wall. “Finally, the ultimate magician, the poet and the wine fairy. Can the cat write poetry and drink?” Can you play chess, calligraphy, painting, painting, painting and painting? Yunsheng, your wonderful life has just begun, why are you tired of it?”

Yun Sheng was silent for a while, lifted the kneeling Anna, let her sit on the computer chair, and said: “One month ago, I took the college entrance examination and wanted to relax myself, so I tried to surf the Internet and play games. One day I I saw a post of “Assassination Order” on the Internet, saying that I want to kill who and who, the reward is 100,000, and there are bonuses for reposting. I think I am curious. I thought it was a new game, I reposted it, and then I forgot about it. .”

Yun Sheng said, while walking back and forth in the small room, like a trapped beast in a cage.

“Unexpectedly, after more than ten days, the police tracked me down and said that I was an accomplice and detained me. Later, after obtaining a bail pending trial, I could only stay at home all day.”

“Yunsheng, you have to believe in the law,” Anna comforted him softly. “Also, think about some happy things, for example, I heard that you were admitted to a prestigious university, is that true?”

“Don’t mention it!” Yun Sheng suddenly lay on the bed, thumping the quilt with his fist, and said sadly, “You are not a person, how can you understand the difficulty of being a person? After such a thing, how can I see someone later, How else to be a human being!…”

Yun Sheng pulled on the quilt, covered his face, and muttered to himself in the dark quilt: “Since you like to be a man so much, I will fulfill you. Magic lamp Magic lamp, I have a wish, I want to exchange with Anna, Let her become Yunsheng, let me become that pet cat…”

The phone screen next to the pillow flashed blue light, and again…

Someone knocked on the door outside. Yunsheng’s mother.

“Yunsheng, Yunsheng, dear, come out, the lawyer is here, he wants to see you…”

Then the door was pushed open slowly.

Hearing a meow with a meow, the pet cat suddenly jumped off the bed and jumped out of the door.