Sunshine in the dust

When the phone’s ringtone jumped out of the bedside table on the right, it was eleven o’clock at midnight, and my wife and I were both sleeping on the bed. The room was full of darkness, and the night outside the window was as quiet as water in a wine cabinet.

The call was made by Wu Deming, the project manager of Riyue Building. I leaned on the back of the bed. Before I held the phone to my ear, his panicked voice came out: “President Fang, the police are here at the Riyue Building site.”

I became a little nervous and asked anxiously, “What are the police doing? Did someone fight?”

Wu Deming said hesitantly: “No one was fighting. Someone called 110 to the police, saying that there was a migrant worker named Zhao Haisheng on our construction site…missing, two policemen…in my office, come here.”

Wu Deming’s words are like a basin of ice water, washing away my dim sleepiness. Riyue Building has 3 floors underground and 42 floors above ground. It is connected to the International Conference Center in the north and Qiantang River in the south. It is a landmark building in Qianjiang New Town. The main project was completed as scheduled two months ago, and the migrant workers from the decoration team have gradually entered the site. Although the construction site is a dangerous work site, a hole, a wire, and a cigarette butt may become a hidden danger for accidents. Moreover, the migrant workers on the construction site are older and less educated. It is not surprising that accidents of broken arms and legs occur. There will be a bloody fatal accident, but someone is missing, it is an unheard of flat land storm.

After a moment of stunned, I asked in confusion, “Which team is the missing Zhao Haisheng?”

Wu Deming’s voice became tough: “President Fang, there is no such person as Zhao Haisheng on our construction site.”

I shook the phone. A light blue light flashed on the screen, and the line of sight could distinguish the direction of the wall and the seat of the wardrobe. There is no wind and no waves, and the police will not find the construction site for no reason. And if there is no migrant worker Zhao Haisheng on the Riyue Building site, where did the police get the information about his disappearance?

At this time, the wife who was sleeping on the left turned half of her body to the left, and she must have heard the call. My son is a junior in the north, far away. Apart from winter and summer vacations, there are only four of us with presbyopia at home. In the first year my son went to college, when I came home from get off work, I always felt like I was missing something.

“President Fang, hurry up and we will wait for you in the project office.” Wu Deming urged me again.

I turned my head and probed my wife and said, “Something happened on the construction site, I’ll go there right away.”

My wife touched my pillow and hugged my arms, and her voice was softer than the wind of the air conditioner: “Okay.”

Hanging up, I twisted out of the bed and set off distractedly. Our community stayed at the west gate of Hangzhou. According to legend, when Song Gaozong first fled to Hangzhou, he saw the beauty of reed flowers like snow and wanted to build the capital here. Later, he got Phoenix Mountain, and Suiyun “Stay in Xixi and stay” was named after his stay. Qianjiang New City is located in the southeast of Hangzhou. It is the new engine of the “Hangzhou East Expansion” strategy at the beginning of the 21st century. It is known as “Hangzhou’s Bund”. Although I drove the car as fiercely as a firetruck, through Xixi, around the West Lake, and over Wushan, I still went around for an hour on the road.


The entrance and exit of the Riyue Building site are connected to Huancheng East Road. The east side of Huancheng East Road is adjacent to Qiantang River. At this time, the light show on both sides of the strait has come to an end, and the river kisses the ancient dam and flows eastward silently. Zhizai on the French plane on the roadside fell asleep. I parked the car on the left side of the gate and rushed in through the small door of the communication room.

The construction site under the sun is full of people, it is a dusty battlefield, and the construction site in the moon shadow is silent, like a vague sketch. Hidden in the air is the breath of the midsummer sun. I passed through the narrow safe passage, bypassed the gloomy woodworking shed, and soon came to the project office on the west side of the site. The office has two floors up and down, sitting west to east, and is built of color steel plates. There is a small rectangular road at the door, and a row of publicity columns for safe production and civilized construction is erected on the right side of the road. The red and white paper in the frame are all dyed black. I kept running, climbing up to the second floor in one breath, and saw Wu Deming with a cigarette in his mouth, like a piece of wood stuck in the front corridor, and the cigarette butt burned a small red hole in the drowsy corridor.

I took a breath and raised my head and shouted, “Manager Wu, I’m here.”

Wu Deming immediately turned around and said as he walked: “Mr. Fang, it’s almost twelve o’clock. When my heart is moldy, I just wanted to call you.”

I stopped and said, “When I received your call, I immediately set off from home. Did you make it clear that there is no such person as Zhao Haisheng on the construction site?”

Wu Deming vowed to say: “President Fang, I have asked them three times, and they all said that there is no such person as Zhao Haisheng, and the team leader is still in the office. You can ask them again.”

I pointed to the dark Riyue Building on the east side and asked: “Have there been any safety incidents on the construction site during the day?”

Wu Deming stepped closer to me, shook his hand and said, “No, I haven’t left the gate of my construction site today. If anything happens during the day, I would have called you.”

I wanted to ask him a few more words, in front of the police, there are some things that are hard to say. Unexpectedly, Wu Deming turned around and walked inside, carrying me behind his back and shouting loudly: “There is no such person as Zhao Haisheng on the construction site. Where should we go to find it? I really ran into a big-headed ghost for no reason.”

Wu Deming walked very fast, I still clicked one foot outside the door, Wu Deming had already got into the office. He shrugged his shoulders, twisted his neck and pointed at me and said, “Police officer, this is the head of our company?”

The project manager’s office is the face of the company. Desks, sofas, coffee tables, and cabinets are all polyurethane dark red wood-like furniture purchased by the company, and the floor is covered with beige laminate flooring. A white hard hat stopped in the middle of the desk. On the right side of the helmet, there is a small pot of green dill. The sparse leaves are covered with dust. Two heavily armed police officers sat on the sofa with serious expressions.

I took out the cigarette in my shirt pocket and said as I walked over, “I’m sorry to have you waited so long. I stayed in the west of the city. It’s a bit far from Qianjiang New City. Let’s smoke a cigarette first.”

More than twenty people gathered in the office. Probably for the sake of identification, the project manager is next to the right side of the office, and the team’s small Baotou is squeezed to the left of the office. A few people were smoking, the smoky smoke shook the light of the fluorescent lamp, and the project manager accountability sign hung on the wall was blurred.

The older policeman stood up from the sofa. He opened his mouth and yawned, then shook his hand and said, “Hello, Mr. Fang, I don’t smoke. My name is Zhao, and we belong to the Qianjiang New City Police Station. Now you stay in the west of the city and become a treasure of gold in recent years. The house price has turned up a lot.”

I squinted at Wu Deming on the right and said, “It’s okay, the house price has gone up a lot. Officer Zhao, you are here…A man named Zhao Haisheng on our construction site is missing?”

“The situation is like this,” Officer Zhao nodded slightly, drew an undulating curve with his index finger, and said unhurriedly, “At around ten thirty, we received an order from the City 110 Command Center. The migrant worker named Zhao Haisheng has lost contact at your Riyue Building site. Let’s come over to find out the situation.”

The younger policeman also stood up. He straightened his chest, raised his hand and looked at his watch and said, “The caller is Zhao Haisheng’s daughter. She was in university in Shanghai. It should have been an hour and a half now.”

I met Officer Zhao with my eyes, and my mind was planning. Looking up in the sky of Hangzhou, you can see the dancing tower cranes. The migrant workers on the construction site are denser than the azaleas on the May hillside. Maybe Zhao Haisheng is not the migrant worker on our construction site. I have seen the news on TV. Last year, the ratio of invalid and false police reports was as high as 50%. There are so many people who are full. Will anyone report false police this time?

I quietly shifted my gaze to Wu Deming’s face, and said vaguely: “Officer Zhao, will anyone… engage in pranks to report to the police? We don’t have Zhao Haisheng on the site, Manager Wu, right? Yes, there is one in Hangzhou. With so many construction sites, it is also possible that he… is not the person on our site.”

Wu Deming frowned and said, “Every team asked just now, and the two police officers also heard it.”

Officer Zhao glanced at Wu Deming with his left light, raised his hand to straighten his big brimmed hat, and said solemnly: “The call was made by Zhao Haisheng’s daughter from the security office of the university to the 110 command center of the city. At 12 o’clock noon, she and her father Zhao Haisheng made a call. At 5:30, the phone was able to get through, but no one answered it. At 7 o’clock, the phone could not get through. At 10:30 in the evening, the phone still couldn’t get through, so she reported. Police. The police record clearly states that Zhao Haisheng is a migrant worker on the construction site of the Riyue Building in Qianjiang New City.”

After Officer Zhao finished speaking, his arm drew a circle in the air. A black shadow passed before my eyes. My heart shook like a leaf blown by the wind. After my son went to college, he rarely called us. On the night of Mother’s Day, he called his mother a happy Mother’s Day call. His wife was holding a mobile phone and her eyes were red. The day after tomorrow is Father’s Day, and for more than a month from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day, he is like the air in the distance. At dinner today, my wife held the chopsticks and told me that the turtle son was missing.

The young policeman saw me at a loss, and raised his hand to add: “According to the number provided by his daughter, we have performed location tracking, but Zhao Haisheng’s cell phone has no signal, so he cannot track his location.”

Wu Deming blinked his eyes and said, “Man is not an ant on the construction site, everyone can see it.”

I pondered for a while, turned around and walked to the front of the team’s small Baotou and said: “You all said which team it is, and then think about whether there is such a person as Zhao Haisheng, start from the left.”

More than a dozen small Baotou reported that they belonged to that group one by one. Some of them had a loud voice and some had a low voice, but they all answered very positively that there was no one named Zhao Haisheng in their team.

I turned my head, opened my eyes and asked Wu Deming: “Manager Wu, haven’t you notified the plumber’s team?”


A plumber is my destiny. Thirty-five years ago, in the autumn, carrying a small wooden box, I went to a construction site to learn plumbers. On the third day of the Lunar New Year this year, I went to Master’s house to pay a New Year greeting. The white-haired master took me by the hand and said, I didn’t want to take you. Your mother was in tears when she came to my house, saying that you were two points away from the college entrance examination, and my dad had just passed away. , Unexpectedly, you became the general manager, so many years have not forgotten my old man. On the way home, the rain weaves diagonally, and the wind is crying. On the Mid-Autumn Festival five years ago, my mother took a half moon cake and went to heaven to reunite with her father. Madam also passed away three years ago, and I didn’t even have a chance to say thank you.

Wu Deming knows that I worked as a plumber when I was young. He moved his eyebrows and said softly, “This…I…I didn’t notify them the plumber.”

“Ah!” I squinted at him and said, “Hurry up and call Lao Yuan from the hydropower team and ask if there is such a person as Zhao Haisheng in the hydropower team.”

Xiao Sun, the security officer standing on my left, flashed dark eyes, dialed the phone neatly, and immediately returned the phone to me. I took the phone and put it on my ear, with an ominous premonition like a monkey rushing into my heart. This missing Zhao Haisheng is most likely a member of the hydropower team.

Xiao Sun stepped back and stared at my phone with wide eyes. He applied to the company to work for almost three years, with a baby face, his hometown is in Chuzhou, Anhui, and he graduated from a 211 university in Shanghai, majoring in law. Although architecture and law are not related to each other, he passed the safety officer certificate in the first year of coming to the company, and this year he passed the second-level construction engineer certificate. The writing is also very elegant, which is the company’s key training Seedlings.

It took a long time for Yuan Youcheng’s cell phone to be connected. The phone was mixed with the melody of “Walk Out of Style” and out-of-tune singing. He might be cool in KTV.

I raised my voice and asked, “Yuan Youcheng, is there a person named Zhao Haisheng in your hydropower team?”

