What happens if humans pee on the moon?

Although we have only made a small step forward on the scale of the universe so far, the people on Earth who yearn for the vast space have never stopped exploring.

Nowadays, the farthest place that humans have personally set foot on is the moon. Although this is a sacred and great thing, humans are also living things, and living things have a physiological problem-metabolism. We might as well imagine, if the American astronauts happened to pee when they landed on the moon, and had to temporarily solve it on the lunar surface, what would it be like?

You know, the temperature difference between day and night of the moon is very large. If human beings urinate on the moon’s surface during the day, the temperature is as high as 100 degrees. After the urine leaves the human body, it will instantly evaporate into gas. Coupled with the extremely low gravity on the moon’s surface, the urine will float into space after evaporating, and the salt in it will fall back to the moon’s surface, smashing into many small pits.

What about the night? The temperature of the lunar surface at night is as low as minus 200 degrees. If you pee on the lunar surface at this time, the urine will be condensed into an icicle at the moment it leaves the human body and inserted into the dust on the lunar surface. After dawn, as the temperature rises sharply, the urine icicles will melt and evaporate into water vapor.

I believe that no matter how well experienced astronauts are, they are not willing to experience the above-mentioned “two heavens of ice and fire”. So in reality, if astronauts really have to solve their physiological problems on the lunar surface and follow the normal process, what should they do? American astronaut Buzz Aldrin was the second human to land on the moon, but he was the first to pee on the moon. According to Aldrin’s memory, when he left the lunar module and set foot on the moon, he couldn’t help but feel extremely excited, causing a strong urge to urinate physically, so he had to solve it in front of millions of TV viewers on Earth.

So does Aldrin urinate when he untie his clothes as usual on earth? He absolutely dare not. Because the lunar environment is extremely harsh and the temperature is very different from that of the earth, human beings will be killed instantly if they accidentally expose their body parts here. So Aldrin can only pee in the space suit, and there is a tube in the space suit, one end is connected to the urination part of the human body, and the other end leads to the outside of the space suit, which can directly discharge the urine.

Even with such well-thought-out equipment, astronauts do not always pee whenever they want. They have to hold back the urine first, then turn on the switch of the space suit urinary tube to pee, and at the same time control the size of the switch. If it is too large, the gas in the space suit will rush out of the tube together with the urine. The air pressure is too strong. It is dangerous, so it is safest and safest to fill the entire urinary tube with fluid as much as possible.