“Time” laments “American failure”

The densely packed small letters on a black background record the number of deaths per day. The big white letters in the middle are written “200000”, and the bottom of the page is written “American failure” in red letters. This is also the only colored element on the entire page…local time On the 10th, the cover of the latest issue of Time magazine published in the United States attracted public attention and issued a chilling warning that the number of deaths from new coronary pneumonia in the United States is approaching 200,000. The article in Time magazine lamented that the epidemic has weakened the United States and also exposed the systemic division in the United States. There are many problems in the United States, but the problems start from the highest level of the country. “President Trump’s series of failures in the prevention and control of the epidemic will surely be recorded in history.” This is the first cover of “Time” after the September 11 attacks in 2001.

The black border was used for the second time; and the release of the cover of this issue coincided with the 19th anniversary of the “9.11” in the United States. At this special moment of remembrance and reflection under the epidemic this year, other US media are also lamenting that the United States is currently facing the most serious multiple crises since “9.11”.

Multiple problems and “systematic division”

“45 days before the announcement of the first suspicious case, which was confirmed to be a new coronary pneumonia case, the United States’ Nuclear Threat Reduction Initiative and the Johns Hopkins University Health and Safety Center jointly released the Global Health Safety Index. 195 countries and regions evaluated their ability to respond to major disease outbreaks. At that time, the United States ranked first. Obviously, this report is too optimistic about the United States, and it does not take into account that the accumulation of social problems in the United States in recent years makes it difficult to threaten the coming Be prepared. At some point in mid-September—perhaps as you read this article—the number of deaths from new coronary pneumonia in the United States will exceed 200,000, more than any other country in the world.”

At the beginning of the latest cover article, Time magazine highlighted how the United States failed to respond to the epidemic through such a comparison. The paper version of this issue is not yet available, but the cover article has been published on the website in advance. As of the evening of the 11th Beijing time, statistics from the website of Johns Hopkins University in the United States showed that there were approximately 6.4 million confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States and approximately 192,000 deaths, both of which ranked first in the world.

The “Times” article stated that if the United States could mobilize huge resources and extensive technical capabilities in the early spring, the situation might be different. If in midsummer the United States can fully strengthen the anti-epidemic measures that seem to be effective, such as wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, instead of prematurely announcing the success of the epidemic, the situation will be different. Seven months after the first case was confirmed in the United States, the daily death toll from the epidemic still reached hundreds, even more than 1,000. Among the wealthiest countries in the world, only the United States is the only country where the epidemic continues to get out of control. According to data released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics on September 4, the number of unemployed persons in the United States exceeded 13 million in August. “In the past few months, Americans have witnessed the failure of their country, and many people have fallen into deep doubt, anxiety and confusion.”

The article said that now we see why the United States has problems: leadership at all levels and across parties has failed, distrust of scientists, media, and professional technology, and a culture of individualism is deeply ingrained. Although there are many problems, they start at the highest level of the country. In the early stages of the epidemic, the Trump administration believed that the virus would automatically disappear, wasting a lot of time; then it did not do enough to test and track close contacts; it also prematurely encouraged states to relax the epidemic prevention and control blockade measures; repeatedly whitewashed statistics to make the United States The situation looks more optimistic than it actually is, and scientists who disagree are weakened.

The article also lists various other problems and “failures”: The US medical and health system also has problems. Nearly 17% of the US GDP is used for medical care each year, but the life expectancy of Americans is only 78.6 years, which is the bottom of the OECD; The epidemic has fully exposed the inequality of public health in the United States. The incidence of new crown infection in blacks is almost three times that of whites; many people emphasize themselves too much and ignore the collective, and even do not want to wear masks. The article believes that the new crown epidemic has weakened the United States and also exposed the systemic division of the United States. Not only are the Democrats and Republicans unable to reach a consensus on specific issues, they even disagree on the basic facts. Half of Americans only listen to pro-Trump administration sources, regardless of whether they are true or not, the other half do the opposite. This politicization tendency is reflected in multiple fields.

