Midnight class

“Do you still have my class teacher and my Chinese teacher in your eyes? If you are not willing to attend class, just give me out!” Ye Xiao, who has always been approachable, was furious in the office. He felt the surprised eyes of those female colleagues, and he knew that he was a little gaffe.

Ye Xiao had just graduated and needed some grades in teaching, but the Zhang Xiaoyu in front of him didn’t fight for him. In the past, I used to look right and left when I was in class, and it was common to be punished to stand. These days, I don’t look right and left in class anymore, my face kept facing down, and sometimes I kowtow on the table. When Ye Xiao called out, my white eyes were all red Silk seems to have pink eye.

Ye Xiaoxun asked Zhang Xiaoyu several times, but Zhang Xiaoyu didn’t say a word. Did Zhang Xiaoyu sneak out to surf the Internet at night? However, the Internet cafes near the school have been banned for a long time. Are you in love with a girl? And Zhang Xiaoyu’s short and thin figure, which girl would like him?

Today is the fifth time that Ye Xiao caught Zhang Xiaoyu to sleep in class. In addition, Ye Xiao always had nightmares and insomnia these days, so of course he had a bad temper.

“Can you study well in class like this?” Ye Xiao tried his best to calm down his tone. In fact, Ye Xiao didn’t expect Zhang Xiaoyu to get good grades in the test. What can a student with a dozen typos in one homework test? What about the results?

Zhang Xiaoyu lowered his head and said nothing.

“Have you written down your notes?” Ye Xiao knew that he was superfluous to ask, how could he write notes in class?

“I wrote it.” Zhang Xiaoyu suddenly raised his head and looked at Ye Xiao with bloodshot eyes.

“Bring it, let me see.” Ye Xiao was a little funny, Zhang Xiaoyu opened his eyes and said nonsense.

Zhang Xiaoyu slid out of the office. After a while, he took a thick notebook and ran into the office out of breath, and put the notebook on Ye Xiao’s desk.

Ye Xiao looked at Zhang Xiaoyu and picked up the notebook. I really don’t know what was written in it, Ye Xiao thought.

The pen is neat and tidy, and the entries are clear. What Ye Xiao said these days can be found in this notebook, Ye Xiao was surprised.

“Is this your notebook?” Ye Xiao stared at Zhang Xiaoyu, trying to find the lie in his eyes.

“It’s mine.” Zhang Xiaoyu raised his head, except for bloodshot eyes, there was no panic in his eyes.

“Who wrote it for you?” Ye Xiao forcedly asked.

“I wrote it myself.” Zhang Xiaoyu was confident.

Ye Xiao looked down at the notebook again. It was indeed Zhang Xiaoyu’s handwriting, but it was much neater than usual and there was no typo.

Could it be that he copied other classmates? But Zhang Xiaoyu followed himself to the office after class, so how could he have time to copy? Ye Xiao was puzzled.

“The Story of Yueyang Tower, have you ever memorized it?” Ye Xiao brought out his killer skill. Zhang Xiaoyu is usually not familiar with even an ancient poem, so there must be no way to recite the long story of The Story of Yueyang Tower.

“In the spring of the fourth year of Qingli, Teng Zijing was retired from guarding Baling County…” Zhang Xiaoyu put her hands behind her back, and recites “The Story of Yueyang Tower” with her head up. From beginning to end, Zhang Xiaoyu did not stop, there was no mistake, and the words were correct.

Ye Xiao suspected that it was not Zhang Xiaoyu standing in front of him. He was short and thin, with a strand of yellow hair, but it was Zhang Xiaoyu.

What a hell!

“To be honest, when were the notes written? When were the texts memorized?” Ye Xiao said gently.

“It was written at night.” Zhang Xiaoyu paused for a long time before whispering.

“At night? Who taught you at night?” Zhang Xiaoyu used his evening study to prevaricate the fact that he went to class and slept during the day, and Ye Xiao’s anger rose again.

“At night…at night…” Zhang Xiaoyu looked at the teachers around, “Ms. Cai Xunying taught me.”

“Oh.” Ye Xiao’s anger completely dissipated, and a joyful smile appeared on his face. Seeing the shocked expressions of those old teachers, Ye Xiao secretly delighted in his heart. These teachers must be amazed by the big changes in Zhang Xiaoyu in his class, and Teacher Cai Xunying is the little secret hidden in his heart. .


One moonlit night, Ye Xiao walked towards the student dormitory on a smooth stone road. It is his practice to spot check the dormitory’s late break at night.

When turning the corner of the wall, Ye Xiao, who was just walking forward, almost bumped into the oncoming person, who drew away lightly.

A white dress, flowing hair draped over his round shoulders, a delicate and pretty face, and a pair of bright talking eyes, Ye Xiao was dumbfounded.

“Hello!” The girl smiled sweetly.

“Hello!” There was a blush on Ye Xiao’s face. Fortunately, at night, the girl shouldn’t be able to see it. “You also check the night?” He could only find a word to cover his embarrassment.