“Who, are you?… President Fang, hello, hello, I don’t hear clearly, I’ll go to the door to fight… President Fang, what’s your life?” Yuan Youcheng’s voice is louder than me. I also heard the sound of opening the door.

“Zhao——Hai——Sheng——, do you have this person in your hydropower team?” My hand trembles slightly, and my voice is stretched. At this time, everyone held their breath, all waiting for a worrying answer.

“Zhao Haisheng? Yes, he has just come to the construction site for more than a month.” Yuan Youcheng said with certainty.

The helmet on the desk seemed to shake. I hurriedly covered the phone with my hand and said to Officer Zhao: “There is Zhao Haisheng, a plumber, and I want his boss to come over right away.” After that, I changed the phone to the other hand, “Yuan Youcheng, you Hurry to the construction site, someone called the police, saying that Zhao Haisheng was missing… lost contact.”

There was a commotion in the office. I glanced sideways at Wu Deming again, without saying anything, feeling a little angry in my heart. If he called and asked Yuan Youcheng, things would not turn around like twists. Wu Deming lowered his head, his mouth closed tightly, and the wrinkles on his forehead kept twisting like the tails of a few crucian fishes playing in the water.

Yuan Youcheng must be stunned. After more than ten seconds, he replied: “No, I saw him on the construction site at noon. Fang Zong, I will call him first.”

I said, “Yuan Youcheng, no matter if Zhao Haisheng’s phone is connected or not, you will come to the construction site immediately.”

Yuan Youcheng said: “Okay, okay, President Fang, I’ll come over right away.”

Hanging up the phone, I sighed softly, turned around and said to Officer Zhao: “The boss of the water and electricity team is here right away. I’m sorry. Let’s wait for him. You can drink some mineral water.”

Xiao Sun took two steps forward, took two bottles of mineral water from the coffee table, and handed them to Officer Zhao and the young policeman. The young policeman took the mineral water, turned his head and asked, “Why didn’t you call… the people from the hydropower team?”

I glanced at Wu Deming, who was in a daze, and said, “The installation of water and electricity is subcontracted by Party A, not the team of the project department.”

A project is a stage, bidding, construction, settlement, and awards are shocking. This is how Yuan Youcheng, the team contractor, came here: The night before the construction contract was signed for the Riyue Building project, a leader of Party A called our boss and said that he had a relative who did hydropower installation, and the boss fully agreed. The boss quietly said to me that this leader has the right to speak. At the critical moment when only the last three finalists were left in the bid evaluation, although he did not speak, he held our company’s bid and nodded three times with a smile.


After a bunch of people were bored in the smoky office for half an hour, Yuan Youcheng finally arrived. He was thirty-five or sixteen years old, wearing a white Nike T-shirt, with long curly hair rippling, his cheeks were flushed, the tip of his nose was sweaty, and the corners of his mouth were faint of alcohol. Yuan Youcheng and I are not acquainted. Wu Deming said that his courage is smaller than Sesame. Once, a person from the hydropower team and a carpenter team had a fight in the cafeteria, and the head of the hydropower team was broken by a basin. After Yuan Youcheng arrived, he drooped his face and put his hands on his back, unlike a man.

After I briefly explained to him the reason why the police came to the construction site, I pointed at Officer Zhao and said: “Yuan Youcheng, Zhao Haisheng, you and Officer Zhao will talk about it in detail.”

Yuan Youcheng secretly looked at Wu Deming, then walked to Officer Zhao, and said to Officer Zhao in standard Mandarin: “Yes, Zhao Haisheng is a member of our hydropower team. His hometown is in Sichuan. It has only been more than a month since I came to the construction site. I called Zhao Haisheng, but the phone could not be reached. I also called and asked the people who lived in the same dormitory with Zhao Haisheng. They said that Zhao Haisheng was not in the dormitory. At noon I saw him in the cafeteria and only made two vegetables and one soup. He also said that he paid his salary yesterday, why is he so economical?”

The younger police officer asked, “Zhao Haisheng is still at this construction site at noon?”

Yuan Youcheng immediately replied: “Yes, the plumbers in our team also saw him.”

Officer Zhao said: “This is a bit strange. Has Zhao Haisheng’s temporary residence permit been made?”

Yuan Youcheng looked at me and said, “He just came to the construction site and…too late to do it.”

Officer Zhao asked again: “What did Zhao Hai look like? Are there any characteristics? You can be more specific.”

Yuan Youcheng blinked his eyes and said, “There is nothing special about his appearance, that is, he is relatively short and his hair… is almost completely white. His face is small and dark, and the wrinkles on his forehead are as deep as jagged. Big or small, no special characteristics, anyway, he is an ordinary migrant worker.”

Officer Zhao also asked about some other information about Zhao Haisheng. Yuan Youcheng didn’t even know about Zhao Haisheng’s daughter who was studying in Shanghai. Because he only knew that Zhao Haisheng was from Sichuan and didn’t know his ID number, it was impossible to find out the details of Zhao Haisheng through the public security network. On the Riyue Building site, there is only one entrance and exit on Huancheng East Road. A monitoring probe is installed on the door platform. Municipal pipelines can be made in a few days. The location of the monitoring room is just the connection of the drainage pipe. The monitoring room has been removed. The probe is a blind man wearing glasses, just pretending to be.

The young policeman made a transcript and slowly turned the pen in his hand and asked, “Yuan Youcheng, think about it again, is there anything unusual about Zhao Haisheng in the past few days?”

Yuan Youcheng shook his head and said, “I haven’t seen him a few days ago. There should be no abnormalities. As I said earlier, when I met him in the cafeteria at noon today, there was nothing abnormal.”

Officer Zhao spread his hands and said, “You don’t know much about the migrant workers under you.”

Yuan Youcheng argued: “Zhao Hai has not been here for a long time, so… I don’t know much.”

He will not lie about this. The migrant workers on the construction site are working at the construction site in Hangzhou today. Tomorrow they may carry their bags and go to the construction site in Wenzhou. They will fly around like sparrows, with no homes everywhere. In addition, Xiao Baotou had people who led the shift, so some Xiao Baotou didn’t even know where the migrant workers were.

The young policeman shook his head and handed me the prepared transcript, asking me to sign the transcript. The transcript contains two pieces of paper. The main content is that Zhao Haisheng works on the Riyue Building site. He is a plumber and is from Sichuan. The specific address is unknown. The date of birth is unknown. He is still on the construction site at noon and his whereabouts are unknown at night. After I signed the letter, I returned the transcript to the young policeman. At this time, Xiao Sun also wrote the “Explanation on the Loss of Contact with Zhao Haisheng, a Worker in Riyue Building,” and silently handed it to Officer Zhao.

Officer Zhao looked at it and handed the statement of the situation to the young policeman and asked Xiao Sun to take him to the bathroom on the first floor. They had just left the office when a firetruck passed by the gate of the construction site. Although the office is far away from Huancheng East Road, it is quiet in the dead of night, and the rapid and sharp sounds seem to echo in the construction site. The tweet faded away, disappeared in less than a minute, and the construction site returned to tranquility.

The young policeman folded the transcript and the statement of the situation together, put them in the bag, and took a few sips of the mineral water on the coffee table, the expression on his face relaxed. Wu Deming walked around the desk and sat down on the chair. The small bosses of the team squeezed to the edge of Wu Deming’s desk, only Yuan Youcheng stood alone in front of the sofa in a daze. Although Zhao Haisheng is a plumber on the Riyue Building construction site, it has been firmly established, but the mystery of his loss has not been solved yet. At this moment, Zhao Haisheng’s daughter must be anxiously waiting for news from her father.

After a while, Officer Zhao and Xiao Sun returned. Xiao Sun pulled out a few napkins from the tray on the coffee table and handed them to Officer Zhao. Yuan Youcheng took a step back in surprise and smiled at Officer Zhao, looking uglier than crying.

Officer Zhao said while wiping his hands with a napkin, “Let’s go back today. Sun, if you have any news from Zhao Haisheng, please contact us in time. If there is no news from Zhao Haisheng tonight, we will contact his daughter tomorrow to find out the details of Zhao Haisheng. Information, I will contact you again.”

Xiao Sun looked at me and said, “Officer Zhao, I will call you as soon as I have news.”

I glanced at Wu Deming and said, “Officer Zhao, let me see you off.”

Wu Deming stood up and said, “President Fang, we are waiting for you in the office.”

The police car was parked at the corner of the right side wall of the construction site, so I didn’t see it when I just came in. This is a Santana 2000, and the red and blue police lights on the roof are flashing majesticly. There are dozens of shared bicycles squeezed on the fence, like a group of homeless tramps. Officer Zhao opened the door of the car, and a stray cat rushed out from under the car. The arrow rushed to the opposite side of the road, and was swallowed by the black hole of night.

Looking at the fading police car, I remembered a word the boss said. Our company was established 25 years ago, and the boss asked me to be the office director. Soon after I went to work in the company, the boss made up his mind and bought a black Santana 2000. On the day he came back from picking up the car, he parked the car in front of the office and said with a smile, that the ideal was realized in one step. Time has passed, the boss’s car has long been replaced by a Mercedes-Benz S600, and the office is not that office anymore, and the boss’s emotions back then have now become a joke we secretly joked.


Back in the office, I sat on the sofa wearily. Wu Deming didn’t say a word, leaning back on the chair, his long black face was stiff like a pile of solidified concrete. Xiao Sun gently walked in front of him and asked him if he wanted to buy some supper. He looked at me, then nodded, but still did not speak.

Xiao Sun got out of the office like a rabbit. Yuan Youcheng handed me a cigarette, then distributed a circle of cigarettes around everyone, and then returned to me and said: “President Fang, Zhao Haisheng’s phone can’t get through. Maybe the phone is out of power, or the phone is broken. He is An honest person will be fine, maybe he will be back tomorrow morning. The customers over there are still waiting for me, I… go back first.”

Wu Deming finally couldn’t hold it back anymore. He snorted and put a serial cannon in his mouth: “Your life is good, you make money, and we will be responsible if something goes wrong. If there is something wrong with Zhao Haisheng, it will be me. The project manager and our company. Mr. Fang, this project manager wants him to be a good job. I’ll go home and carry a hoe. The seven or eighty-eight departments of urban management, traffic police, and environmental sanitation have to kowtow. To catch, to grab the schedule, and to guard against safety, I’m worried all day, and the life span is half shorter.”

Wu Deming is six years older than me. He has evolved from a small carpenter to a project manager. His eyes are as precise as a scalpel, and the deviation of the wall can be seen at a glance. After the Riyue Building won the bid, the boss personally ordered him to be the project manager, but his personality was like a rebar and was hard and straight. Now each project of the company is calculated independently and the profit is shared. Yuan Youcheng snatched this piece of fat from the water and electricity installation, and Wu Deming had an explosive bag buried in his heart. Now Yuan Youcheng’s words became the fuse, setting Wu Deming’s long-stored explosives bag alight.

I saw that something was wrong, so I got up from the sofa and shook my hand and said, “Manager Wu, this is not the time to quarrel. Let us discuss what to do next. Yuan Youcheng, don’t you go back yet. Zhao Haisheng will come to the sun and the moon. The construction site of the building has only been over a month. How he came to you, you can elaborate more.”

Wu Deming gave Yuan Youcheng a look, then turned the chair abruptly, and drew a half circle with the chair, and the floor wailed in pain. He lit another cigarette and threw the lighter on the desk with his backhand.

Yuan Youcheng didn’t expect Wu Deming to go crazy. He smiled awkwardly, nodded and said: “President Fang, this Zhao Haisheng was introduced by a plumber from another construction site. He is old and has average skills. I heard that he worked last year. The site wages have not been paid, so I came here.”

