Wonderland that doesn’t take an unusual way

German Nuclear Power Plant Theme Park

  Speaking of the nuclear power plant amusement park, what people think of is probably the Ferris wheel in Chernobyl that was abandoned just after opening and stood in a desolate place in a ghost town. However, Kalka Wonderland, located on the border of Germany and the Netherlands, is a large-scale amusement park transformed from a nuclear power plant that was built but never put into use due to disputes. The various reactors and plant areas have been refurbished and turned into characteristic tours.
  The theme park covers an area of ​​550,000 square meters, equivalent to the size of 80 football fields. The park is full of flowers and pools. There is also a 450-room hotel, many restaurants and bars. The amusement facilities include a bowling alley, mini golf course, beach volleyball court, outdoor racing center and more than 40 kinds of amusement projects.
  The landmark building of the amusement park is the cooling tower of the former nuclear power plant. The outer wall is designed as a climbing wall for children aged 9-16. If you are not afraid of heights, you can climb the 130-foot-high cooling tower outer wall to see the idyllic scenery of the German border . Its inner first floor has been transformed into a children’s playground for children under 12 years old. Sandpits, slides, ocean balls, indoor cruise ships, everything. In addition, there is a vertical lifting and rotating swing set inside. The swing slowly rises and rotates 360 degrees. If you are bold, please open your eyes. You will see the small town right under your nose.

  The buildings left over from the abandoned nuclear power plant were not demolished, but were transformed into theaters and museums. The original appearance of the factory building has also been partially preserved, showing visitors the history of the nuclear power plant. The original access control system of the factory was also retained and became part of the exhibition area.

Ioboto Theme Park, Mexico

  Imagine that the staff in the amusement park dressed as fairy tale characters with lovely smiles transformed into a policeman holding a gun and chasing you behind. Would you still like to play? If you are looking for such excitement, you might as well come to Ioboto Park, 80 kilometers away from Mexico City.
  This is a water park. In addition to swimming, it also provides regular nature entertainment projects such as rock climbing, zipline, and kayaking during the day. It has good infrastructure and is suitable for camping. At night, it launches night activities-tourists will be mixed in pretends Among the stowaways, they were chased by border policemen and real police dogs, and experienced the process of illegal immigrants sneaking across the US-Mexico border. However, this project wants visitors to experience not only excitement, but also the difficulty and pursuit of humanity for stowaways.

Dickens Theme Park

  This theme park is located in a modern aluminum factory in Chatham, Kent, and truly replicates the Victorian period described by Dickens. Its creators claimed to reshape the dark, smoky, disturbing, smelly and humid London. It provides a novel and entertaining way, allowing people to enjoy the fun provided by Dickens and the protagonist of his novels, and to get to know the situation and characters in England in the early 19th century.
  The cruise route of the theme park is through the rat-sweeping London sewers and dark streets. The strange smell created by the use of chemicals makes visitors seem to have traveled to the stinky era of the streets.
  The locations and characters in Dickens’ novels are reproduced here one by one, and the staff in the “Christmas Carol” theme haunted house greets guests in ancient costumes. The park also includes a theater, themed bars and restaurants. This theme park has been well received since its launch and is often overcrowded. It is especially suitable for tourists who are interested in the world of literature, and it is also very educational for children.
Ferrari Theme Park Dubai

  Abu Dhabi Ferrari Theme Park “Ferrari World” is a unique multi-sensory theme park and the world’s largest indoor theme park. The entire “Ferrari World” was built at a cost of 40 billion U.S. dollars. It is located under a huge triangular red roof in the Yas Island Development Zone and adjacent to the Formula One Abu Dhabi circuit.
  The entire architectural project of the Abu Dhabi Ferrari Theme Park covers an area of ​​200,000 square meters. It looks like an alien flying saucer from the air, with a huge Ferrari LOGO printed on its red roof.
  Here is almost the reproduction of the entire Ferrari headquarters-Maranello. In the stadium, in addition to Ferrari sports cars and racing cars of various periods can be seen. Even the F1 garage, wind tunnel test room, driving simulator, and racing car assembly workshop have “replicas.” There are all kinds of entertainment facilities, among which the most shocking is the fastest roller coaster in the world, with a maximum speed of 240 km/h.
  The entire park was flooded with red, accompanied by the roar of engines. In the park there is the world’s largest Ferrari racing exhibition hall except Maranello, where visitors can watch many classic and contemporary Ferrari racing series. In addition, visitors can also visit Ferrari’s pre-race parking lot and experience the tools used in the car and training. You can also become a logistic maintenance staff after training to change tires for real F1 cars.

Edo Village Theme Park, Japan

  Nikko Edo Village is different from a resort and amusement park. It is a theme park with the background of the Edo period. It reproduces the streets of the Edo period, houses of merchants and samurai, historical dramas and live ninja performances, houses with hidden institutions, and poetic labyrinths, allowing visitors to actually experience the various realities of life in the Edo period .
  Edo Village is divided into 7 parts: traditional theater performances, experience areas, entertainment venues, historical sites, various museums, cultural learning centers, and restaurants. Every day at noon, there will be an oiran parade on the streets of Nikko Edo Village, representing the most beautiful women selected in the Edo period and showing their charm to visitors. The whole village is the stage, and the staff will perform for you anywhere to create the most authentic atmosphere.

Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

  Tivoli Park is located in the center of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. It is a famous amusement park and leisure park in Copenhagen, Denmark, and one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. The park was built in 1843 and has a history of more than 150 years. This ancient amusement park opened in 1843 has a romantic name-Tivoli, which is written upside down as if I lov(e)it, and its Chinese translation, “Qu Fu Li” is also full of innocence.
  The park is not big, and the amusement facilities are relatively old. It is the originator of the fairy tale amusement park. This is the source of inspiration for Walt Disney. The flowers and buildings in the garden are unique-the Chinese tower and stage are the prototypes of the lights, the Chinese emperor and the palace in Andersen’s “Nightingale”. Half an hour before closing at night is the climax of Tivoli: With 1.15 million light bulbs dotted, the park becomes a fairyland-like world, with fireworks in the sky, colorful and blurred lasers, and thousands of lights reflected in the lake. , Turn romantic fairy tales into reality.
  There are not many tourists in the park, and there is basically no need to queue for entertainment facilities. There are 28 amusement facilities and two open-air venues with daily theater and music performances. There were only a few entertainment facilities in the early Tivoli, among which the wooden roller coaster built in 1914 was the oldest roller coaster in the world, maintaining the record of more than 1.2 million visitors per year.
  In addition, there are theaters, concert halls, many restaurants, bars, and candy shops. You can buy special gifts such as cute Danish cookies and cavalry dolls in the gift shop.

European Theme Park in Germany

  Euroland is the second largest theme park in Europe, second only to Disney. It is located in the lakeside forest in Rust, Germany. With a medieval-style castle as its iconic building, it is the largest and most interesting leisure theme in Germany park.
  The park is composed of 12 small parks with the theme of different European countries. Among them, there are thrilling rides, buildings and performances that show the customs of various countries. From German castles to Norwegian fjords, it will bring people around during the walk. A unique experience like traveling in Europe.
  The “Silver Star” in the French pavilion in the park is the largest roller coaster in Europe, and the “Euro-Mir” in the Russian pavilion imitates a rocket to take tourists to experience the acceleration of gravity in a space-like environment. The water entertainment facilities are also very complete. There are special cabins for tourists to dry clothes and hair…
  In addition, there are many excellent hotels and restaurants in the park. The most distinctive one is “Food Loop”-as the name of the store says, this All the dishes in the restaurant are delivered to the guests’ tables via vertical or rotating slides, which are creative and affordable.
Lithuanian Bunker Theme Park

  This “amusement park”, built five meters underground, is the most popular attraction in Lithuania. It was transformed from a former Soviet bunker. All employees are members of the former Soviet army. It can bring tourists to tourists in all aspects. “Play” experience.
  Here you will travel back to 1984, forced to take off all your belongings, put on worn-out old military coats, learn Soviet hymns, walk into the maze with a gas mask, and be interrogated in the interrogation room of the Soviet National Security Council ——Even the interrogators were played by real former Soviet interrogators. If you can persist in experiencing these “entertainments” without shed a tear, you will get a glass of vodka as a reward.

Sinner Park, Thailand

  A 90-minute journey from Bangkok will take you to the Banpai Rong Hell Park, which is one of the major “Hell Gardens” in Thailand. In this tourist attraction, you can take a picnic and stroll around the charming statue garden while visiting the scene of a life-size sinner in the Buddhist hell being digged by a laparotomy.
  After all, “Sunny Weekend Walk” is incompatible with the statue of the devil digging out the heart of a sinner. The British science fiction magazine “The Strange Times” commented on this fascinating attraction: 21 life-size sinners stood around the huge sinner, whose heads were turned into various animals according to their crimes. Thieves have become monkeys, dishonest people have become toads; corrupt people have become pigs… Although often creepy, Thailand’s Hell Garden is still one of the most popular weekend destinations for family outings. An interesting place for moral education. The park also encourages donations in the form of alms to maintain the monks and monasteries’ expenses.

Vietnam Fairy Park

  Located in a religious sacred site, this park is a peculiar park with Buddhism as the theme. Its topography and scenic spots are related to the historical legends of Vietnam, such as the deeds of Nie Ji and Luo Longjun, and the battle between mountain spirits and water spirits. The park wants to transform itself into a paradise in Buddhism through the atmosphere of justice here.
  There are many temples with local characteristics in the park, and there are various solemn statues (a huge frog with a radius of an acre and a 300-ton dragon head). You must follow the local customs when you enter. The artificial seawater swimming pool here is highly acclaimed, although the conditions of the pool changing rooms are not satisfactory. There is also a huge aquarium. There are 1500 crocodiles (symbols of victory) in the Crocodile Kingdom, which is a feature of the park and is worth seeing. There is also a “mysterious wizard jungle” and a unicorn palace in the park. The frozen dungeon-like images are mixed with people’s screams and murder scenes, welcoming visitors who come to confess.
  This park is eye-catching with a variety of Buddhist architecture. Visitors can experience Southeast Asian cultural customs here, but there is no roller coaster and other entertainment facilities.