Should you eat fruit?

  Summer is here, the fruits are fragrant, but although the fruits are delicious, the gastrointestinal may not be able to bear it. Take watermelon, the most popular fruit in summer, as many people diarrhea as soon as they eat watermelon. So, can people who “make” in the stomach and intestines eat fruits as they please? That’s not necessarily.
  If you are a health care professional, you will understand the huge differences between nutritionists and Chinese medicine practitioners on the issue of “eating fruits.” Nutritionists believe that fruits should be eaten every day, and the recommended amount is about half a catty. Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, which can meet the needs of human micronutrients and can effectively reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer, and diabetes; but few Chinese medicine practitioners believe that eating fruits is for many people “The harm is greater than the benefit”, because fruits are mostly cold, and eating for a long time, eating a lot will damage the spleen yang, especially for growing children, it is originally “stomach strong spleen weak”, hurt spleen yang, how can it be healthy growing up?
  From this point of view, the two sides seem to be sensible, so the question is coming-to whom?
  Who’s listening? Of course, listen to yourself, and see how you react after eating fruit. Some people say that I fall in love with fire and often have a dry mouth. Drinking more water doesn’t work. I only feel fruity when I eat fruit. If you are in this situation, eating fruit feels very moist, and there are no adverse reactions in the gastrointestinal tract, it means that your body is sunken and you can eat more fruits.
  Conversely, some people are usually afraid of cold. In the summer, they have to drink hot water and eat a little fruit to have cold pain in the abdomen. Then, your physique is overcast. Try to eat less fruit as much as possible.
  There are some people who are weird because it is hot and easy to get angry, so eating some cold fruits will make you feel very comfortable; but at the same time, it is cold but cold, eating fruits often diarrhea. This kind of person has the “upper heat and cold” physique. If you eat a lot of fruit for a long time, it will lead to spleen and kidney yang deficiency. Male friends will have low back pain, leg sinking, and lumbar disc herniation; , Long spots on the face. Clinically, many patients have long-term loose stools, cold feet in winter, and varicose veins in the lower extremities. All of them are related to eating cold food.
  As mentioned earlier, eating fruit must take into account your own physique. However, for healthy people, eating a small amount of fruit (one or two per day) should be suitable, but at this time there is also a problem to be aware of. One of the “knots” is to pay attention to the amount. Fruits are only supplementary foods and must not be consumed in large quantities. Some female compatriots even use fruits instead of staple foods for weight loss. This “low energy” state is very damaging to the body; Try to eat local seasonal fruits; don’t eat watermelon in winter and pears in summer (aggravating the body’s dampness).
  Having said so much, it is still the word “differentiation”, and eating is the same as taking medicine. It is suitable for the time, the place, and the person. The best is the one that suits.