I said: “How old is Zhao Haisheng? The team cannot recruit migrant workers over 55 years old, or even migrant workers’ work injury insurance cannot be covered. In the event of a safety accident, compensation must be based on accidental injury.”

Yuan Youcheng said helplessly: “President Fang, it is hard to find people who work now. The Riyue Building is over and there are not enough people working on the construction site, so I recruited Zhao Haisheng. Although his skills are not very good. , But the work is very serious, the work entrusted to him will be completed, and the commute is very punctual, so I paid him the salary of the master. But it is a bit strange, Zhao Haisheng has a special request.”

I asked alertly: “What special requirements does he have?”

Yuan Youcheng blinked and said, “Originally, a good salary was 30 yuan an hour, but the salary was to be paid a few days ago, but he told me that it only cost 28 yuan an hour, but the salary should be paid monthly. ”

I sighed softly and said, “Zhao Haisheng is afraid that you will be in arrears. A thousand credit is not as good as 800 cash.”

Yuan Youcheng shook his hand and said: “President Fang, his friend made it clear to him that our company will pay all the wages during the New Year. You know this, so he came to me. The current migrant workers are not willing to pay at night. Overtime work, but Zhao Haisheng is vying to work overtime. He seems to be short of money.”

“These days, whoever works is not short of money.” I smiled bitterly and said, “If you think about it, Zhao Haisheng has any other abnormalities.”

“No, I told the police what I knew.” Yuan Youcheng touched his long curly hair, rolled his eyes, and then said after a pause, “By the way, Mr. Fang, when I saw Zhao Haisheng at noon today, he Smiling, there seems to be something happy.”

Zhao Haisheng smiled and said nothing unusual. I looked at Wu Deming, who was smoking above his head, and slowly sat back on the sofa. Everyone on the earth knows that construction companies are the “severely-hit areas” where wages are owed, and there are two main causes of their fall into the “severely-hit areas”: First, half of the wages of migrant workers are paid at ordinary times, and half are paid at the end of the year. The hidden danger of salary arrears; second, Party A’s payment for the project is not timely, and the amount is also insufficient. I came to the construction site at noon yesterday to ask for money. According to the contract, within fifteen days after the completion of the main body of the Riyue Building, Party A must pay 30 million yuan in progress payment, and now 30 million is like a floating cloud in the sky.


Xiao Sun came back with a big bag of bread. Yuan Youcheng lowered his head and walked out of the office while tapping the screen of his phone. The few small Baotou who did not eat the bread complained that the migrant workers on the construction site are now difficult to recruit, the wages are high, and they are all getting older, and it is difficult to see migrant workers under 40.

Xiao Sun picked a raisin bread for me. The bread in my mouth is sweet and sour, and the taste in my heart is mixed. When I went to learn about plumbing, the “big pot of rice” in the countryside just broke. Young people learn crafts to make some cash and play the role of pioneers from the countryside to the city. It’s okay to talk about a date. ring. So after the Spring Festival, there are many young people like me who are carrying bags in one hand and dragging rice bags in the other in the ticket-buying team at the train station. At least half of these young people are working on construction sites. But now the young people in our village will not go to construction sites as apprentices even if they are killed.

I just finished eating bread, Wu Deming turned back with a chair. He pressed the cigarette butt in the ashtray, moved the helmet on the table, and said, “President Fang, how do you plan tonight? If this continues, people will go crazy. This matter of Zhao Haisheng’s disappearance, should I ask the boss? Report there?”

I wiped the bread crumbs from my fingers, shook my hand and said, “I’ll talk about it until dawn. Whether this Zhao Haisheng is really missing or not is still unknown. The boss is not in Hangzhou today. He… has something to do.”

Wu Deming squinted his eyes and asked, “The boss is in Zhuji? Is the company’s construction industrialization base about to begin?”

I nodded and said, “Yes, he went to Zhuji yesterday afternoon, and he has not returned today.”

The traditional construction technology in our country is a reinforced concrete cast-in-place system, which not only consumes a lot of energy, is costly, and is difficult to control the quality of the project, but also fights a sea of ​​people, which both disturbs the people and is not environmentally friendly. After the industrialized building base is completed, the main building components are completed in a standardized factory, and then transported to the construction site to be assembled like building blocks. Not only the quality and construction period are guaranteed, but the green construction site does not require so many migrant workers.

At this time, Yuan Youcheng returned after the call. He lowered his head and walked in front of me and said blankly: “President Fang, I just called and asked the people who worked with Zhao Haisheng. They and Zhao Haisheng went through the wires on the 19th floor in the afternoon until about 3:30. I just separated. I didn’t see Zhao Haisheng during dinner.”

I said: “Is Zhao Haisheng any fellows on the construction site, and if there is any news about him, if you ask me.”

Yuan Youcheng said: “The phone number of the plumber who introduced Zhao Haisheng to work on our site is nowhere to be found. The person who lives with Zhao Haisheng said that in addition to being very economical, he has another characteristic. The bed of others in the dormitory is messy. Yes, socks are thrown everywhere. When he gets up in the morning, he always has to make the bed neatly, and there is a sewing kit in his box, and he can make up clothes. He has been on the construction site for more than a month, and his workmates have not seen him I’ve been out, and it’s really a bit… evil, where did he go.”

Wu Deming suddenly jumped up from his chair and waved his hands like a gorilla and said, “President Fang, or everyone should go to the construction site and look down from the 19th floor, especially the elevator shaft, the basement sump, and the fire fighting. Please look carefully at the passage. This Zhao Haisheng is not a fly, and will fly to the sky.”

“Yes, everyone, look for it right away.” I walked to Xiao Sun and shook the phone and said, “Xiao Sun, you build a WeChat group and pull everyone in here. The management staff of the project department went to the construction site to find the team. My boss went to the river opposite the construction site to find. Yuan Youcheng, you ask two plumbers who know Zhao Haisheng to wait in the communication room. If Zhao Haisheng comes back, he will immediately send the news to the group. Pay attention, everyone. Do not forward any news in this group. Manager Wu and I are waiting for you in the office.”

Wu Deming asked: “President Fang, why go to the river to find it?”

I said: “A few days ago, a migrant worker from my buddy company went to the river to take a bath and drowned. With so many people on the construction site, weird things can happen.”

Yuan Youcheng nodded and said: “President Fang, add the WeChat group, I want them to the communication room soon.”

Xiaosun built a “hunting” WeChat group after three times, five and two. After adding WeChat, they set off in a hurry. On both sides of the fluorescent lamp were densely packed small insects, and a few mosquitoes were dancing in the light. I was sitting on the sofa and Wu Deming was sitting at the desk, and both of them were smoking cigarettes.


More than an hour passed, and there was no news in the “Xun” WeChat group. Wu Deming ran out of cigarettes in his office, and went to the car to get a cigarette. There was a lonely shadow lying on the floor. Time is slow and sinking like an old bull pulling a broken plow. I held the back of my head with my fingers intertwined, leaned back on the sofa, and closed my eyes in a daze. I seemed to throw myself into a dark abyss, sinking deeper and deeper.

Suddenly, the fluorescent lamp on the ceiling flickered. A vague shadow got into the office from outside the door. I could not hear his footsteps, nor could I see his face clearly, only his white hair like snow. After turning around in the office, he stood in front of me like a ghost, his eyes like two lighted electric balls.

I quickly got up from the sofa and asked in horror: “Who are you?”

He said quietly: “I am Zhao Haisheng.”

I tremblingly said, “You…Where did you go? Yuan Youcheng and the others are looking for you.”

He sneered and said, “They can’t find me? I am a gust of wind.”

My whole body was covered with caterpillars, and I raised my voice and said, “Who are you?”

The shadow gradually turned red and flew in front of me, like a huge mosquito flying towards the door with a “buzzing” sound.

I waved my hands and shouted loudly: “Zhao Haisheng, you come back, if you have anything to say, don’t run.”

The shadow disappeared, and the desolate voice was still ringing outside the door: “Come after you, I’m going to fly to the sky.”

I wanted to chase him, but my shoes were stuck on the floor and I couldn’t move my legs. I remembered that Wu Deming went to the car to get cigarettes and should be back, so I shouted: “Manager Wu, Zhao Haisheng ran away, you call him back soon. Manager Wu, Wu Deming, Zhao Haisheng ran away.”

“President Fang, Mr. Fang, what’s the matter with you?” Wu Deming’s voice woke me up.

I opened my eyes and saw Wu Deming standing in front of me, staring at me with surprise. I stood up straight, my head was filled with paste, my feet were numb, and the palms of my hands were full of sweat.

Wu Deming handed me a cigarette: “President Fang, let’s smoke a cigarette.”

I conveniently placed the cigarette on the coffee table, sat upright, rubbed my eyes, and said with lingering fear: “I don’t smoke anymore, I’ve got my tongue out tonight. I dreamed of Zhao Haisheng just now. It’s a bit mysterious.”

Wu Deming lit the cigarette and said, “I took the cigarette and went to the guard’s room to turn it around. It’s all about Yuan Youcheng. There are so many plumbers on the Hangzhou construction site, so why call Zhao Haisheng over.”

I shook my hand and said, “The world is unpredictable. If Yuan Youcheng’s call is not Zhao Haisheng, but Zhang Haisheng, Li Haisheng, maybe something will happen…”

Wu Deming seemed to think of something and said mysteriously: “By the way, when I went to the reception room just now, the guard said that at noon, a little old man asked him what the address of this construction site was.”

“Ask for the address of the construction site?” I said refreshingly, “Could this be Zhao Haisheng?”

Wu Deming held the cigarette to his mouth and said: “No way, how can there be such a coincidence.”

I thought for a while and said: “Then let’s go down and ask the doorman and the plumber to compare their appearance and characteristics and verify that the little old man who asked the address at noon is the missing Zhao Haisheng, maybe…”

I stretched my waist and just about to get up, a mess of footsteps came from far and near. I quickly bounced off the sofa and dashed into the hallway. Wu Deming’s shadow sticking to me also sprang out from the door. He stood on my left, his rough breathing sounded like a twitching bellows. I heard the sound of my heartbeat.

Xiao Sun ran ahead with a flashlight. Behind a beam of light, several dark shadows floated over from the front of the office. My nerves were stretched like a bowstring. I just wanted to ask if Zhao Haisheng had found it. Xiao Sun’s panicked voice penetrated my ears: “Mr Fang, Ms. Fang, Zhao Haisheng…found it.”

Wu Deming put his hands on the railing, his neck leaned over the railing, and asked incoherently, “Xiao Sun, where is it? People… Zhao Hai lives or is… dead?”

After Xiao Sun rushed up the stairs, he came over like the wind, and said out of breath: “Manager Wu, not on the construction site, the police officer Zhao called me, Zhao Haisheng was in the Third City Hospital, probably because of a traffic accident, and he has passed away. , I want us… to go over and make sure.”

After a while, the project management staff following Xiaosun also ran up to the second floor one after another, and the steel plates in the corridor shook slightly. The flashlight in Xiaosun’s hand swayed up and down, and the deformed aperture jumped randomly on Wu Deming’s shirt, like a panicked little white rabbit.

I took a deep breath, turned my head and said to Wu Deming, “Manager Wu, let’s go to the hospital, and fight if there is no car. Sun, you immediately send a WeChat to the group and ask them to rush to the Third City Hospital. .”

Wu Deming said: “At noon, I had a meeting with the team leader to decorate the team and ask them to take care of their migrant workers and pay attention to safety. I asked Xiao Sun to notify Yuan Youcheng and let him come to participate. The police came just now and I was a little nervous, so I forgot to ask him if he came to the meeting.”