Trump vigorously defended

Coincidentally with the “Time” weekly, the US “National” magazine website also hit the headline “America is a failed country” on the 10th. The article stated that in 1991, with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the United States became the world’s only superpower. It was only 29 years from the glorious moment called the “end of history” to the fall of the Trump era. In the past less than four years, Trump has made almost everything from income disparity to global warming worse.

According to CNN, under Trump’s leadership, the number of deaths from the new crown pneumonia in the United States, which accounts for 4% of the world’s population, accounts for more than 20% of the world’s deaths. The impact of the epidemic on the economy is equally severe. The US economy plunged 32.9% year-on-year last quarter, exceeding the decline during the Great Depression and setting the worst record. A recent Gallup poll shows that the current degree of political disagreement among Americans has reached the highest peak in the 80-year history of the poll.

The well-known American journalist Woodward recently revealed in his new book “Anger” that Trump, who had been preaching that the new crown was “just a large flu” at the beginning of the epidemic, knew the lethality of the virus as early as February, but deliberately concealed it and deliberately downplayed the threat of the epidemic. . This further intensified public opinion’s criticism of Trump’s failure to respond to the epidemic. The Los Angeles Times published an editorial on the 10th entitled “Trump Lies, Americans Die”, saying that Trump’s main responsibility as president should be to protect the United States from serious threats, whether it is foreign interference, social unrest, economic disaster or Infectious disease, but he failed in every way. Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer accused Trump on the 10th of being the “biggest threat” to the United States.

In the face of multiple crusades, Trump opened the “defense mode.” He first tweeted on Thursday that Woodward had grasped what I said a few months ago. If he thinks these words are so bad or dangerous, why not immediately report them to save lives? “Because he knows all this is right. Calm down, don’t panic!” Trump said at the White House press conference that afternoon: “I didn’t lie, what I said was that we must remain calm and we must not panic.”

According to a CNN report on the 11th, in order to shirk responsibility, Trump also moved out of World War II leaders and compared himself with Churchill and Roosevelt at a rally on Thursday night, saying that he worked hard to calm public panic in the dark. The British “Guardian” said that although the death toll caused by the new crown crisis is approaching 200,000, Trump said on the 10th: “We have reached the last turn, and many good things are happening.”

“September 11 of the Trump Administration”

On the 11th, the United States celebrated the 19th anniversary of “September 11”. The British “Daily Telegraph” stated that the epidemic prevention and control measures have changed the way Americans commemorate “September 11,” and related commemoration activities are also closely related to the presidential election. Trump and his competitor Biden will attend the commemorative event at the same place on the same day. They will both go to the crash site of United Airlines Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, but the two sides have different times and no intersection. Due to differences in epidemic prevention and control measures, commemorative activities were held separately at the “September 11” Memorial Plaza of the World Trade Center in New York and a nearby street corner. In the ups and downs of 2020, the “September 11” commemorative activities have also become very complicated. The United States is in a public health crisis, lost on the race issue, and is about to usher in a general election.

“As the United States faces new crises, the September 11th anniversary highlights Trump’s failure.” National Broadcasting Corporation said on the 11th that this year this country faces multiple crises at the same time, affecting millions of people and nearly 200,000 people. After his death, Trump cared more about crisis management. “New Crown Epidemic: The Trump Administration’s ‘9.11”, German TV 2 said that the epidemic is still spreading in the United States and the Trump administration is at a loss. About 3,000 people died in the “September 11” attacks in the United States, and now the number of deaths caused by the epidemic has exceeded 60 times.

The “Washington Post” stated that in American foreign policy circles, the “September 11” era has become synonymous with the argument of American decline. Ben Rhodes, who served as a national security official in the Obama administration, said that the number of deaths caused by the new crown epidemic far exceeds that of any terrorist. “Now is the time for us to finally end this historical chapter that began on September 11.”