Strange behaviors of various national defense epidemics

Japan: A card that can kill viruses and bacteria when worn on the body

Some merchants have launched a magic card that claims that as long as it is worn on the body, it can kill viruses and bacteria! According to the business, its principle is this: the gas emitted by the antibacterial card can react with moisture and carbon dioxide in the air to generate hypochlorous acid. Therefore, once the card is put on, an isolation and protection layer of about 1 meter can be formed around the person!

The merchant also said that as long as it is opened, it can be used for 30 days, and it is enough to hang on the neck. Moreover, the merchant has launched a series based on this principle, with everything on display, hanging, display, and spray.

Japanese technology is so powerful, everyone is the six immortals! In fact, to achieve a concentration that can be sterilized and disinfected, the chlorine dioxide in this small card is definitely not enough. If the generated hypochlorous acid concentration really has the disinfection effect advertised by the business, due to the unstable nature of hypochlorous acid, even if it does not burn the skin, it will also damage the respiratory tract; if the concentration is not so high, then the sterilization and disinfection must be deceiving.

In addition to the excellent pseudoscience, the strange power is not bad. On February 29th, a special ceremony was held at Nichirenzong Honyama and Libenji in Kamkyo District, Kyoto, Japan. The monks watered the water naked and prayed for the early elimination of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

India: The sacred cow is opened and the Ganges is purified

A media in the Indian biotechnology industry recently published a “scientific research report” stating: “The Ganges water has the’self-purification ability and is a sacred purifier!” According to the Indian media report, scientists from the Institute of Microbiological Technology in Chandigarh, India It was confirmed for the first time that the ancient river Ganges has the ability to cure diseases. Because they found several bacteriophages along the banks of the Ganges, which can keep the Ganges water pure. “These phages are active against many clinical isolates and can be used to treat tuberculosis, typhoid fever, pneumonia, cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, meningitis, etc.” Dr. Shanmugan Meyerraghi, chief scientist of the Chandigarh Institute, replied to reporters. .

As mentioned in the junior high school biology book, phages can kill bacteria, but the new coronary pneumonia is caused by a virus! Even if the Ganges water can really kill bacteria, it must be treated according to the basic law.

Chakrapani, the leader of the Hindu Congress, gave a new research direction-the Indian sacred cow. He tweeted: “Cow urine and cow dung can effectively prevent new coronavirus infections.” According to the master: “Cow urine contains a variety of natural ingredients with therapeutic effects, which can cure migraine and depression.”

Don’t think that Indians don’t believe it. Indians believe in Hinduism and believe that cows are sacred, so cow urine can cure diseases. Many pharmacies on the streets of India can buy distilled cow urine medicines. An Indian organization held a party in Delhi to drink cow urine to fight the new coronavirus.

It is claimed that there is a more effective way of prevention: directly spread cow dung on the head and trunk evenly to maintain the largest contact area. The cow dung is like a layer of golden battle armor. After painting it, stand in the air and the virus will vie to die.

Iran: Temporarily release tens of thousands of prisoners

As of March 20, Iran has more than 18,000 confirmed cases, including many senior government officials-President: quarantine, Vice President: confirmed, Chairman of the National Security Foreign Policy Committee: confirmed, member of the State Council: dead, former station Egyptian Ambassador: Death…

It stands to reason that the epidemic is already so serious, and everyone in Iran should be at risk and stay at home and not go out. However, some “clergy” ran out and said: Licking the wall can cure diseases and keep safety.

According to the British BBC report, some Iranian clergy still refuse to close religious sites even after they have closed schools, universities, stadiums and other large public places. They even called on believers to enter the “Holy Land”, stick out their tongues, and lick the gates, windows and decorations frantically. Such behavior is not just one person doing it, but a common practice of most pilgrims.

Fortunately, the Iranian government promptly dealt with these people, and they will face two months to two years in prison and 74 lashes.

However, the words have not been exaggerated, and another wave of operations by the Iranian government feels confusing. In response to the epidemic, Iran has temporarily released more than tens of thousands of prisoners? Do you think prisons are more contagious? Or to protect the health of prisoners?