I pulled him a bit and said, “Go to the hospital first, and talk later.”

Everyone rushed down the stairs like a tide. The messy footsteps awakened the dust on the construction site. At this time, a large truck drove on Huancheng East Road, and the sound of “booming” was like the waves of the Qiantang River rolling into the construction site. The curtain of night is like a huge black pot upside down over the Riyue Building, and the hazy Qianjiang New City is like a dream, with no end in sight.


The first time I saw Zhao Haisheng’s daughter was around 11 noon the next day. Xiao Sun told me on WeChat that Zhao Haisheng’s daughter is Zhao Yuejing, a very poetic name.

The morgue is in the southwest corner of the second basement of the inpatient department of the hospital. There is no fierce sunlight or crowds of people here, and the surroundings are very quiet. Entering from the gate, there is a small square hall. On the left side against the wall is a white three-person plastic chair. On the right side is a small shop. Inside is the last post of life-the freezer. Xiaosun sat on the right side of the chair, with his head resting on the back of the chair, his eyes closed slightly, and the baby’s face seemed to be stuck with a piece of white paper. A girl hunched down on the armrest on the left side of the chair. She wore a white undershirt on her upper body and a white pleated skirt underneath. The skirt is very long, and the skirt covers her slender legs, only revealing a pair of blue Nike sneakers. From the back, she is a petite girl.

I walked in front of Xiao Sun and said softly: “Xiao Sun, she… Zhao Yuejing? Where is Yuan Youcheng?”

Xiao Sun mechanically jumped up from the chair. He blinked and saw that it was me. He immediately took a step forward and said in a panic: “Hmm… just now… she… Yuan Youcheng…”

Zhao Yuejing was picked up by Yuan Youcheng and Xiao Sun from the East Railway Station. After they set off from the Riyue Building site, I leaned on the sofa in Wu Deming’s office and squinted, and then went straight to the hospital. When I walked to the gate of the construction site, I saw Wu Deming wearing a white helmet and yelling with the doorman in the reception room. People who don’t know should not let them in. Even if the mayor is here, he cannot be allowed in. Wu Deming’s eyes were bloodshot, and his white helmet was covered with light yellow dust.

Zhao Yuejing heard the movement and slowly raised her head. Her face is very small, almost the size of my palm, her black forehead bangs are glued into comics with tears, and her eyes are swollen with only a red line.

I nodded slightly to her and said, “Hello, when did you arrive?”

Xiao Sun immediately turned his head, looked at Zhao Yuejing nervously and said, “This is our company…”

Before Xiao Sun had finished speaking, Zhao Yuejing rushed towards me like a wounded eagle. I was unprepared, before I had time to react, she knelt down at my feet with a “plop”. I took a step back, but she raised her small hands and grabbed my right hand. She lowered her head suddenly, and her teeth were nailed to the back of my hand like nails. I hurriedly raised my left hand to push her head, she shook her body back, still biting the back of my hand, and a sharp pain started from the back of my hand, burning all over my body like fire.

Xiao Sun jumped behind Zhao Yuejing like a monkey, and took her shoulders and said loudly: “Zhao Yuejing, your father died in a traffic accident, not a safety accident on the construction site. Our country has laws.”

Zhao Yuejing trembled, and slowly loosened her teeth. After she got up, she staggered to the edge of the chair, and then slumped on the armrest of the chair again, her small shoulders kept undulating, and she sobbed miserably: “Dad…Dad, I want to… see My father…”

I approached Xiao Sun and said, “Where is Yuan Youcheng, isn’t he with you?”

Xiao Sun pressed my ear and said, “Yuan Youcheng went to wrap her fingers. She was going to the freezer to see her father. When Yuan Youcheng pulled her… she bit her finger. Fang, let me buy a band-aid for you. .”

I swept Zhao Yuejing with my leftover light and said, “Come back soon, Officer Zhao will be here soon.”

Xiao Sun glanced at Zhao Yuejing, turned and left the morgue. Because it was an incident involving the police, Zhao Yuejing wanted to see her father’s body. Not only did she need the consent of the police, but the police must also be present. So after Yuan Youcheng and Xiao Sun took Zhao Yuejing to the morgue, she has not seen her dead. father.

At this time a chubby middle-aged woman came in. She walked around the cabinet of the commissary casually and asked with a thick voice: “Want to buy something?”

I shook my hand to her, and walked out of the small hall with a heavy heart. Zhao Yuejing was still crying, pitying like a bird with broken wings. When I first arrived in the basement, there was a pleasant coolness in the air, but at the moment I looked like thorns all over my body. I lit a cigarette and vomited the smoke far and wide. If it weren’t for Zhao Yuejing to call 110 to the police, maybe we still don’t know that Zhao Haisheng is lying in the freezer in the hospital morgue.


Before he finished smoking the cigarette in his hand, there were rapid footsteps behind him. I thought Xiao Sun or Yuan Youcheng were back, and turned my head to see that it was Officer Zhao. When I set off on the Riyue Building construction site, I called him and told him that Zhao Haisheng’s daughter was coming soon. If he could come here, he said he would go to the place first.

I took a few steps, squeezed out a smile and said, “Officer Zhao, hello, haven’t you had lunch yet?”

He walked over and said, “It’s still early for lunch. She… Has Zhao Yuejing arrived?”

I nodded and said, “It’s already here, she’s inside.”

On the Riyue Building site last night, he said he didn’t smoke, but today he has a cigarette in his hand. The smoke is still long, so he should have lit it after he got out of the elevator. Today he did not wear a big cap. There is a circle of marks on his hair that was pressed by the big cap. Two dark circles are like two black fungus soaked in water. The leather shoes are covered with white dust. If you take off your police uniform , Similar to the migrant workers on the construction site.

Officer Zhao stopped first. He looked at the morgue and said, “My wife belongs to a real estate company, so I also know some things on the construction site. Although Zhao Haisheng was in a traffic accident, you guys on the construction site, and…”

I froze for a while, and stepped closer to him and said: “Officer Zhao, Zhao Haisheng is sure that it was a traffic accident, right?”

Officer Zhao nodded and said, “Yes. After leaving the Riyue Building site last night, we went to the East Railway Station and just returned to the police station. We received an order again. Someone died in a traffic accident in the Third City Hospital and the perpetrators have already Escape. When I arrived at the hospital, I saw your company’s logo on his work clothes, so I assumed that the deceased was Zhao Haisheng, who was lost on your construction site.”

“The perpetrator ran away?” I flicked the soot and asked, “Officer Zhao, where did Zhao Haisheng’s traffic accident happen? When did it happen? I thought the driver was under your control last night.”

Officer Zhao said: “The accident happened at the gate of the postal savings office on Zhijiang Road, about two kilometers away from your construction site. In the morning we have checked the surveillance of the savings office and on the road. At 4:10 yesterday afternoon, Zhao Haisheng was at the postal savings office. He sent money to two people, 1,000 yuan each. One was his daughter Zhao Yuejing who went to university in Shanghai, and the other was a person named Zhao in Xiyanghong Nursing Home in Qingchuan, Sichuan. He sent the money from the savings office. It was about 4:30 when he came out. When he was crossing the sidewalk, he was hit by a Wuling van. After rolling several laps, he stopped on the grass on the side of the road, but the van didn’t even stop. Drove away.”

I frowned and said, “Officer Zhao, has the crashed car been found?”

“I haven’t found it yet.” He took another cigarette and said, “From the monitoring point of view, this is a white minivan without a license plate. The French net is strong and negligible. There is no way to escape, but it takes time to track down. And this time is full of uncertainty, so… this accident is still more troublesome. If it weren’t for the driver to escape, the accident would have to be handed over to the traffic police.”

There was another knot in my heart. Last night we rushed to the Third City Hospital. When Xiao Sun and Yuan Youcheng followed Officer Zhao to the morgue to identify Zhao Haisheng, I pulled Wu Deming into the bathroom and quietly told him that Zhao Haisheng was not in a traffic accident on his way to and from get off work, so I couldn’t ignore it. For the same work injury, the company does not need to bear financial liability for compensation. Wu Deming said repeatedly, God bless, God bless. I shook my hand to him and said, be lighter.

We returned from the hospital to the Riyue Building site, and the sun rose from the east on time. The cross arms of the long tower crane float over the building through the rays of sunlight. I asked Yuan Youcheng to call a plumber, and the three quietly went to Zhao Haisheng’s dormitory. The dormitory area for migrant workers is located on the north side of the construction site and is also a two-story movable house built with color steel plates. When it was first built, the color steel plate was light blue, but now it has been dyed gray-black by dust.

Zhao Haisheng’s dormitory is on the first floor. Other migrant workers have already moved out, the dormitory is messy, and a fluorescent lamp is still on. There is a light blue pillow on his bed. Three pairs of shoes are neatly arranged under the bed, a pair of white sponge slippers, a pair of black leather shoes, and a pair of grass-green Jiefang shoes; there is also a brown leather suitcase and a pair of shoes inside. cardboard box. This is all Zhao Haisheng’s possessions.

I said to Yuan Youcheng: “After Zhao Haisheng’s family members arrive, we will ask them to sort out his belongings.”

Yuan Youcheng said: “Okay.”

I said, “Wait a minute you lock the door of this dormitory and don’t let anyone in.”

Yuan Youcheng sighed and said, “Okay.”

Leaving Zhao Haisheng’s dormitory, I went to Wu Deming’s office. Wu Deming is not in the office. I closed the door, pressed the lock, and then called the boss. The boss asked me if the people from Anke should go to the construction site. I said no, it’s not a safety accident. The construction site will not be suspended for rectification. It is enough to pay humanitarian money. But the driver who caused the accident ran away. If Zhao Haisheng’s family members make trouble in our company after they arrive in Hangzhou, they are arguing and asking for prices, wouldn’t it be sorrowful.


Officer Zhao saw the blood stain on the back of my hand and said in surprise, “Mr Fang, what’s wrong with your hand?”

I looked at the back of my hand and said, “It’s okay, Zhao Yuejing bit it.”

Officer Zhao shook his head, and asked, “Is that little grandson here? His handwriting is beautiful.”

The printer on the Riyue Building site broke down. Last night, Xiao Sun wrote a “Explanation on the Loss of Contact with Zhao Haisheng, a migrant worker from the Riyue Building.” Officer Zhao was thinking of Xiao Sun’s words, and he must be a calligraphy lover.

I said: “Xiao Sun bought me band-aids. He graduated from law and won the third prize in calligraphy. He has been working in our company for almost three years.”

Officer Zhao said: “Law? Work at a construction company? This Xiao Sun is well written, and he is quite brilliant.”

Speaking of Cao Cao, Cao Cao was here, and Xiao Sun came back hurriedly with band-aids. He saw Officer Zhao also at the door of the morgue, smiled at him, and handed me the band-aid.

I took the band-aid and said, “Xiao Sun, when Yuan Youcheng comes back, let’s have some lunch with Officer Zhao.”

Officer Zhao patted Xiao Sun on the shoulder and said, “Xiao Sun, when the matter is over, I will ask you to learn calligraphy for your teacher.”

Xiao Sun said embarrassedly: “Officer Zhao, I write for fun, and…I…”

I took a look at Xiao Sun, threw the cigarette butt, and crookedly applied the band-aid. Perhaps it is a psychological effect, the pain on the back of the hand seems to be reduced a lot.

Officer Zhao bent down and threw the cigarette butt into the crack of the drain ditch. After standing up, he made a chest expansion posture. He pointed to the mortuary and said, “President Fang, I will go in and talk to Zhao Yuejing, and then take her. Go in and see her…dad.”

I nodded and said, “Well, let’s go in later.”

