Open an account for love

Open an account for love and store a little tenderness every day, so that you will not lose the feeling of love in ordinary days.

Start to fall

In the morning, when the alarm clock rang, Wang Dan got up in a daze, ready to wash his face and go to the kitchen to make breakfast for the child. He walked to the bathroom door and suddenly remembered: “Who is it for? My daughter has gone to college outside. “As soon as I relaxed, I lay back and fell asleep again.

The daughter is not at home, and the house is quieter than before. Sometimes, she and Deming have big eyes and small eyes. They are a little embarrassed when they want to talk but feel speechless.

Deming quickly found a new way to pass the time-playing mobile games. After dinner every day, Deming is used to watching TV while playing mobile games. Sometimes he talks enthusiastically with the players in the game group with his voice on. Wang Dan’s eyes were staring at the TV, but his ears were working hard towards Deming. There were male, female, and even children’s voices on the phone. She couldn’t help frowning, “Are you all bored?” Deming retorted confidently: “My daughter has been admitted to college, and I am completely liberated. Wouldn’t you let me relax?”

With the sound of TV, mobile phone game prompts, and the vibrating “buzzing” sound, Deming’s two mobile phones rang in turn, and Wang Dan did not fall asleep until 2:30 in the morning.

Deming felt that it came really fast, and within 10 seconds of turning off the lights, he began to snoring vigorously. Wang Dan had to look at the ceiling and count the sheep, which was upset. Seeing Deming leaning back and snoring with her mouth open, she felt a touch of disgust in her heart.

When Deming snores too loudly, Wang Dan pushes him. He would mutter twice while half-dreaming and half-awake, shaking his head, and snore for a while, taking advantage of the time when Wang Dan hurryed to sleep. Before, when she was busy with her daughter, she fell asleep every day. Deming’s snoring had never awakened her, and she had never experienced insomnia.

After enduring it for a while, Wang Dan simply moved to his daughter’s room.

No one is restrained now, and Deming has let himself go. The lights are not turned off at night, the clothes are not taken off, and the bath is not washed. When I wake up, I watch TV, and then go to sleep when I am sleepy. One to two, Wang Dan completely ignored what Deming was doing.

After sleeping in separate rooms, the two naturally couldn’t make affection anymore.

In fact, the last time they made each other was a year ago. That day, my daughter went to make up classes. Wang Dan was reading in the living room. Deming came up and kissed him. His hands were not light or heavy. Wang Dan was hurt all of a sudden. He pushed Deming hard and muttered “Lighter” in his mouth. . Deming felt disappointed and hugged her tighter angrily, strangling her out of breath. Worried that the child would come back temporarily, the two went back to the bedroom to toss with their underwear, locked the door behind them, and panicked like thiefs.

I don’t know if it is because he is too nervous or because Deming’s actions are too rude, Wang Dan feels very uncomfortable. Later, when Deming came to ask for love again, she found a reason to push it, and later, he stopped asking.

Now that children go to college, they even save on talking.


Wang Dan vomited to his girlfriend Shen Mei: “I am now the female version of Liu Xiahui, and my heart is like still water.”

Shen Mei asked: “What’s the situation with you two now?” Wang Dan said, “We sleep in separate rooms. It’s been a year.” “What about that?” Shen Mei asked. Wang Dan laughed at himself: “I’m cold, I’m already in retreat.” Shen Mei said, “That’s not good. I will show you to the hospital someday.”

Before going to the hospital, Wang Dan was sure that he was normal.

There was a man on her phone who was shaking it on WeChat. He didn’t know his name and had never met. When lonely, she would chat with him. Recently, he suddenly sent a WeChat message: “I miss you, I want you.” After reading it, Wang Dan quickly deleted him as a friend. After a long time, his face was still hot.

That night, she dreamed of a fuzzy man kissing herself. She didn’t push away. When the man pressed her on her, she woke up. When I opened my eyes, I realized that Deming was sleeping in the master bedroom with loud TV sounds as usual, and he was still sleeping on his daughter’s single bed.

How could a woman who dreams of spring dreams be cold?

The light on the billboard opposite the building made the white curtains a little yellow. If Deming could hug himself to sleep together like before, the bed would not be so cold. It’s a pity that Deming has a mobile phone and doesn’t need her. For a while, she was envious and hated of Deming.