United States: Keep guns safe

After the U.S. Centers for Disease Control admitted that the epidemic had entered the community spread stage in the United States, the panicked American people quickly entered the panic buying stage. Almost all the food, beverages, toilet paper, masks, and disinfectants in major supermarkets in the United States were robbed within a day. Let alone shopping, you have to queue for two hours before entering the supermarket.

San Francisco declared a state of emergency, which made gun shop owners laugh from ear to ear. Within three days of the declaration of the emergency, gun sales at the San Francisco church district gun shop Fightback247 increased by 45%, and ammunition sales increased by 130%. The store was bought out of stock. Some gun shops have also played bundling sales. Buying guns can also purchase 72-hour emergency meal packs. The meat and vegetables are nutritious, and the fingers of the trigger are more powerful.

Of course, the United States has more than that. The New York Daily stated that the lockdown in China was “a huge loss of personal freedom” and that the lockdown in Italy was “risking the preservation of Europe.” The Mayor of New York also said at the press conference: “Don’t worry about the first patient in New York. She is at home and does not need to go to the hospital.”

On March 17, Trump tweeted that he wanted China to be the birthplace of the virus in order to discredit China’s international image.

The “Berman Lawyers Team” in Florida filed a class action lawsuit against the Chinese government in a local court, demanding compensation from China billions of dollars, equivalent to tens of billions of yuan. If China does not compensate, it will demand economic sanctions against China.

Italy: Confidence and optimism are better than masks

Long before the epidemic broke out, senior figures including the Italian Minister of Health had repeatedly emphasized that “the developed capitalist system does not need to panic about this.” Therefore, after the nominal state of emergency was initiated, the Italian authorities have not taken further prevention and control measures. Until the epidemic began to expand rapidly, the chairman of the Lombardi Region, where the Italian city of Milan, the hardest hit by the epidemic, was still obsessed with the “advanced system”, insisted that the situation in developed Italy was optimistic. He even asserted that “the virus is not dangerous, it is just ordinary flu,” and suggested that people don’t need to panic wearing masks.

Because of the long-term propaganda of “Italy will not break out” by experts, scholars, and politicians from all walks of life, the number of outbreak cases in Italy has soared, and it is too late to make planning and preparations. I just chose an open concrete floor and set up a tent on the spot, known as the Italian version of “Thunder Mountain Hospital”. “.

After the local politicians suddenly wake up and call for an emergency stop for gathering activities such as carnivals and ball games. The large numbers of people who had been brainwashed by the “system superiority theory” and “ethnic superiority theory” had already lost their minds, and they still took to the streets confidently, without masks or protection.

The news of the closure of the city in Italy seems to be a holiday in Italy. After some local colleges and universities suspended classes and classes, many students took to the streets to beat gongs and drums to celebrate the rare holiday, and some even went to the carnival to show their mockery of the virus. Even if you persuade them to wear a mask, they will respond confidently: I am not sick, so why wear a mask? Our medical technology is so advanced, there is no need to wear masks like you do.

In the 11 towns in northern Italy that were closed due to the severe epidemic, Italians also took to the streets to protest and demonstrate because their “freedom” was violated.

France: I think you are not sick

On February 29, French President Macron held a cabinet meeting to discuss the latest countermeasures against COVID-19. The French Minister of Health announced shortly afterwards: “France will consider banning people who are not sick from wearing masks. Without a prescription from a doctor, they cannot buy masks directly.”

The mayors of nine cities and towns in Sarthe, west of Paris, France, signed an administrative order called performance art-“Prohibition of residents from getting sick.” The newly issued orders of these towns stipulate that it is forbidden to seek medical treatment in the area, cause accidents or “be born with health problems”.

French doctors in these places also complained that they could not get enough salary and overtime pay, the working environment was bad, and they often did not go to work but started some protest activities. However, the French central government is also very weak. The Minister of Health has clearly announced the prohibition of gatherings of more than 5000 people to prevent the outbreak of the epidemic.

The Paris marathon, the Cannes real estate event, and the Annecy Carnival have all been cancelled. But the Parisians were not reconciled and started a group called “We are going to run” on the social network. Hundreds of people gathered again and ran along the original route on the day of the race. A marathon runner named Chloe told a Reuters reporter: “We must stop the delusion of being persecuted and look at the current situation objectively.”

Not only the marathon, the French Football League and municipal elections are still going on during the weekend.