Officer Zhao had just entered, and Yuan Youcheng was back. He was bitten with his left hand, so he held the KFC family bucket with his right hand, and there was a bag of fruit on the bucket lid. KFC’s store was diagonally across from the hospital. It was a bit far in the past. The tip of his nose was burned red by the sun, and a large sweat mark appeared on the white T-shirt.

Yuan Youcheng handed the fruit and KFC to Xiao Sun, took out a pack of cigarettes and said, “President Fang, I saw a police car at the entrance of the hospital. Did the police officer Zhao also come?”

I pointed to the door of the morgue and said, “Yes, he just went in, your fingers… are you okay?”

Yuan Youcheng raised his fingers and said: “I’m a scout, what kind of injury is this. Fang Zong, Zhao Yuejing’s face is very similar to her father Zhao Haisheng. What’s wrong with your…hands?”

Xiao Sun said softly: “The hand of President Fang was also bitten by Zhao Yuejing.”

Yuan Youcheng frowned, glanced at the door of the morgue, and then sighed long.

I said solemnly: “The common people said that their daughter is like a father, and gold hits the wall. I didn’t expect Zhao Haisheng to have such a thing, and Police Officer Zhao just told me that the driver who caused the accident escaped.”

Yuan Youcheng said that this injury was nothing, but his action of holding the cigarette was obviously not as neat as last night. He tore open the cigarette case and said fiercely: “No wonder I didn’t see the driver in the hospital last night. Grandma’s, I found the driver and I interrupted his dog legs.”

I looked at Yuan Youcheng in surprise. His eyes were like swords, and the blue veins on his forehead burst, like a boxer preparing to fight on stage. Wu Deming said that Yuan Youcheng was less courageous than Zhima. Xiaosun might not have seen his aggressive appearance, so he was also puzzled, as if he heard a dumb speak suddenly.

My surprise was still on my brows, and Yuan Youcheng handed the cigarette to my eyes. I took the cigarette, and as soon as I took the lighter from my shirt pocket, Zhao Yuejing’s sad cry came out from the door.

I turned my head and looked at the morgue door, put the lighter back in my pocket and said, “Let’s go in and take a look.” As soon as the voice fell, a cry of mixed men and women came from the elevator entrance to the morgue. Their torrential cry was intercepted by the walls of the basement, and Zhao Yuejing’s lonely cry was overwhelmed by the desolate echo.

Xiao Sun twisted his mouth and said, “President Fang, another person… is here.”

Yuan Youcheng threw away the cigarette in his hand, grabbed me and said, “Mr. Fang, let’s lean aside and let them go in. The morgue is also not very peaceful.”

The chubby middle-aged woman in the commissary heard the cry and shook it out of the morgue. It is said that the morgue in the hospital is outsourced, and business comes to the door. Her mouth is wider than an egg.

Fearing to see the corpse on the hearse, I stepped aside and closed my eyes silently. When I came in just now, in the corridor of the inpatient building, I saw a pregnant woman lying on a stroller and hurriedly pushed to the obstetrics department. Perhaps at this moment in the maternity ward, a newborn who has just arrived in the world is also crying.


At 2:30, Yuan Youcheng and Xiao Sun accompanied Zhao Yuejing. I left the morgue and went to the traffic police brigade. Officer Zhao and I arranged to meet at the traffic police brigade at three o’clock. After the family members arrive, I will tell them about the accident happened to Zhao Haisheng, so I have to go to the traffic police brigade to find out the details of the accident.

Officer Zhao took me to the accident section on the second floor. A young traffic policeman first described the time and location of Zhao Haisheng’s traffic accident, which was consistent with what Police Officer Zhao told me. Then he told me that a bus driver called the 120 emergency center and the 120 ambulance arrived. Afterwards, the bus driver and several passengers carried Zhao Haisheng into an ambulance. The hospital opened a green channel to rescue Zhao Haisheng. However, due to injury to his head, the rescue failed and the hospital still owed medical expenses.

The young traffic police finally said to me: “The vehicle is unlicensed and unlicensed, and the traffic accident escaped. Even if the vehicle is insured, the insurance company refuses to compensate. From the monitoring, the perpetrator is a young man. Even if it is found, Whether it is able to compensate is also unknown. Our brigade encounters many similar cases every year.”

Officer Zhao and I came out of the traffic police team. The sun was already to the west. The sun was like countless silver needles piercing my face, and the shadow under my feet was folded by the steps. A police car flashed its lights and drove out of the gate, and the wheels picked up two rows of twisting dust. On the French plane on the side of the road, a Zhizhi was crying lonely.

When he arrived at the parking lot on the west side, Officer Zhao stood in front of the car and said to me: “President Fang, you can report to the boss, can the company… take out some money, and wait for the other family members to arrive, do the things in the funeral home first? Up.”

I said, “Officer Zhao, there should be no problem with this. I am worried that my family members will not find the perpetrator after they arrive, and come to our company to make noise. I don’t know when they will arrive in Hangzhou. Now I will go back to the hospital.”

Officer Zhao nodded and said: “We will come forward to coordinate this. Now I have to go home and rest for a while, and later I will send my daughter to hobby classes.”

I said: “Thanks for your hard work. Parents’ hard work is for the future of their children.”

Officer Zhao hesitated for a while and said: “If you have anything to contact, I will come by when the other family members arrive.”

I nodded and said, “I will call you if I have something.”

After Officer Zhao left, I opened the car door, turned on the car to turn on the air conditioner, went back outside the car, went to the shade of the tree and called Wu Deming, telling him that Zhao Haisheng was definitely killed in a traffic accident, but the perpetrator had already escaped. After Wu Deming yelled a bitch and said, Mr. Fang, I threw away the pot of green radish in the office. I was so stubborn that I was upset when I saw it. I want my grandson to buy a safe tree tomorrow.

After hanging up, I want to call the boss and report to him about the driver’s escape. But I pressed half of the number. What the boss wants is the result, not the process. Except for Zhao Yuejing, the other family members have not yet arrived. I don’t know what the situation is going on after the family arrived and what kind of request they will make. I have no choice but to take a step to see.

After the cross-peak traffic restriction was implemented in the downtown area of ​​Hangzhou, there was a wave of traffic going out of the restricted area before the evening peak. Just after four o’clock, Zhijiang Road was already very blocked, and the speed was less than twenty yards. The white clouds in the sky like a flock of sheep playing, constantly changing formations and running to my car. There are tall buildings on both sides of the road, slowly retreating like slow motion in a movie. At the intersection of Zhijiang Road and Huancheng East Road, a red light was encountered, and the car in front looked like a crooked river. I stepped on the brake lightly, put my hands on the steering wheel, and closed my eyes slightly.

Our company also participated in the bidding for the first phase of the Qianjiang New Town project. On the day of the site visit, Huanglong Sports Center was holding a concert of “The Same Song” in support of the 2008 Beijing Olympic bid. It was midsummer and the red sun was scorching, and there was still a large wasteland overgrown with weeds. The two people in the business department and I were sweating profusely. We searched for a long time with one foot high and one low before we found the location of the bid project on an abandoned pig farm. Architecture is the music of the city’s solidification. In the new movement of Qianjiang New City, countless migrant workers turn their blood and sweat into eternal notes, but in the end they have to embark on their way home and be abandoned by the city. After another traffic light, you will reach the gate of the Riyue Building site. If Zhao Haisheng did not die in a traffic accident, I would never know that there was a plumber named Zhao Haisheng who had sweated hard on the Riyue Building site.


Back at the Third City Hospital, I crammed my car in the parking lot north of the hospital. As soon as I got out of the car, I received a WeChat message from Xiao Sun on my cell phone: Mr. Fang, Zhao Yuejing and I are alumni and classmates from the same university.

I stood by the car door and replied to Xiao Sun: I am already in the parking lot, and I will get off immediately. At the end of the text, I also added a question mark and a surprised expression.

The sun traces the cow-back mountains to the west. The blood-colored clouds are in various poses, some are like a pile of concrete on a construction site, some are like two biting lions, and some are like a school of fish swimming in the water. A few grasses emerged from the cracks in the square tiles and were scorched by the sun. At this time, the number of people coming in and out of the inpatient department became scarce. In the flower bed to the right of the gate, two canna stamens, one high and one low, are like fire, relying on each other. I walked from the parking lot to the entrance of the inpatient department in only a few minutes, and saw two ambulances humming and driving into the gate of the hospital.

There was only Xiao Sun at the door of the morgue. He saw me passing, took a few steps quickly, then looked back inside the morgue, and said softly: “President Fang, Zhao Yuejing and I are alumni.”

I asked in confusion: “How did you know that she is your alumnus?”

Xiao Sun curled up his mouth and said: “Just now there was a roommate of Zhao Yuejing, Li Fang, and I had a few conversations with Li Fang, only to realize that we are all alumni. Zhao Yuejing is a clinical medicine major and is still in her freshman year this year.”

I said “Um”, patted Xiao Sun on the shoulder, and said with emotion: “Xiao Sun, where do you not meet in life, your alumni actually met in the morgue.”

Xiao Sun scratched his scalp and said: “I can’t think of Zhao Yuejing and I are actually alumni.”

I said: “Then you asked Zhao Yuejing, when will the other family members arrive?”

Xiao Sun said, “I asked, I will arrive at Hangzhou East Railway Station at nine o’clock tomorrow morning.”

I said, “Then you talk to Yuan Youcheng, they are unfamiliar with each other, and I want him to pick him up at the station tomorrow.”

Xiao Sun said: “Okay, I will talk to him.”

I turned my head and asked, “Yuan You are an adult, why didn’t I see him.”

Xiao Sun said: “He was on the phone just now and he was on the phone for a long time. After the phone call, he told me to go out. I don’t know where he went.”

I said: “Yesterday, Manager Wu told me that if Yuan Youcheng didn’t call Zhao Haisheng, there would be no accidents on the construction site, but this happened by accident. By the way, the day you came for the interview, the office director told me , You are a law major, and the construction company is not a law firm. You’re going to be shot. I saw that your cover letter was handwritten and the words were beautiful, so I wanted you to come and talk about it. Those who are going to the meeting have forgotten the time, so you come to work in our company, there are also accidental elements.”

Xiao Sun slowly lowered his head, his thumb kept turning, and his breathing became rapid.

I asked suspiciously, “Xiao Sun, what’s the matter with you? Are you feeling well?”

Xiao Sun raised his head and said hesitantly: “President Fang, thank you, I…I want…”

“What do you want?” Seeing Xiao Sun’s expression, I was a bit at a loss. “The boss told me that next year, I am going to ask you to go to work in the company’s security department.”

Xiao Sun raised his head and said softly: “President Fang, I…I am going to resign.”

“Huh?” I opened my mouth, almost unable to believe my ears, “You have done a good job in our company, why did you resign? Isn’t it… the salary is too low, or is there any other reason, this year’s salary? I’ll add it to you, boss, I’ll talk about it here.”

It is commonplace for employees in the company to resign, especially young people, who always look forward to the spring poems and distant places. A few days ago, I heard on the Voice of Traffic Radio in the car that more than 70% of college students now quit within three years. But Xiao Sun’s resignation was beyond my expectation. His annual salary last year was 80,000, and this year I plan to increase him to 120,000. Except for not paying the housing provident fund, his salary is no longer lower than that of ordinary civil servants.

Xiao Sun shook his head slightly and said, “President Fang, it’s not the reason for the salary.”

I tilted my head and asked: “Then why are you resigning?”

Xiao Sun looked at me and said, “President Fang, I have already obtained the lawyer qualification certificate. I originally wanted to wait for Zhao Haisheng’s affairs to be dealt with before I talk to you…”

I interrupted him: “You… are going to be a lawyer?”

