Starlight does not ask travellers

I don’t know if you have seen the true appearance of ducks in the water. Under normal circumstances, people only see ducks swimming leisurely and comfortably on the water. But after diving into the water, you will find that its duck webs have been swiping desperately, never stopping for a moment. Young writer Liu Tong once said: “You have to work very hard to look effortless.”

Elegance requires confidence, and gorgeousness requires strength. Life is like a duck in the water. Behind every glamour, there are persistence and hard work you can’t imagine. Those careless ease and ease are just short-term illusions. Only hard work day and night is the essence of life. And this is the philosophy of life contained in the “Duck Law”. So, please always remember, the more you want to be envied by others, the harder you will be living. Only extreme hard work can be worthy of the extreme scenery.

There is a kind of “sharp grass” on the African grasslands. In the first six months of time, it was almost the shortest grass on the grassland, and people could not even observe its growth with the naked eye. But half a year later, after a heavy rain, large areas of spiky grass grow wildly every day like it has been enchanted. Finally, in just a few days, it will jump to more than two meters high, forming a wall that “appears out of thin air”, and the whole process is extremely shocking. Later, scientists discovered that it took six months for this sharp grass to take root in the soil. It quietly accumulated strength for itself, just waiting for a heavy rain to come. Most people often only witness the process of its crazy growth. As for how it takes root in the soil and how to resist wind and rain, people don’t know it.

I really like the words of Harvard scholar Zhan Qingyun: “It is not the scriptures that make Tang Seng a Tang monk, but the way to learn from it.” There are no shortcuts in walking in the world. It’s like this stubborn grass that is working hard in the dark. When you come out of the mud, you will understand: It is a fluke to go smoothly, and to accumulate thin hair is the right way in the world. Those so-called successes and miracles are nothing but down-to-earth efforts.

I wonder if you have ever felt this way. Since WeChat has a step-counting function, the number of people around me who are willing to walk has gradually increased, and sometimes I don’t even want to take two more steps. In fact, this is because we have received feedback. When every step we take is counted and turned into our own accumulation, this sense of accomplishment will push us little by little. In many cases, real life is the same. With every effort you put in, every move you stepped forward, fate has already marked us secretly. One day in the future, when you look back at the road you have traveled, you will find that there is no way to go in vain in life, and everything will happen unintentionally. As the philosopher Tagore said: “The light is right in front of us, as long as you can survive the pain and walk through the darkness. Your burden will become a gift, and your suffering will light up your way.” One day You will find that those who have eaten and suffered will become the brightest stars in the night sky, guiding you to become a better person.

Starlight does not ask travellers, time pays off. Before the flowers bloom, you always have to walk a long, long way alone in the dark, but please be sure that God will never disappoint anyone who tries his best. Just like the classic dialogue in the movie “The King of Comedy”: “The front is pitch black and nothing can be seen.” “No, it will be beautiful after daybreak!”