Siren’s silence

This story is proof that imperfect or even naive methods can save people.

In order to protect himself from the temptation of Siren, Odyssey plugged his ears with wax and made him firmly handcuffed to the mast. If this is useful, all travelers will do the same from the beginning, except those who have been tempted to go far. However, the world knows that this is useless. Siren’s singing can penetrate everything, even the wax pill, and the passion of the tempted is enough to make them break something stronger than the chain and the mast. Odyssey may have heard of this, but he didn’t think about it. He completely trusted that little ball of wax and those iron chains, and was excited to find such a brilliant strategy. He headed towards Siren.

However, Siren has a more terrible weapon than singing, that is silence. Although such a thing has never happened, it is conceivable that some people may have avoided the singing of Siren, but no one can escape their silence and use their own strength to defeat them. Nothing in the world can resist the resulting sense of arrogance that sweeps everything.

When the Odyssey arrived, this group of singers with boundless mana really didn’t sing. Perhaps they thought that only silence could beat this opponent; perhaps because Odyssey was so happy that they only wanted wax and iron chains, they forgot to sing when they saw them.

But Odyssey, let us put it this way, without realizing their silence. He thought they were singing, but he alone could not hear. He glanced at them, and saw them turning their pink necks, breathing deeply, tears in their eyes, and Zhu lips half-open, he thought they were screaming, and the singing disappeared around him. He looked into the distance, and everything soon turned away from his sight. The siren disappeared under his eyelids. When he was closest to them, he had no idea where they were.

The siren, more beautiful than ever, stretched and turned, and Ren Haifeng blew their awesome, loose long hair, resting the stretched claws on the rock. They no longer want to seduce people, just want to capture as much light as possible from Odyssey’s eyes.

If the siren were conscious, they would have been destroyed by the door. And because it was not the case, they survived, but Odyssey escaped their clutches.

There is a supplement to this story. Legend has it that the Odyssey was tricky and was an old fox. In his heart, even the goddess of destiny could not invade. Although normal people could not understand his practice, he might have realized that the siren were silent, and he calculated it and performed the scene mentioned above as a shield against the siren and the gods.