Xiao Sun nodded and said, “Go and be an assistant first, step by step. On the first day of college, I had a dream. After graduation, I will be a lawyer. So I did not resign for salary, but for my original intention. Mr. Fang, I really want to thank you. I have learned, met, and experienced more in my company for three years than four years in university. The society is the real university. What I didn’t expect was that I wanted When I left the company, I witnessed a life and death separation on the Riyue Building site.”

I looked at Xiao Sun’s baby face and thought of my original intention. It was the first night I went to study plumbing. I slept in a shed enclosed by moso bamboo sheets. Mosquitoes swarmed and the bed was wet with sweat. At midnight, I touched it out of the shed. The stars are speechless, and loneliness surrounds me like moonlight. An idea suddenly popped into my mind: writing a novel. Although the original intention of literature failed to bear fruit in the end, from an apprentice of a plumber to the position of general manager, words are the sail of my destiny boat. Twenty-five years ago, an electric shock occurred on the construction site. I wrote down the time, place, cause analysis, and measures taken in an orderly manner. I also proposed to learn from the system and work hard on the system and management. At the end of the suggestion, I also used an idiom “It’s not too late to make up for the dead.” The boss discovered that I was a “talent” and came to the construction site to find me at noon the next day. He asked me to be the company’s office director, then the vice president, and then the general manager.

“President Fang, where are we going to have dinner?” I don’t know when, Yuan Youcheng is already standing on my right. His hair was sloppy, like a mess of grass stepped on by a horse’s hoof, and his eyes looked like a debt collector.

I turned my head and looked at the morgue and said, “I’m not going to eat with you anymore. I’ll go home and take a bath and change clothes. I just received a text message that there is a package in the hive of the community. I have not bought anything online. , I don’t know what it is. Zhao Haisheng’s other family members are going to Hangzhou tomorrow morning. You can pick them up at the East Railway Station.”

Yuan Youcheng nodded and said sadly: “Okay, I will pick it up. Being a human being is really a dream. At noon yesterday, Zhao Haisheng smiled at me alive, but now he is lying in the morgue.”

Xiao Sun also looked at the morgue and said softly: “Maybe every day is the end of life.”

I sighed and said, “You can go in and take them to dinner later.”

After they went in, they sent a WeChat message to the boss that their family members would go to Hangzhou tomorrow morning, and then told their wife to go home for dinner, and then left the morgue. When I walked to the elevator entrance, Wu Deming called and said that he would invite Party A’s engineering manager to have dinner in Qiantang Fishing Village and asked if I would go. I said people are very tired, so I won’t go to eat, and Zhao Haisheng’s family will arrive tomorrow morning. I also told Wu Deming that Xiao Sun and Zhao Haisheng’s daughter, Zhao Yuejing, are alumni of the same university, and that the progress payment of 30 million yuan will be checked.

I drove out of the hospital door, the hour hand was already above 5 o’clock. The East Ring Road is already very blocked. Calculated based on time, Zhao Haisheng was probably sent to the hospital at this time yesterday. The Postal Savings Office is on the west side of the Riyue Building, and the Third City Hospital is on the east side of the Riyue Building. Ambulances must pass through Huancheng East Road at the entrance of the construction site. There must be migrant workers on the construction site who heard the call of the ambulance. But no one would have thought that lying in the ambulance was Zhao Haisheng, a plumber on the construction site.


When I came out of the underground garage ramp in the community, the lawn lamp had already illuminated the grassy face. The roadside was full of colorful cars. A few aunts who walked the dog were in the company of the dog, and they were joking. The one on the branch sings and sings, the voice is as harsh as yesterday. My legs are sinking as if they are filled with concrete. Last night I received a call from Wu Deming at 23:00, and it was 19:00 when I returned to the community today. It was only 20 hours apart, but for these 20 hours, I felt like I was walking through A winding black hole is longer than a year.

Entering the unit door, the elevator just went up, I stood at the elevator entrance and waited for the elevator. The middle-aged man who lives on the same floor on the sixth floor also came in. I have lived in this community for more than 6 years. I don’t know the name of this neighbor, or where he works. I nodded mechanically when I met, like a stranger I met on the street. After a while, the elevator came down. The elevator door just opened, and I received three WeChat messages on my mobile phone. The middle-aged man glanced at the phone in my hand and walked in first. He stood on the right side of the elevator and held down the button. I wanted to check WeChat before going up, but when I saw him waiting for me, I immediately walked into the elevator. There is no signal in the elevator. The boss and wife have already returned to WeChat. I don’t know who sent these three WeChat messages.

When the elevator reached the sixth floor, I got out of the elevator first. The middle-aged man closed the door immediately after entering the house. I stood at the elevator door and opened WeChat casually. WeChat was sent by Xiao Sun on the “Xun” WeChat group. After this group was established, there was originally only one WeChat posted by Xiao Sun last night: Zhao Haisheng was at the Third City Hospital, and everyone immediately went to the Third City Hospital to meet. Now he has posted three more in a row:

The first one, at 12:05 noon yesterday: My work won the second prize, with a bonus of 1,000 yuan. The day after tomorrow is Father’s Day, and I want to give dad a surprise. Dad asked me what gift was sent to him on Father’s Day. I said, keep it confidential, and I’ll know once I receive it. Dad said that he didn’t know the address of the new construction site, and I asked him to ask, and at 5 o’clock, I would call him again. Dad has paid his salary, and the living expenses will be remitted to me today. Thank you Dad! (A picture of a hug)

The second one, at 22:28 last night: I’m so scared, will there be any accidents with dad? I want to call the police, call the 110 in Hangzhou, the name of the site, my father told me, Qianjiang New City Riyue Building. Li Fang said, go to the security office to call the police. Dad, don’t scare me, my heart will break! ! !

The third one, at 8:31 today: The sky fell and crushed me to pieces. Dad, what’s the matter with you, is something really wrong with you? I do not believe! Dad, I’m here, you have to wait for me! !

These three WeChat messages should have been posted by Zhao Yuejing on the circle of friends. Xiao Sun and Zhao Yuejing must have added WeChat friends. After Xiao Sun saw them, he forwarded these messages to the “Xun” WeChat group. Several mysteries in my heart were also solved. Yesterday at noon, Zhao Yuejing called Zhao Haisheng to ask for the address of the construction site, in order to send a gift to her father on Father’s Day; when Yuan Youcheng met Zhao Haisheng, Zhao Haisheng smiled because he was pretending to be a surprise from his daughter; Zhao Haisheng would rather pay 2 yuan less per hour. , Demanded that his salary be paid monthly because he wanted to send money to his college daughter Zhao Yuejing and his family on a monthly basis; after the salary was paid, he only bought two vegetables and one soup in the cafeteria, perhaps to buy a pair for his daughter Nike shoes of the same brand as my son…

The sound of the elevator going up and down flows through my ears. After staying in silence for a while, I withdrew from the “Xun” WeChat group and sent a WeChat message to Xiao Sun, so that the food in the evening would be better. After sending out WeChat, I only remembered the traffic jam in the evening rush hour. After climbing on the road for almost two hours, they might have had dinner. Zhao Yuejing will definitely not live in a hotel. After dinner, I will contact Xiao Sun again.

When I walked to the door, I saw a faint light from the crack in the door, and I had never seen this faint light before. My bones are all loosened, and my wife must have cooked the food and is waiting for me.

I inserted my phone into my shirt pocket, only to find out that I was rushing out last night and forgot to take the key. At the same time, I also remembered that the package in the hive had not been taken. I shook my head, took out my phone, and sent a request to my wife to open the door, adding a hug expression to my wife for the first time.


At six o’clock the next morning, my wife was still asleep in bed, and I left home. My guess is not wrong. Zhao Yuejing and Li Fang went back to the mortuary of the Third City Hospital after having dinner yesterday. They spent the whole night lying on the chairs in the small hall of the morgue. Before ten o’clock, Xiaosun and Yuan Youcheng accompanied them. After ten o’clock, Xiao Sun went to the hotel to rest first. At two o’clock in the middle of the night, Xiao Sun replaced Yuan Youcheng and let Yuan Youcheng go to sleep for a while. Xiao Sun also sent a message on the circle of friends: I don’t understand the darkness of night during the day.

Early exploration in the morning, the road is relatively smooth. When they came to the West Lake on Beishan Road, the sanitation workers in orange vests were still busy. The plane trees on both sides guarded each other across the road, and the intimate branches and leaves were like a long green dragon hovering in the air. I slowed down and lowered the windows. The West Lake slowly rotates like a huge mirror, and the green lotus leaves on the mirror are dancing and the pink lotus is slim. A refreshing breeze moved my hair. The silhouettes of several morning runners are flowing on the Baidi. The bridge hole of the broken bridge is connected with the shadow in the water, drawing a big eye.

Two years ago, on September 5th, the G20 Art Gala “The Most Memories is Hangzhou” astounded the world. The world’s first real-life landscape performance was set on the water surface in front of the West Lake Broken Bridge. Although Zhao Haisheng worked on a construction site in Hangzhou, he probably hadn’t even been to Baidi. And if he leaves the construction site one minute early or one minute late to send money, he might escape the disaster. Many stories of life and death, success and failure in the world are controlled by fate. Our boss is one year younger than me. In his third year of studying masons, one day he received a telegram from his father who was seriously ill, and he rushed back to Zhuji by train overnight. After climbing on the train, he grabbed a seat. An old man swayed through the passage. Seeing that this old man was about the same age as his father, the boss felt compassionate and gave up his seat to the old man. After sitting down, the old man smiled and handed the boss a business card. The boss took a look at his business card and found out that the old man was the director of infrastructure construction at a famous university in Hangzhou.

According to the positioning sent to me by Xiao Sun, I quickly found the Rujia Hotel where they stayed. I parked the car and sent a WeChat message to Xiao Sun, telling him that I was there. This is a small three-story building facing south. The beige paint on the outer wall has faded and the windows are small. It should be an old building built in the 1980s. Xiao Sun quickly returned to WeChat and said that they were all in room 313. Zhao Yuejing’s sweatshirt was soaked with tears. Li Fang persuaded Zhao Yuejing to come to the hotel to change her clothes, and then go to the funeral home to accompany her father. They were about to return to the morgue. .

I climbed to the third floor and saw Yuan Youcheng smoking in the window at the other end of the corridor. I walked over without asking him. An aunt-level waiter passed me by, she said without expression, and I nodded to her mechanically. The doors of the rooms were mostly closed, and there were clusters of paint mold on the walls on both sides of the corridor. A cloud of sunlight crawled in through the window, and the white floor tiles near the window appeared like fish scales.

Yuan Youcheng faced the window, wondering whether he was looking up at the sky or the earth. I walked behind him, called him, and he turned around. He was still wearing that white Nike T-shirt, with a layer of grout on his face, and his naturally curly hair curled into a bird’s nest.

I asked: “Have you had breakfast?”

Yuan Youcheng nodded and said, “Mr. Fang, I have eaten. Xiao Sun said that you are here and asked Zhao Yuejing and Li Fang to wait for you in the room. Xiao Sun is also in the room.”

I said: “I know, Xiao Sun sent me WeChat. Do you have the contact information of Zhao Haisheng’s family? You will pick them up later. The East Railway Station is so big and the road is like a maze. I will pick up my son. Go around a few times. If you don’t have a phone, it’s hard to find them.”

Yuan Youcheng handed me a cigarette, then took my hand and walked to the rest platform on the second floor.

He looked at the top of the stairs and said softly: “President Fang, I have just contacted my family, and a man answered the phone. He said coldly, don’t let us go to the station to pick you up, don’t rent a hotel, and don’t join us. They will arrange meals themselves, and when they find us, he will contact us. I am about to call you, do you want to pick them up?”

