Life is up to me

On May 30, 2020 local time, with a roar of “Go! SpaceX!”, the SpaceX Falcon 9 carrier rocket carrying two astronauts was successfully launched into space. After successfully putting the astronaut into orbit, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk did not show too much joy, and said that the next priority is to speed up research on the starship spacecraft-he always remembered to send people to the sky , Is just a small step in his “multi-planet survival plan”.

Meyer Musk congratulated on Twitter for the first time, and said: “Who would have thought that there would be such a day? Anyway, I knew it a long time ago.” She is the mother of “Silicon Valley Iron Man” Musk. Musk always said that his success was due to her mother’s training and her maverick character.

Meyer, the 62-year-old supermodel who appeared naked and took photos for “Time”, wrote his life as an autobiography “Life by Me”.

72-year-old supermodel
The 72-year-old Meyer is slim, with silver hair, gorgeous lipstick, and the corners of her mouth are raised. Only the wrinkles at the corners of her eyes can reveal her true age.

When he was in his 50s, Meyer participated in a casting for a beauty advertisement. The director exclaimed: “You are so beautiful.” Meyer smiled and replied: “Well, isn’t this a prerequisite for me to be here? ”

Unexpectedly, this joking sentence silenced everyone. Later, Meyer learned that in this case, people just expected a beautiful woman to say “Thank you”.

Beauty may be a model’s life training. At the age of 15, Meyer participated in a model competition for the first time. At that time, people told her that a model’s career usually ends at 18.

Meyer still remembers that afternoon—the afternoon she thought was stupid, but changed her life in the dark. In the background, staff are distributing numbers. “I don’t want to be the first on the catwalk,” said the girl who should be the first to appear. “Then I’ll do it,” Meyer said. In that game, Meyer won the championship and was taken by a brokerage company and started his modeling career. At that time, Meyer would not have thought that this career, which should have ended in her youth, was still glowing after she was over seventy.

However, Meyer still doesn’t understand why everyone in the United States is talking about beauty. In South Africa, where she grew up, being smart and interesting is more valuable than appearance. She called to complain to her sister, telling her how absurd it is to keep talking about beautiful Americans.

“Everyone has many different qualities. I hope that my epitaph says’She is funny, not’She is beautiful.” Meyer said.

In 1972, Meyer and 1-year-old Elon

In 1956, Meyer and his family traveled to the Kalahari Desert. Meyer is the third from the left.

“There is nothing that the Musk family can’t do!”
Meyer was born in Canada in 1948, his parents were both pilots. When in Canada, people thought that their whole family was crazy because their parents would take their children and travel around in their own airplanes.

They traveled to more than 60 countries. Their planes have neither GPS nor radio. They rely on compasses and maps. Sometimes they are even forced to land on sports fields or on the streets because there is no local airport.

When Meyer was two years old, his parents decided to immigrate to South Africa. They packed the plane and car and sent them away, and then took their four children on a cargo ship. Two months later, they finally arrived in South Africa.

Meyer’s father sometimes took the whole family to travel in the desert to find the lost city, even though the journey was dangerous. A trip through the desert usually lasts 3 weeks, so Meyer’s parents stuffed food, water, gasoline, and children into the car.

Once, they accidentally mixed gasoline into their drinking water, and they had no choice but to drink this “gasoline water” first, and then find a clean water source as soon as possible. Everyone behaved very calmly. “I did learn one thing: comfort is not a necessity of life, and you can live well even when you are scarce.” Meyer wrote in his autobiography.

In retrospect, Meyer thought that his father’s calm attitude brought peace of mind to the whole family, just like their family motto, “live with risk and prudence.”

However, the hurried marriage at a young age brought Meyer into a low period in her life. Her husband committed domestic violence at every turn and liked to devalue her self-esteem and value. So 31 years old-in the year South Africa passed the divorce law, Meyer successfully divorced. She left home with three children and abandoned a lot of property just to stay away from that terrible husband.

Recalling the time when the “Single Mother Copy” was first opened, Meyer felt that the biggest difficulty was poverty.

