How do tumor patients eat immunity

After cancer patients undergo anti-tumor treatment, their physique is weak. Some tumor patients or their family members think that they need tonic, and even buy “precious” supplements, such as soft-shelled turtle, sea cucumber, royal jelly, velvet antler, Ganoderma spore powder, protein powder, etc. to enhance their physical fitness. Improve immunity.

In fact, cancer patients need all kinds of nutrients like normal people. Failure to take into account the balance of nourishment can cause malnutrition. If the patient does not blindly supplement according to the condition, the body will not only not be able to absorb it effectively, but it may also aggravate the condition. Only through a balanced diet and diversified food can nutrition intake be comprehensive. It is recommended to consume 250-400 grams of staple food (cereals and potatoes), at least 300 grams of vegetables, 200-350 grams of fruits, 2 cups of milk, and about 120-200 grams of eggs, fish, and beans.

Protein is indispensable for good immunity
Protein is not only the basic element that constitutes human cells, but also the main component that constitutes white blood cells and antibodies, and is a key substance for the human body to fight pathogen infection. If the body is severely lacking in protein, it will cause a decline in immune function, so you must eat more high-quality and high-protein foods, such as fresh lean pork, chicken, duck, eggs, milk and dairy products. Among them, the utilization rate of protein in milk is high, and patients with high cholesterol can use skimmed milk. Soy products supplement high-quality protein without increasing blood lipids. Patients without liver and kidney dysfunction are advised to increase their protein intake. Refer to intake of 1~1.5g per kilogram of body weight per day, and severe consumption can increase to per kilogram of body weight per day. 1.5~2g.

Eat more polysaccharides and beneficial bacteria
Studies have shown that polysaccharide foods have a positive effect on immunity. It is recommended to eat more fungus foods rich in polysaccharides, such as shiitake mushrooms, fungus, ganoderma, and white fungus, bamboo fungus, etc. In addition, there are plant polysaccharides such as water chestnut , Radish, etc., but it is not that eating a large amount in a short period of time can improve immunity, but to take it regularly for a long time.

In addition, studies have shown that the beneficial flora represented by intestinal bifidobacteria and lactobacilli have broad-spectrum immunogenicity, which can stimulate the division and reproduction of lymphocytes responsible for human immunity, and at the same time mobilize non-specific immune systems to produce more This kind of antibody improves human immunity. For cancer patients, microecological agents can be used to adjust the microecological balance in the body.

Eat less sweets, greasy food, and drink less alcohol
While eating more foods that boost immunity, we must also learn to distinguish many foods that will reduce immunity, such as sweets, greasy foods, and alcohol. Sweets will affect the production and activity of white blood cells and reduce the body’s ability to resist diseases. High-fat foods, especially when too much unhealthy fats such as trans fatty acids are consumed, will make immune cells in the body become “lazy” and unable to function. Excessive alcohol intake will also weaken the normal function of immune cells and affect the function of the liver and pancreas.

Eat small meals and avoid anorexia
Anorexia is a common symptom leading to insufficient nutritional intake in cancer patients. The anorexic factors secreted by the tumor itself can make the food that patients like to eat before illness become unappetizing; the side effects of the digestive tract accompanying anti-tumor treatment can also make eating this The human instinct for survival has become a difficult task. At this time, the patient can choose to eat a small amount of meals, prepare food into small portions, and add meals between meals, such as 4 to 6 meals a day. If the diet is still insufficient, you should consider supplementing from other sources. If there is a gastrointestinal function problem, it is recommended to choose a high-energy-density commercial enteral nutrition preparation as a snack. Usually the nutrition department of major hospitals can provide special medical food or medical food with balanced and comprehensive nutrition. It is recommended for cancer patients.