I said, “Well, they arrived at the station at half past nine, right?”

Yuan Youcheng said, “Yes, they arrived at the station at half past nine.”

I lit the cigarette he gave me, put one hand on the railing of the stairs, and said, “It’s still early. At eight o’clock, you will contact them again and say that you have picked them up in the past. If the family members still have this attitude, Then do what they want, no need to pick it up.”

Yuan Youcheng shook his head and said, “Okay. Fang, do they not believe us?”

I nodded and said: “Think about it. Zhao Haisheng, a living person, was suddenly told that he was dead, and he was working on a construction site. We must also seek the truth. The family members tell you this to prove that there are experts in the family. People nowadays, who would believe who.”

Yuan Youcheng sighed and said, “Zhao Haisheng’s traffic accident was ironclad, and Officer Zhao was involved from beginning to end. When they arrived, they should ask Officer Zhao.”

I said: “Let’s not say, they will also ask. The biggest problem now is that the driver ran away.”

Yuan Youcheng gritted his teeth and said: “This kind of person will be condemned by God if his conscience is eaten by a dog.”

I reminded me: “If your family members ask you to pick them up and they ask you, you will say that it is a traffic accident and the police are dealing with it. Don’t say anything else. Talking too much will be counterproductive.”

Yuan Youcheng nodded and said, “Okay, then I will go to the room with you, and I will contact my family members later.”

At this moment, a pair of young men and women walked down the stairs holding hands. They saw Yuan Youcheng and I standing on the resting platform and quickly let go of their hands. Yuan Youcheng and I leaned aside. The girl was very young and looked like a middle school student. After walking across the resting platform, they were next to each other again.


313’s door is open. I walked in gently. The room is relatively small, with two narrow single beds very close together, and the TV on the table has not been turned on. Xiao Sun closed his eyes and took a nap on the chair. Zhao Yuejing sat on the bed near the window like a puppet. She changed into a beige undershirt, a pair of jeans, and the Nike shoes on her feet. The light gray curtains were half opened, and most of the lotus on it showed only half of his face. Xiaguang lay quietly on the white sheet through the gray glass. There was a rustling sound in the bathroom.

Yuan Youcheng stood at the door and said, “Little Sun, Mr. Fang is here.”

Xiao Sun immediately got up from the chair, looked at Zhao Yuejing and said, “Mr. Fang, come sit down.”

Zhao Yuejing also stood up slowly and said in a hoarse voice: “Mr Fang, hello.”

I nodded and said, “Hello, sit down, have you eaten breakfast?”

Zhao Yuejing sat down gently. She twisted the bed sheet with one hand, lowered her head and said, “I have eaten.”

I moved the direction of the chair, sat on the chair, and looked at Zhao Yuejing again. She was pale, with a wordless apology written in her eyes, unlike when she saw her in the morgue yesterday.

Xiao Sun walked to the door of the bathroom, knocked on the door and said, “Li Fang, have the clothes been washed? We are always here.”

Li Fang opened the door soon and came out. She wiped the bangs on her forehead with the back of her hand, smiled and said, “President Fang, hello, I came here so early.”

Li Fang wore a white dress, slender figure, long hair to waist, and half his head higher than Xiao Sun. She must have not slept well last night, her eyes were bloodshot. It was her idea to ask Zhao Yuejing to call the police at 110 the night before.

I smiled at her slightly and said, “Hello, I am afraid of traffic jams in the morning peak, so I came here earlier. Xiao Sun told me yesterday that you are alumni and you are also a clinical medicine major.”

Xiao Sun said: “President Fang, Li Fang is a freshman majoring in environmental design.”

I moved the chair back, and Li Fang walked past me on his side. She walked to the bed, then sat on the bed next to Zhao Yuejing, put her right hand on the back of Zhao Yuejing’s hand and said softly: “President Fang, our dormitory is not divided by department and major. Zhao Yuejing and I have hobbies. In the same way, we all love literature, so we picked it up in a dormitory. We are all members of the school’s life as song literature club, and Yue Jing is also the vice president.”

At this time Yuan Youcheng also walked in. He took a handful of Sun, and the two sat on the bed against the wall. The city entered the morning noise step by step, and the continuous noise on the road crawled from the ground to the window, flapping the dusty glass window. The breeze squeezed in through the window, stroking the lotus on the curtain.

I thought about it, and then the topic of Li Fang Literature Club said: “When I was young, I was also a literary youth, and I also contributed to the magazine. There was no Internet at that time, and the manuscripts were all sent as letters. Now you college students I rarely write letters. When we were young, letters were the only tool for contacting family and classmates.”

Li Fang looked at me, put his mouth against Zhao Yuejing’s ear, covered her mouth with her hand, and whispered. Zhao Yuejing shook her head, seeming to disagree with Li Fang, and pulled Li Fang’s skirt by hand.

As he said, he turned his head, and his voice rang: “Let Fang take a look, it’s nothing.”

Li Fang took the black laptop bag on the bedside table, opened the zipper, and took out the pink laptop.

She turned on the computer neatly, then walked to me, handed it to me and said: “President Fang, Zhao Yuejing participated in the National College Student Letter Contest and won the second prize. You can read this letter.”

I put the computer on the table. Li Fang smiled at me and backed quietly. She sat next to Zhao Yuejing and put her hand on the back of Zhao Yuejing’s hand again. Zhao Yuejing closed her eyes and gently put her head on Li Fang’s shoulder. Someone passed by the door jokingly. Xiao Sun got up from the bed, walked over and closed the door, and then sat back silently next to Yuan Youcheng.

The title of the letter is “The Story of Me and Dad”. As soon as I finished reading this long letter, Zhao Yuejing wept bitterly: “Dad, tomorrow is Father’s Day, you… will never receive my… gift again. Dad, I have already bought the gift. ……father.”

I got up from the chair and pretended to go to the bathroom, but I was actually going to wash my face because my eyes were already wet. At the door of the bathroom, I waved to Xiaosun and Yuan Youcheng and said, “Let’s take a look too.”

Walking into the bathroom, I closed the door, and after washing my face, I didn’t go out immediately. The basin faucet was not closed tightly, and a thin stream of water felt like weeping. The migrant workers on the construction site are the lowest group in the city. They are like humble dust on the construction site, floating under the sun and the moon, on the earth, in the wind and rain. Even if I had tens of millions of dreams, I would never have imagined that Zhao Haisheng, a plumber at the Riyue Building site, carried a heavy story like a mountain.

The first thing I could not think of was that Zhao Haisheng was not Zhao Yuejing’s biological father.

Zhao Haisheng and Zhao Yuejing are both from Qingchuan, Sichuan. On May 12, 2008, a ruthless earthquake swallowed the lives of Zhao Yuejing’s parents and her 8-year-old brother was separated from her by life and death. She became an orphan. Zhao Yuejing said in the letter that on the day she saw Zhao Haisheng for the first time, she had a band-aid on her chin, two pigtails, one high and the other low, her eyes trembled, like a frightened kitten. Just turned 10 years old, in the third grade of elementary school. After Zhao Haisheng brought Zhao Yuejing home, he loved her very much and treated her as his biological daughter. Yuan Youcheng said that Zhao Yuejing and Zhao Hai grew up very much. I don’t know if it is his psychological effect or they are really similar.

The second thing I did not think of was that Zhao Haisheng was once a well-deserved battle hero.

Zhao Haisheng was born in the winter of 1960. At the age of 19, he put on a military uniform to serve as a soldier. In the spring of the second year after arriving in the army, he participated in a self-defense counterattack against Vietnam. In a fierce battle, he was injured and made a third-class merit, so after being discharged from the army, he was taken care of and arranged to work in the county’s grain bureau. When he was injured in the battle, he lost his fertility and was not a complete man, so he has not been married. After he left the army, he folded the quilt squarely every morning to miss the comrades who died in the battle.

The third thing I didn’t think of was that Zhao Haisheng came out to work because Zhao Yuejing was admitted to the university.

In Zhao Yuejing’s award-winning letter, she said this:

Last September, I was admitted to the 211 University in Shanghai as I wish. You are a plumber in your unit, and your annual income is only 30,000 yuan, while my tuition and living expenses for going to Shanghai to go to university are at least 20,000 yuan. Grandpa suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes, and medical expenses for a year. Even if you don’t eat or drink, your salary will not make ends meet. Just when you were worried, a relative who worked on a construction site in Hangzhou returned to his hometown. You learned from him that working on a construction site in Hangzhou can earn eight or ninety thousand a year. On the same day, you germinated the idea of ​​quitting your job and going to Hangzhou construction site to work. At first I strongly disagree. I told you that I have learned that there are student loans in universities and work-study programs. I usually save a little, and five years will pass soon. But you said to me that people will always encounter a lot of hardships while they are alive, but the things that can be solved by oneself have to be solved by themselves. My body can still hold it. I will let your grandfather go to the nursing home in the town and you will feel at ease. Heart to go to college.

The night before I went to study in Shanghai, you must ask me to buy a pair of Nike shoes with you. After buying shoes and returning home, the moonlight is like silver and the autumn breeze is breezy. I took your hand, printed my thumb on your thumb, and said sincerely, Dad, we have agreed that after I graduate from college, you will not go to the construction site to work. Press your thumb firmly on my thumb, smile and say, okay. I looked up at the moon and said, Dad, the moon testifies. You nodded and said, the moon testified…


On the fourth day after Zhao Haisheng died in a traffic accident, he was going to the funeral home for cremation. Zhao Yuejing cried and demanded that Zhao Haisheng’s body be transported back to her hometown for burial, but police officer Zhao from the police station said that the state has regulations: if there is no special need, the dead body should be disposed of on the spot and nearby as soon as possible.

Wu Deming and Xiao Sun set off from the Riyue Building site and went directly to the funeral home. At 11 o’clock, Xiao Sun sent me a WeChat message: the formalities in the funeral home have been completed, and the cremation will begin at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. The bid for the Qianjiang Century City Asian Games Village project will be opened tomorrow morning. When the business manager and I set the bid price, it was almost 12 o’clock. I took a few bites of work meals in the office, and went to the boss’s office without even receiving the meal. I want to report the bid quotation to the boss, and then rush to the funeral home to send the plumber Zhao Haisheng the last time.

In the corridor, I called Wu Deming as I walked and asked him if Yuan Youcheng had gone to the funeral home. Wu Deming said angrily, and did not see the shadow, I knew Yuan Youcheng was not a man.

Hanging up the phone, I was also very upset. After reading Zhao Yuejing’s letter in Rujia Hotel that day, Yuan Youcheng quietly left. I thought he went to the East Railway Station to pick up his family members. I didn’t know until ten o’clock that the family members didn’t let Yuan Youcheng pick them up. After they got off the train, they called a Didi Express to the Qianjiang New City Police Station, and then went to the traffic police. , And went to the hospital to ask the doctor about the situation. Because the company has a bid for the Asian Games Village of Qianjiang Century City, I returned to the company in the afternoon to review the technical and credit beacons in the office. It was almost five o’clock when I received a WeChat message from Xiao Sun: Three family members arrived at Rujia Hotel. I immediately called Yuan Youcheng and asked him to go with his family. He said that he was in a hurry and couldn’t make it through. I called Wu Deming again and asked him to go with his family. The morning before yesterday, I went to the police station with Wu Deming and Xiao Sun to negotiate with family members, but Yuan Youcheng did not come. I called him this morning and told him that Zhao Haisheng was going to be cremated and asked him to go to the funeral home. He hesitated and didn’t know what medicine was sold in the gourd.

