Wang Guihua’s Home Life

This night, Wang Guihua hardly fell asleep. The two babies are about to arrive home, and their long-cherished wish is coming true. Wang Guihua couldn’t help but think of the handsome looks in their uniforms, the lively scenes at the wedding, and the blessings from relatives and friends.

This night, Chen Dahai did not fall asleep. Yesterday, my son made a phone call and said they went to Wuhan on New Year’s Eve. After answering the phone, Chen Dahai grabbed her scalp with sorrow: Sister, don’t tell your mom directly, but ask me to “tell me”. Isn’t this embarrassing? The son is a second son with an older brother. He was sick and died when he was eight years old until the birth of the second son, and his family was resurrected with blood. Now, as old as he is, his grandson can make soy sauce, and his son is still a bachelor. How can I tell the sweet-scented osmanthus that I am looking forward to my son’s happy day and encountering a bloody epidemic? Ugh!

“Let’s get up if you can’t sleep.” Wang Guihua, immersed in joy, where do you know Chen Dahai’s troubles?

“Not busy, sleep again.” The sea replied immediately without thinking.

“Let’s get up, there’s a dressing mirror in the new house, it’s necessary to make up. It’s time to clean up outside the house. The daughter-in-law is a city dweller. Pay attention. The meals are planned again these days. They eat and drink well.” Wang Guihua said while sitting up.

“You’re going to sleep if you’re asked to sleep, why are you busy?”

“Huh, don’t you love getting up early?”

“Please, it’s only three o’clock now!”

“To sleep you sleep, I got up.”

“You really are, forget it, let me tell you, they are not coming back.”

“not coming back?”

“This is the case. There was a new pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, and they had to work there for a while.”

“Aren’t they asking for marriage leave?”

“But they are soldiers, and the soldiers should take national interests as the priority. They are also doctors. The doctor’s duty is to save lives and help the wounded. Together, these two identities, you said, can they turn a blind eye to the needs of the country?”

“Then their marriage is over?”

“Knot, my son said, when he finishes this battle, he will come back and get married.”

Wang Guihua froze, turning over the river and the sea, but thinking of the pressure Wuhan faced, the patient was waiting for help, and slowly calmed down.

Seeing Wang Guihua silent, Chen Dahai enlightened: “Wife, the marriage period can be postponed, but the epidemic is not waiting for others. At the critical moment, we can’t drag the child’s hind legs.”

“I know, I was thinking, the banquet was booked, and the guests were invited. How can I tell someone?” Wang Guihua quickly concealed.

“It’s easy to handle, and cover me.”

As soon as breakfast was over, Chen Dahai stepped on the motorcycle and walked away beeping. The reserved banquet should be refunded, the invited guests must say hello to each family, and they have to go to the village committee to order a Mao. They ran down in a circle and it was dark.

Wang Guihua is not idle. There are some odd tasks at home. The hair grows before he can take care of it. “We have money and no money. Shave our heads for the New Year.” Old traditions cannot be lost.

The next day is the day when the son and daughter-in-law go out. Early in the morning, Osmanthus sat down in front of the TV and stared closely at the screen.

“Ocean, my son is on TV!” Suddenly, Wang Guihua shouted. Chen Dahai ran over to see, his son is being interviewed! Seeing his son’s vigorous and energetic spirits, the couple were excited for a long time and could not calm down. For New Year’s Eve, osmanthus made a dozen dishes. Osmanthus said: “The children want to video with us, they have to let them be at ease.” Chen Dahai laughed: “Yes, or his wife is thoughtful.”

After the New Year’s Day, the village was tense. A villager who returned home for the Chinese New Year was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia. To prevent the spread of the virus, the village adopted closed management measures.

The osmanthus family is two people. The sea is the village cadre. In addition to eating and sleeping, they are on the bayonet all day. In the large yard, only osmanthus stays alone. The boring Wang Guihua can only live by watching TV. After two days, I felt dizzy and sore all over.

The sea reminded: “Don’t you have WeChat, you can chat with everyone in the group.”

Only then did Osmanthus remember that he was in the “Sunset Red” WeChat group. All of them were dancing squares. When Teacher Li pulled her into the group, she was not willing to refuse because of her affection. However, Wang Guihua was very disdainful, a group of old ladies and old people, who were stomping and rambling in a large audience, it was better to do housework and do all the work. But how can you do the work now? The dishes were burned years ago, and you can heat them up when you want to eat them. It’s refreshing outside and outside the house. Wang Guihua, who was too busy, opened the WeChat group with his hand. At this point, he even jumped out hundreds of messages, all of which praised Osmanthus. He said that the son of Osmanthus was good, and that her son was excellent. The words of praise are warm and sweet. At nine o’clock, a line of words appeared on the screen: It is time for square dance, please be prepared! A link appeared, and a group of middle-aged and elderly people danced in the music of “The Most Dazzling National Style”. With a move in his heart, Wang Guihua also twisted his waist and jumped. Osmanthus participated in the propaganda team when he was young, and he has some dance skills. After learning for a few days, he danced with a variety of styles. After that, as soon as the time is up, Osmanthus will enter the WeChat group and slack hips with everyone. Once, because I had been shopping in the group for a long time, the sea came back on duty, and my home was still cold. To this end, Wang Guihua has developed a schedule for himself: when to exercise, when to do housework, when to chase dramas, when to video with children, when to chat in groups to read posts… In this way, the family life is organized , Tasteful.

One day, Osmanthus learned from TV that there was a shortage of food supply in Wuhan, and he immediately had an idea. Osmanthus said the idea to the sea, and the sea shouted, “My wife, I mean that too!”

Soon, a truck full of vegetables set out for Wuhan. A few sacks of vegetables and radishes from the Osmanthus family are also on the car!