Shopping with wife

My wife loves to go shopping, she always likes to pull me up when she has nothing to do, arm in arm, arm in arm, strolling in the busy street.

I am ashamed of this approach, and disdain it. The streets are bustling with flesh, so why bother to look at others. It is the high degree of harmony between the hearts of each other, the natural closeness of the two hearts, and the true feelings of both sides, without the need for everyone to walk down and show.

But the wife disagrees. She has a slender figure, a light body, and a fairy-like appearance; I am a shameless appearance, exaggerated features, and looks like a big man. Every time after she declined, she couldn’t worry about his wife’s death and hardship, so she had to go with her in anguish. For me, shopping has become a helpless and painful thing in life.

Walking on the crowded street, my wife is swaying in shattered steps, with a variety of amorous feelings, and I am like a criminal, accepting the scrutiny of all eyes from the surroundings. These eyes are like sharp swords, like swords and axes, which are almost like my shy pockets and terrible appearance.

The most painful thing is that women go shopping aimlessly, running around, and taking a long time, which is unimaginable. Two people walked back and forth on the street like this, just like accurately measuring the length of the street, and wandering around one shopping mall after another. It is often that the wife has to repeatedly compare countless times with one thing, dig out her pocket, and finally put it down reluctantly. After the whole day, she was exhausted, her legs stiff, and she was about to fall down, but she hadn’t even bought what she wanted.

The wife has been in a state of excitement. Although she is also aching back, she keeps tapping her legs, feet and shoulders with her hands. Although she has not gained much, she has no complaints and no regrets. I had already lost patience, frowning, muttering in my mouth, and vowing that I would never come out next time, inside secretly: This is a typical waste of time and disrespect for life. How can life be so wasteful, wasting a lot of time on this kind of ineffective shopping, with no results. According to the words of a great writer, this is an unforgivable crime.

Obviously, my complaint caused my wife’s discomfort. She muttered, her face was sullen and silent, and she walked forward quickly alone. In this way, almost every time we go shopping, we go away happily, return disappointedly, and make each other unhappy. But this does not effectively prevent the wife’s next action. In a few days, she will still be like a okay person, holding my arm and continuing shopping. It’s really nothing to take her!

This is a matter of youth and youth, or it has been in vain, or dust is in memory, or it has become an occasional memory.

Four seasons change, time sequence changes, time and everything are quietly changing. More than 20 years have passed, and now we have entered the autumn of life. The vicissitudes of the years reside in our lines, and they have imprinted the times. In our leisure time, we still go shopping often. However, our footsteps are firmer and calmer than in the past, with less panic and timidity, and no shyness and confusion.

The temper of life makes his wife much older, but the charm still exists. Walking on the street, she held my arm as always, but I changed from the humiliation and flicker of the past, my eyes were firm, my head held high, and I walked forward slowly. Life experience has taught us to look down on the situation, down on gains and losses, and down on the eyes and evaluations of others. In life, there is nothing to put aside, compared with happiness, nothing is worth it.

“Walking to the poor place, sitting and watching the clouds rise.” “The mountains and rivers are nowhere to be seen, and there is still another village.” In my spare time, my wife is shopping, and I accompany her to go shopping; my wife is strolling, and I take her with her. The vice-wife sings with her husband and looks like Yunshui Zen.

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