“Yeah.” The girl replied softly, and turned and left with a Chinese textbook in her hands, floating like a fairy who descended from the earth. This was Ye Xiao’s true feeling.

Ye Xiao felt his youthful heart sprouting.

Since then, Ye Xiao has gone to spot checks every day, because he can always see the girl, always see the sweet smile, and the two can always pass by.

Ye Xiao felt that the girl was waiting for him there deliberately, and he also went to that momentary appointment every night.

Once, when passing by, Ye Xiao summoned up the courage to ask, “What do you call it?”

“Cai Xunying, I am a Chinese teacher in the second and fourth grades of junior high school.” The girl’s voice was like a fairy voice from the sky.

Ye Xiao waited for the arrival of night every day, waiting for a greeting that passed by in the middle of the night.


Ye Xiao found that there were more students sleeping in class, sometimes three or four, but these students’ notes were well-written and complete, and the answers to the questions were even more fluent. Perhaps only he Ye Xiao understood why.

One day, Principal Wang suddenly called Ye Xiao, “Teacher Ye, there are several students in your class who don’t have a good rest at night, and they often run around campus at night.”

“They are not running around, they are…” Ye Xiao wanted to explain.

“Teacher Ye, you just worked, you are young and have little work experience. If you are used to students, you will have problems. At night, I will find a few teachers to check the students in your class together.” Principal Wang’s face was ugly.

“Okay.” Ye Xiao could only agree. He wanted to tell Cai Xunying in advance not to make up lessons for the students in his class at night, but he asked several teachers, and they all looked at him with amazement and were noncommittal.

Tonight’s night seemed to come faster than usual. The clock pointed to 12 midnight. According to the principal’s request, Ye Xiao was going to catch the students who came out that night. In order to be able to explain clearly, he called on Mr. Wu, a roommate who could speak well.

The moonlight was still so bright. At the corner, he did not meet Cai Xunying, because the time they passed by had passed.

There were four bunks in the boys’ dormitory that were empty, and Ye Xiao knew that they must have gone to the second and fourth grades. He walked straight to the classroom of the second and fourth grade of junior high school, and several figures flashed behind him. It should be Principal Wang and others, and his roommate, Teacher Xiao Wu.

There are no lights in the classrooms of the second and fourth grades. Could it be that the students lied? Ye Xiao came to the classroom door gently.

Under the moonlight, there were four students sitting in the front row of the classroom, among them Zhang Xiaoyu, who were all staring at the teacher Cai Xunying who was reading softly on the podium.

The milky white dress and the flowing hair looked more beautiful in the dark, and the beautiful sound of recitation like spring water hitting a rock came out of the classroom, stirring Ye Xiao’s happy heart.

Ye Xiao walked into the classroom.

“Teacher Cai.” Ye Xiao wanted to explain to Cai Xunying that the principal insisted on checking the students.

A few dazzling flashlights shone on Ye Xiao’s face, “Principal Wang, Teacher Cai is also for the good of the students, but…” Ye Xiao blocked the flashlight with his hand, and he wanted to explain for Cai Xunying and the students.

“Teacher Ye, what are you doing? It turns out that you scared people in the middle of the night! You shouldn’t be too bad!” Principal Wang’s angry voice came from beside Ye Xiao.

“I’m scaring people?” Ye Xiao was confused, what does this mean? He looked at the people present. There were only Principal Wang and a few middle-level leaders in the school. Without Teacher Xiao Wu, Cai Xunying and the students were gone. The classroom was empty, without tables and stools. In his left hand he is holding an unfolded Chinese textbook. The text is exactly the lesson Cai Xunying recite just now-“The Tale of the Drunkard”. In his right hand, it is not a flashlight, but a half-used chalk and blackboard. The clearly visible chalk writing on it is clearly his handwriting.

Ye Xiao was on vacation, and he was diagnosed with neurasthenia caused by excessive work pressure, and then somnambulism. A few days ago, Ye Xiao, who had somnambulism, was giving lectures in the second and fourth grade classrooms at midnight.

Ye Xiao didn’t believe that it was sleepwalking. The white dress, flowing hair, and beautiful face were clearly presented in front of his eyes, and the warm greeting often echoed in his ears every night.

Someone told Ye Xiao that Ms. Cai Xunying used to be a Chinese teacher in the second and fourth grades of this school. However, a year ago, she died because of the students who pushed away the wheels. The second and fourth grades she was in also became An empty classroom.

Teacher Xiao Wu temporarily concurrently serves as Ye Xiao’s language class, and the head teacher in Ye Xiao’s class can only be temporarily represented by Principal Wang.

One moonlit night, when Principal Wang went to check the boys’ dormitory, he found that more than a dozen beds were empty. He was shocked and looked around, and finally he stayed in front of the second and fourth class.

In the dark, more than a dozen boys were sitting neatly in the classroom. There was no table or stool in the classroom, but the students were clearly sitting steadily, with their elbows raised, as if they were lying flat on a desk. They were looking at the blackboard intently. On the podium, a piece of chalk was hanging in the air, and they were writing the beautiful words on the blackboard: “Drunkard Pavilion”…