So Meyer started his own business and opened a clinic with a nutritionist license. Although the children were not able to see their mother, Meyer never regretted it. She said that instead of not having a job, just staying with the children and passing on the feeling of complaining to them, it is better to let them see a strong mother fighting for the whole family.

Meyer never checked the children’s homework, she thought it was their own responsibility. Facts have also proved that this has not brought any harm to their growth. On the contrary, as they grow older, each child is willing to take responsibility for the future independently. “We don’t have to overprotect the children. This will only cause them to lose touch with reality and responsibility.” Meyer said.

Meyer and son Elon

When Elon was 12 years old, he obtained the first computer in his life. In 1983, computers were still extremely novel. Surprisingly, Elon quickly learned to use a computer and wrote a game called Blastar with code.

Meyer asked Elon to submit the source code of the game to a computer magazine, and the magazine then sent him $500 as compensation. Meyer didn’t think the magazine knew that the game creator was only 12 years old, and she didn’t know how far Elon could go on this road.

But in retrospect, Meyer wrote: “The things they loved at the age of 12 are so significant.” The second son Kimball showed a keen interest in cooking at the age of 12, and now he has opened a business in the United States. restaurant.

A few years later, 17-year-old Elon wanted to go to Canada, so Meyer gave him a living allowance-for Elon, North America is obviously more suitable for him to develop his interest in computers. Elon took the money and went to his relatives in Canada alone. The youngest daughter Tosca also supports this idea very much.

At that time, Meyer’s career in South Africa was booming, but the 15-year-old Tosca couldn’t wait to move to Canada: “If we don’t move now, I will go to Canada by myself.”

No way, Meyer had to go to Canada to find opportunities to continue his career in nutrition. When she returned to South Africa three weeks later, she found that Tosca had sold all her house and car. The only thing Meyer could do was sign the document and then quickly moved to Canada.

Many people have asked Meyer, why not be angry with her daughter for this matter? Meyer believed that the move was decided, and what Tosca did was speed up the process. “Although my career in South Africa is at its peak, since the children have foreseen their future in the Americas, I can use Canada as a new starting point.”

Such self-confidence may come from the cultivation of a legendary family, but Meyer believes that even if you are naturally self-confident, in real life, confidence may still be destroyed again and again and be rebuilt. “The best situation is that the period of our downturn can be gradually shortened as we age. By the age of seventies, you may think that I am not so confident anymore, but in fact, my confidence at this time is better than before, because I No longer worry about being rejected or insulted.”

Meyer’s father used to say: “There is nothing that the Haldemans can’t do!” Now what Meyer wants to say is: “There is nothing that the Musk family can’t do!”

In 2019, Meyer and Tosca (first from left), Elon and Kimball (first from right)

“Either die safely or live brilliantly”
Since she was single at the age of 31, Meyer has been living an independent life-marriage to her was 40 years ago. People once said to her: “Love tends to appear when you no longer expect it.” But Meyer found that even though she has expectations of feelings for most of her life, she has not yet met true love. She tried, but she couldn’t find someone who could make her live better than when she was single.

Meyer felt that every 10 years of his life was more exciting than the last. She thought of her mother-when she was 61 years old, and her very loving father died in an airplane accident. Meyer thought her mother would be devastated because of it, but she was wrong. His mother in her 60s began to travel around South Africa to learn wood carving and painting. Now that her mother has passed away, her works will still appear regularly at exhibitions in Tshwane.

When Meyer’s mother was in her 90s, they went to a “Sunset Tea Party” in a small town in Alberta, which was a gathering of senior citizens. The atmosphere at the scene was uncomfortable, because everyone present was constantly complaining, so Meyer and her mother hurried away. Meyer asked her mother, “Is it because they are so old?” The mother said, “No, they have been like this since they were young.”

Meyer said: “I don’t think too much about death, so I don’t fear it. With a nutritious diet, I think I can live to 98—the age when my mother died. I enjoy every day while I’m alive. , When death comes, I leave without regret.”

Her son Elon Musk holds the same attitude towards life, just like his famous saying: “Either die safely or live brilliantly.”