Strange and interesting “special bank”

Swiss “Time Bank”

  Swiss banks are well-known all over the world, and many super-rich people deposit their money in Swiss financial institutions. However, there is a “wonderful bank” here, and depositors are not depositing money here, but time!
  Isn’t time invisible and intangible, and it’s impossible to find it after it has passed? How can it be stored? In fact, the time bank certainly cannot allow time to pause or reverse, but it allows people to rely on them.
  If you spend time taking care of the elderly when you are young, you can “deposit” this time in the “time bank” developed by the Swiss Federal Department of Social Insurance. In the future, when you are old or sick and need to be taken care of, you can save this time. The “time” stored in the “time bank” is taken out for use.
  Of course, to apply to store these “times”, you must be healthy, good at communication, caring, and have plenty of time every day to take care of the elderly in need. Your service hours will be deposited into your personal account in the social security system .
  ”Time Bank” has set up a portal website, through which people who apply for volunteer work and the elderly in need can communicate with each other. For those who have saved “time” when they are young, but do not need to use this “time” for various reasons, the “time bank” will convert their “time” into a certain amount of money or material rewards and return it. To these people. “Time Bank” makes up for the shortcomings of public nursing homes in Switzerland and is a supplement to “ageing at home”, which rejuvenates ancient traditions.
  The “Time Bank” not only saves the Swiss government’s pension expenses, but also solves some other social problems. For example, with its help, the loneliness of many elderly people has been eliminated and many people have gained friendship.
Indonesian “junk bank”

  For garbage, we usually choose to dump it into the trash can, and then it has nothing to do with us, and the rest is left to the cleaners and trucks. In the Indonesian town of Badgan, there is a “garbage bank”. The residents of the town sort the garbage and send it to the “garbage bank” for storage.
  I have only heard of throwing out garbage, storing garbage, or is it the first time I heard about it. What is the purpose of this?
  It turned out that the residents of Badgan Township used to litter their household garbage because they lacked environmental awareness, which caused serious pollution to the town’s community streets. In 2006, a middle school teacher named Banbang thought that since being able to save money in the bank can earn interest, so that residents can also get income from garbage, will it help to correct their behavior of randomly discarding garbage?
  Based on this idea, Banbang has established a “waste bank” in the community, which is responsible for recycling, regenerating and sorting the daily garbage of the entire community. Residents can classify daily garbage, separate the recyclable domestic garbage, and then send it to the “garbage bank” to deposit it like money. The “Garbage Bank” will issue a “deposit slip” to each person who deposits garbage, indicating the name, type, weight and other information of the garbage. At the end of each month, the “garbage bank” will sell the garbage “deposited” by the residents to the large waste recycling company, and then return the sold money to the residents who deposit the garbage in the form of “interest”. Residents can rely on ” The certificate of deposit” receives the corresponding “interest”. This efficient and effective garbage recycling method was quickly promoted. Today, Indonesia has established a total of 2,800 “garbage banks” of various sizes, distributed in 129 cities, and has 175,000 “savers”. , 5,500 tons of garbage can be collected every month! The environment in these cities has been improved as never before compared with the establishment of the “garbage bank”. The “junk bank” not only reduces the pressure on the waste treatment plant, but also cultivates people’s good environmental awareness.