Does the soul exist?

   Mysterious “death experience”
   In 1991, when Pam Reynolds, a citizen of Atlanta, was undergoing a brain aneurysm operation, the doctor had to empty all the blood in her brain, and Reynolds entered the medically so-called “brain death” state. , The time is up to 45 minutes. After Reynolds woke up, he described some surprising experiences. She said she had talked freely with her deceased relatives during the “brain death” period. What’s even more amazing is that she was able to describe every step and detail of the operation in detail, and even the bone saw used to cut the skull.
   A 65-year-old American businessman who “resurrected from the dead” also described his “after death” to the doctors who rescued him: “I remember myself like a light cloud, gradually rising from my body to the ceiling, the hospital Neither the wall nor the iron gate can stop me at this time. I quickly flew out of the hospital and flew faster and faster into the illusory space. Then I was in an endless tunnel at a very fast speed. Going forward. At the other end of the tunnel, I saw a little light. The light became brighter and bigger. When I reached the end of the tunnel, the light became a powerful light source. My heart was filled with joy and love. , I no longer have worries, depressions, pains and tensions.”
   Nobel Prize winner and famous American writer Hemingway had this experience when he was 19 years old. At that time, he was serving in an ambulance convoy on the front line of Italy. At midnight on July 8, 1918, a shrapnel hit Hemingway’s leg and the wound was infected and nearly killed him. After the incident, he told his friend: “I feel my soul came out of my body, like pulling it out of my pocket with a corner of a silk handkerchief. The silk handkerchief was floating around, and finally returned to the old place. Into the pocket.”
   Many people affirm the existence of souls based on the experience of Hemingway and others.
   Scientist: Soul? No!
   Scientists are also very curious about this, but they do not think that the soul exists, but that it is just a physiological phenomenon.
   Researchers from Kentucky State University in the United States said according to a study: “This mysterious phenomenon is actually a sleep disorder-rapid eye movement invasion. If you have this disease, the patient’s spirit may be earlier than the body. Wake up, and then hallucinate.”
   Researchers at Kentucky State University also believe that emergencies such as a heart attack may trigger rapid eye movement incursions and cause a “death experience.”
   Although the rapid eye movement invasion theory explains well the hallucinations that occur during “brain death”, there are still some mysteries that have not been answered. How can a person see his body after death?
   This mystery was solved in an accidental study. In order to find out the cause of the onset of a 43-year-old epilepsy patient, Swiss neurologist Olaf Blanco placed electrodes on the patient’s brain to perform a brain mapping test to determine what functions are controlled by each area of ​​the brain. Just when he stimulated a certain area of ​​the brain, the patient suddenly felt a “soul out of the body”. The patient told Blanco that she could look down on her body.
   Every time Blanco stimulates the “corner gyrus” area of ​​the patient’s brain with an electric shock, it will cause the patient to “soul out of the body” phenomenon.
   It seems that the “soul theory” seems to be denied. Don’t worry, then look down.
   “Alpha 3”: No soul? not necessarily!
   An experiment called “Alpha 3” was quietly carried out in Tokyo, Japan. A total of 16 volunteers participated in the experiment. They are from the United States, Japan and Switzerland, and they are between 19 and 75 years old. They are all dying patients.
   The specific implementation method of the “Alpha 3” project is: scientists implanted electrodes in the volunteers’ skulls and connected them to the computer so that the computer can receive the volunteers’ brain waves within a range of 80 kilometers and within 60 seconds The brain waves are translated into text and displayed on the fluorescent screen of the computer terminal.
   In the first two years of the implementation of the “Alpha 3” program, four volunteers passed away, but the computer did not receive any information from them.
   The scientists were not discouraged, they made further modifications to the computer program and finally made a discovery.
   At that time, a volunteer named Fodi died of illness. Three days later, the long-awaited message of scientists appeared on the computer screen, “I am Fodi, tell you, I am very happy, no pain…no pain…no pain…”
   Scientists participating in the “Alpha 3” project We all believe that this is a strong evidence of the existence of the soul.
   However, so far, humans have not been able to communicate directly with brain waves. Therefore, the results of this experiment have also been questioned by many scientists.
   Does the soul exist?
   If there are many doubts about the “Alpha 3” experiment, the experiments of the British doctor Sam Parnell have left many scientists unable to explain.
   His experimental design is like this: if the “soul” of a patient can float after death, he can still see his body, see the doctors rescuing his body, see the lamp on the ceiling, then if it is under the ceiling Put a board and put some small objects on the board (only Sam himself knows what they are, others don’t), then the “soul” should be able to see these small objects. If the patient can tell what the small object on the board is after being rescued, then it will be possible to distinguish whether the “soul” is a phantom imagination or an objective entity.
   Sam conducted research on more than 100 patients and found that 7 rescued patients were able to tell what they saw when their “soul” was out of the body, especially the small objects on the board, all of which were correct.
   It seems that no one can convince anyone whether there is a soul after death. Leave this problem to the scientists!