The mystery of fleet disappearance

  The story takes place during World War II when Leningrad, the second largest city in the Soviet Union, was hit by German fascist planes. In order to preserve its vitality, an artillery unit of the Red Army of the Soviet Union received an emergency order to carry out an overall strategic transfer and took emergency refuge in an uninhabited Silesian valley more than 200 kilometers away from the city.
  The road to the Silesian Valley was tortuous and difficult. The artillery troops set off overnight and walked until dawn the next day, only half the distance. At this time, Major Andre received a report: “A large number of Nazi fighters appeared in our rear!” At this time, the troops were like a long snake, lined up on the long and narrow field road, surrounded by bare Gobi. The cover is at all. Before he could think about it, Andrei immediately ordered all officers and soldiers to hide on the spot and put them into battle at the fastest speed. He wanted to fight the invincible Nazi air force. But Andre knew in his heart that without anti-aircraft artillery fire, it was impossible to pose a threat to the enemy planes diving down. What’s more terrible is that God doesn’t help them at this time. The visibility is excellent. The artillery position is like a living target. Wait. The Nazi fighters came to prey.
  The roar of the aircraft is getting closer and closer. Listen to the sound, this is a large number of aircraft groups, and there are already ant-like black spots in the sky behind. Andre issued the final order: “The enemy is strong and we are weak. Wait until the enemy enters the range before hitting. No one is allowed to fire the first shot without my order!”
  The roar of the enemy plane was deafening. In the face of readily available prey, they did not want to rush to swallow it. The Nazi logo on the fighter plane is also clearly visible. Seeing that he was about to enter the range area, he suddenly climbed up and ran towards the distance. Looking at the formation, they still want to play some tricks.
  Just when Andre was puzzled, a miracle suddenly appeared: the leading enemy plane suddenly turned around like a demon, and flew quickly toward the west of the artillery team. The fighter planes that followed followed the “leading goose”, passing over the artillery team like a huge group of birds. Andre estimated that there will be at least 200 frames! He was suddenly startled in a cold sweat. Five minutes later, there was a huge muffled sound from the western hills, and then a dozen or so panicked enemy planes turned and flew towards the artillery team. These enemy planes were flying at a very low altitude and were about to enter. The range of the artillery team.
  Andre seized this rare opportunity and gave an order, and the dense shells rained down on the group of planes. Another huge explosion sounded, and most of the enemy planes that had returned to the ultra-low-altitude flight were wiped out. Only two of them escaped the range with long smoke, but the fuselage was injured. There will be nothing if it does not crash. Fighting power.
  The sudden victory made the second monk Andre puzzled. He didn’t understand what was happening on the mountain ahead. Two months later, this surviving artillery unit made great achievements in the Defense of Leningrad. After the victory of World War II, Major Andrei was promoted to major general in the classic battle of defeating enemy aircraft with ordinary artillery arrays and won Received the Stalin Medal.
  Andre knew in his heart that it would certainly not be his own artillery array that defeated the enemy plane. There were other reasons for this, but he really couldn’t think of what it was. With respect and curiosity for the Silesian Valley, in the second year after receiving the medal, Andre personally led a scientific expedition team to investigate along the route that the army transferred that year. Strangely, no abnormal signs were seen along the way. The scientific expedition team came to the mouth of the Silesian valley, and the steep mountains made it impossible for the team to move forward and could only climb on foot. With a passionate pursuit of the mysteries of natural science, scientists took the initiative to abandon their vehicles and risk their lives to step into this restricted area. Under the guidance of a guide, they traveled for three days and three nights. In an uninhabited valley, I finally saw a large pile of debris left by the Nazi planes crashing into the mountains. Regrettably, in this place, scientists have used all means and measuring instruments, and the data obtained is still without any abnormalities. So, what caused these fighters to suddenly malfunction?
  After the inspection, Major General Andre was still unfinished. After thinking twice, he decided to conduct another inspection from the air. His idea was supported by the Air Force, and he was equipped with a special plane to make a full-scale simulation flight along the route of the Nazi fighter plane crash. The air force is equipped with an experienced pilot and two planes are sent to escort. However, after entering the Silesian Valley, Major General Andre suddenly lost contact with the ground. Then the Air Force dispatched two more fighters for emergency search and rescue, but none of these fighters mysteriously disappeared!
  All the good scientific expedition teams have become scientific expedition martyrs. This is an incredible thing! For a time, the Silesian Valley became the “Bermuda” of the land, and strange rumors followed. Subsequently, in the same position, the explorers found all the crashed planes, all of which crashed into the mountain at the same location.
  In view of the dangers of the Silesian Valley, the government abandoned plans for further investigations. After many years, the mysterious mysteries of Silesia have not been solved.
  In a blink of an eye, it was the mid-1990s. On the 50th anniversary of the death of Major General Andrei, his hometown of St. Petersburg held a grand memorial service for him. His adventurous grandson, Gori, despite the opposition of his family, made a bold decision: take a hot air balloon and make a commemorative flight along the route of his disappearance! Gorry prepared for the worst-he carried the parachute with him, and in the event of an emergency, he immediately parachuted.
  The flying speed of a hot air balloon is much slower than that of an airplane, and it is easy to adjust. This is where Gory is most confident. After a whole day of flying, his hot air balloon officially entered the mysterious Silesian Valley. Gori’s heart also began to tense, but at this moment, he suddenly felt that the scenery below began to become unusually magical and gorgeous. The more you traveled toward the valley, the more magical the scenery became. Later, with the three-dimensional dynamics, the natural scenery in the eyes was combined into a huge three-dimensional beauty head. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be an image of a beauty with a clear outline and an extremely charming smile! And the closer to the western valley, the clearer the portrait, and the closer to him, it seems that he is about to plunge into his arms immediately. For a while, Gori was overwhelmed by this wonderful picture of beauty in front of him! Also in an instant, he quickly understood the Nazi fighter planes and the cause of the accident with his grandpa. He subconsciously raised his head and couldn’t help his soul flying out of the sky: the balloon had followed the airflow from the mouth of a canyon and entered an extremely steep mountain. A huge and steep cliff stood in front of it like a door, and the straight-line distance was less than 1,000 meters. ! Not to mention an airplane, it is a hot air balloon, it is also difficult to fly with wings!
  After regaining his senses, Gorry tried his best to adjust the flight position of the balloon. But under the powerful air current, all efforts failed. Gory had no choice but to parachute. In fact, at such times and places, parachuting is futile. There is no possibility that the parachute can be fully opened and landed safely in the narrow valley. Fortunately, Gorey’s parachute was hung by a protruding rock, and there was a water bottle hanging from him.
  Three days later, the dying Gori was rescued by people who came to search the mountain, and the mystery of the Silesian Valley was finally officially unveiled.