Wang Dan’s heart was so empty, he flipped through his phone, but saw the man he had deleted, and asked to add her as a friend. Her heart softened and added him again.

Every day someone spoke with her, Wang Dan’s face gradually began to smile again. No matter what Deming did, she began to be generous. In the past, she asked Deming to release the WeChat voice to “monitor whether the content of the chat is healthy”, but now she feels that the voice inside is annoying, so Deming quickly shut down.

She went to get her hair done, started humming and doing housework, kept buying new clothes, and read fashion magazines.

When Wang Dan was having dinner with his old classmates, the man sent her WeChat again. Wang Dan found out that he had changed her name to “Baby”. The classmate heard the movement asking who sent it, but she lowered her head and smiled without talking. “Baby, let’s make an appointment to meet, I miss you.” Looking at the text from the man, she blushed and quickly put away her phone.

She did not immediately refuse, nor did she scold the man for toad wanting to eat swan meat. Isn’t swan meat just for people to eat? She has a grudge against Deming, how long will it take to survive such a pure-hearted day? She is only 41 years old. Men outside dare not ask for it, and men at home can’t use it. After thinking and thinking, I finally agreed.

The day to date men is here. After get off work, Wang Dan is going to go home and change his clothes before going out on a date with a man. When I got home, I saw a lot of fresh dishes in the kitchen. Deming was picking up the fish with a knife, and there was a smell of rice from the pot. She couldn’t help but stunned and teased: “Big Brother, Hong Men Banquet?”

Deming said with a serious face: “It’s not a Hongmen banquet, it’s an apology banquet. There is a buddy in our game group who patronizes himself all day, but his wife ran away with him. I wondered, I have to come back and play with my wife. Child.”

Wang Dan was a little guilty, wondering whether there was nothing new under the sun, or Deming had noticed something, and his words meant something.

Dinner is extremely rich: spicy crayfish, fried escargot, fried pork slices with cauliflower and yam, braised crucian carp, and fried water spinach, Wang Dan’s favorite. The two ate heartily and talked while talking. As she ate, she was a little dazed. She could not afford to cook when her daughter was away. Deming has been eating takeaway with her for almost a year. If the couple don’t eat together, sleep together, or chat, it’s no wonder that they don’t have the taste of home, and they increasingly dislike each other.

After dinner, Wang Dan hid in the bathroom, dragged the man into the blacklist, and turned his hand off. Walking out, she pursed her mouth at Deming: “Husband, the food you cook is really delicious. I have eaten too much. Let’s go for a walk and digest together?”

Deming also laughed: “Okay.”

Love is made little by little

The marriage gradually came back to life, but Wang Dan still didn’t know how to turn Deming into bed. Is it going to change from the female version of Liu Xiahui to Pan Jinlian? This is a bit difficult.

The affection between Shen Mei and her husband is obvious to all. Wang Dan wanted to know the reason why the couple were so glued together, so he humbly learned from her. Shen Mei smiled: “After being married for a long time, some men have become big pig hoofs, and they have forgotten to please their wives. Love is made by you and me. What are you afraid of your man? If you want, you can take it. A woman can also take the initiative!”

Wang Dan still looked tangled: “If he treats me a little bit more tenderly and gives me a little more care and love, I will not despise him.”

Shen Mei said: “Then you should try to be more gentle with him, and give him a little more care and love. Perhaps he is more willing to treat you better.”

Then try.

On weekends, Wang Dan took the initiative to cook, while Deming helped choose dishes. While he was busy working, Wang Dan suddenly hugged his waist from behind. Deming was surprised. This was the first time his wife took the initiative to get close to him in several years. He stopped and kissed her on the face without wiping his hands. He pointed to the durian in the corner of the wall, “I bought it for you.” Wang Dan’s heart was hot, and after dinner, he took out the sexy pajamas embroidered with lace.

In the following days, Wang Dan did the same. Every day, he did a little affectionate gesture to Deming, hugs, pulls his hands, touches the stubble on Deming’s chin, or gently act like a coquettish… these exciting little gestures. Let Deming very useful. Gradually, after he got home, he used to hug Wang Dan and became more considerate and gentle. After regaining intimacy, they finally regained their passion in bed.

Open an account for love and store a little tenderness every day, so that you will not lose the feeling of love in ordinary days.