When I walked into the boss’s office, he was sitting in a chair and had just had lunch. His office is large, with a large desk, a large chair, and a large bookcase. The dinner plate on the desk is the same size as ours. His top hair has retired early, his sideburns are also in danger, and the age spots on his face are clearly visible. The ignorant boy who gave up his seat on the train has already put on his grandfather’s hat. With more money and less money, no one can escape the sword of time.

Because I was in a hurry to rush to the funeral home, I stood in front of the desk and told my boss briefly that the bid price set was close to our company’s cost price and could not be discounted.

The boss nodded slightly and asked me to close the door. After I closed the door, the boss told me that he would go to Zhuji in the afternoon and the land acquisition procedures for the industrialized construction base were almost complete. The boss also reminded me not to put false heads in the settlement of Riyue Building in the future. The leader who clicked the head three times during the bidding of Riyue Building could not get through.

I was stunned, nodded three times, and left the boss’s office. I don’t know if the boss remembers that Yuan Youcheng, who contracted Riyue Building’s hydropower installation business, is a relative of this leader.

On the way to work in the morning at the company, the sun rises east, and the morning light flows on my car like mercury. When I arrived at the funeral home in Hangzhou, a storm was about to move, and the sky above my head was occupied by a pile of dark clouds, even the air was gray. Maybe due to the time to noon, the gloomy funeral home is scarce with people and cars. This funeral home was built in the 1960s. The communication room is seamlessly connected to Xixi Road, and the north gate is directly opposite the south gate of Xixi Wetland. When Emperor Gaozong of Song Dynasty wanted to build a capital, he built a funeral home after a thousand years. The place name “left behind” remained, and Xixi Road widened. The emperor and generals have long been wiped out, but the reed flowers in summer are still white as snow.

I parked the car in the west parking lot and hurried to the business hall. The business hall is on the south side of the funeral home, and an arc ramp is required to go up from the parking lot. As soon as I reached the ramp, a police car drove into the gate of the funeral home. I felt that Officer Zhao might have come, so I stopped at the ramp. The wind whispered in my ears, and the pines and cypresses on both sides of the ramp stood still like green pagodas. On the lawn in the distance, several stone-carved cranes of various shapes waited for the storm nonchalantly.

It was Officer Zhao who jumped out of the police car. I waved to him and said, “Officer Zhao, hello!”

Officer Zhao walked quickly in front of me. He was wearing a gray undershirt, without a big brimmed hat, and the national emblem on his belt was particularly eye-catching. He might have just shaved his beard and looked more energetic.

As I handed the cigarette, I said, “Officer Zhao, you are here too. Xiao Sun said that after your police station issued the death certificate, you were not involved in the aftermath, so I didn’t call you.”

Because the wind is very fast, the lighter always doesn’t light up. He shook his hand and said, “Stop smoking. I… my surname is Zhao, so I came to see him off. Xiao Sun told me everything about Zhao Haisheng, but Zhao Yuejing was not Zhao Haisheng’s biological daughter. This Zhao Haisheng is a real man. ”

I said: “I was worried that my family members would make troubles unreasonably. I didn’t think they didn’t mess around and negotiated in half a day. There is also a policeman in the family. It seems that it is Zhao Haisheng’s cousin. Zhao Yuejing and his family members listen to him.”

Officer Zhao nodded and said, “He is the judicial policeman. After they arrived in Hangzhou, they ran around to understand Zhao Haisheng’s accident clearly. People who know the law will not make trouble. Your company is doing quite well. The family members paid 160,000 yuan. Now their family’s request is that we find the driver who caused the accident as soon as possible.”

Zhao Haisheng died in a traffic accident and cannot be regarded as a work injury. The boss agreed to give 150,000 yuan, which has broken the market situation in the construction industry, and I took out 10,000 yuan from the card and added it. The agreement states that humanitarian compensation is 160,000 yuan, but what is humanitarianism? I am at a loss.

I said: “The day they came to Hangzhou, they arrived at the hotel at five o’clock. I asked Manager Wu to come with them. Zhao Haisheng is a migrant worker in our company. It should be paid by the company. You have worked hard.”

Just after I finished speaking, Xiao Sun staggered off the ramp. He called Officer Zhao first, and then said out of breath: “President Fang, Zhao Haisheng has been pulled to the farewell hall, in the small farewell hall on the 2nd. I sent you a WeChat message, but you didn’t reply. Manager Wu called you. He didn’t answer, he was so anxious that his mouth was crooked.”

I touched my pocket and remembered that I received a harassing call for the first-level construction engineer exam training. The phone was on the dashboard. I hurriedly jumped out of the car just now, but the phone was not taken out.

I took out the car key from my trouser pocket and handed it to Xiao Sun. With a wry smile, I said, “Xiao Sun, put the phone on the dashboard. Go get it. I will go with Officer Zhao.”

Xiao Sun took the key and said, “Okay, you can go there first, I will come right away.”


Wu Deming stood on the right side of the farewell hall and smoked. He saw us passing by, took out two cigarettes and handed them to me. I took the cigarette and handed one to Officer Zhao. He took out the lighter and was about to light Officer Zhao when the phone in his pocket rang. He took out his cell phone and looked at it, then turned and ran to the corner of the corridor to answer the call.

No. 2 small farewell hall is the second one from south to north. A black ribbon is hung on the door frame, and a white paper flower is hung on each end of the ribbon. The wind was getting tighter, and the black ribbons and white paper flowers moved with the wind. The sorrowful cry and sorrow were squeezed out of the farewell hall, and the wind was carried away.

Xiao Sun came quickly, holding a mobile phone and car keys in one hand, and a few small white paper flowers in the other. After giving me the car key and mobile phone, he first put a small white flower on his chest, and then silently handed it to Wu Deming, with dark clouds covering his baby’s face.

I put the car key in my trouser pocket and waved to Xiao Sun and said, “Xiao Sun, give me one too.”

Xiao Sun handed me the little white flower and said softly: “President Fang, the miscellaneous stuff in the funeral home costs 7,000 yuan. Manager Wu has already paid it. He threw the invoice in the trash can.”

Wu Deming threw the invoice away, so the seven thousand yuan must be his own money. I tied the little white flowers and walked to him and said, “Manager Wu, I will tie them for you.”

Wu Deming threw away the cigarette in his hand, shook his hand and said, “President Fang, I will pierce it myself.”

I asked: “Manager Wu, did you contact Yuan Youcheng?”

Wu Deming curled his lips and said, “If you don’t have any contact, you can come if you want to, don’t come and pull it down.”

Xiao Sun said: “I told him, the cremation starts at one o’clock.”

“Mr. Fang, Mr. Fang, come here.” Officer Zhao waved to me after finishing the call.

I hurried over: “Officer Zhao, what’s the matter?”

Officer Zhao nodded vigorously and said: “President Fang, the station is calling. We have locked the position of the escaped driver. I will go back to the police station and set off immediately to arrest the suspect.”

I said: “Then you go, I will arrange it here.”

Officer Zhao raised his hand, waved vigorously, then turned around and ran from the corridor to the ramp in a police-standard running posture. His back was as tall and straight as the pine and cypress on the edge of the ramp. The dust in the corridors of the business hall was circled by the wind into a small mass, rotating and floating, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The area of ​​the small farewell hall is less than 20 square meters. The hearse is parked in the middle, there is no wreath around, and no portrait on the wall. Zhao Haisheng was covered with a red quilt, lying quietly on the hearse. Zhao Yuejing was wearing a white pleated skirt, and she couldn’t cry on Zhao Haisheng’s chest. Li Fang put his hands on Zhao Yuejing’s shoulders, and tears fell on the quilt. Zhao Haisheng’s family members from his Sichuan hometown only came to three people. Counting Zhao Yuejing, Li Fang, me, Wu Deming, and Xiaosun, there were only eight people inside and outside. Two wooden sculptures of the judicial policeman and another male figure are inserted on the right side of the hearse. A female family member leaned on the left side of the hearse and wept bitterly.

I pulled Wu Deming and said earnestly: “Manager Wu, let’s go in and say goodbye to him.”


Although the lights were on, the farewell hall was still very gloomy, the white floor tiles glowed with a icy cold light, and the air was trembling slightly. The floor tiles around the hearse have turned yellow, which must be traces of countless tears.

I lined up with Wu Deming and Xiao Sun and silently kowtowed Zhao Haisheng on the hearse. When I knocked my head for the third time, I heard Zhao Yuejing crying intermittently: “Dad, your beard is so long… you haven’t… shaved it. Dad, I bought you a razor… I want to send it. This is for you, but you will never receive it again…”

I opened my eyes and saw Zhao Yuejing gently touching Zhao Haisheng’s face with trembling hands. Li Fang wiped tears with facial tissues. The judicial policeman turned his back, touched his face with his hand, and shrugged his shoulders. The woman standing on the left side of the hearse amplified the cry, wailing like a wounded wolf.

From Zhao Yuejing’s intermittent sobbing, I found that the origin of the whole story is the razor. She bought Zhao Haisheng a razor with the prize money she got from the letter contest. In order to surprise her father, Zhao Yuejing did not tell him that the gift for Father’s Day was a razor. Perhaps at the moment before he was knocked into flight, he was guessing that his daughter would give him a Father’s Day gift, so the deep wrinkles on his face were filled with a happy smile.

Zhao Yuejing’s sobbing voice became smaller and smaller: “Dad, I…I want to shave you and let you go clean…”

Li Fang wiped away the tears, and immediately held on to Zhao Yuejing’s shoulder, sobbing and said, “The razor is in the dormitory…I didn’t bring it here. I bought this razor with you…”

Although Li Fang’s voice was very soft, it woke me up like a whip: Isn’t there a razor in my car?

I hurriedly took out the car key in my trouser pocket, pulled a tearful Xiao Sun and said, “Xiao Sun, there is a razor in my car. Get it. It’s in the co-pilot’s toolbox. ”

I brought this razor from the hive of the community yesterday morning. It was a Father’s Day gift from my son. I sent WeChat to my son: Thank you son. The son replied to WeChat: The razor is on sale on Father’s Day. All five students in our dormitory have bought it. The money will be reimbursed to you. A pattern that is unreasonable and strong is added below. When I put the razor in the co-pilot’s toolbox, I wondered about it randomly. Is the gift Zhao Yuejing sent to Zhao Haisheng on Father’s Day a piece of clothing? A pair of shoes? Is it also a razor?

Xiao Sun blinked his bright eyes, took the key and ran out, almost bumping into the funeral home staff who came in through the door. It is a middle-aged man. He walked into the farewell hall as calm as we walked into the construction site, and said calmly: “The time is coming, you hurry up.”

I took out a pack of soft Chinese cigarettes from my pocket, and quietly stuffed it to him: “Wait a little longer.”

The middle-aged man retreated behind me. Xiao Sun quickly brought the razor and handed it to me panting. This is a black three-head Philips razor with the label still on it. I pressed the button hard, and the shaver turned “swiss”.

I took a step forward and handed the rotating razor to Li Fang and said, “Li Fang, give it to her.”

Li Fang took the razor and immediately stuffed it to Zhao Yuejing. Zhao Yuejing was drowning in a sea of ​​sorrow, and may not have heard me telling Xiao Sun to get a razor. She raised her head and stared at the razor for a moment, but she reacted immediately. She grabbed the razor, held it tightly with both hands, and then tremblingly approached Zhao Haisheng’s face. At this time, the female family member stopped crying, and the sorrow and joy stopped. The farewell hall suddenly became quiet, only the sound of the razor “brushing” echoing.

I am usually afraid of seeing dead people, but today I don’t seem to feel any fear at all. I opened my eyes wide, and followed Zhao Yuejing’s moving hand. Yuan Youcheng said that Zhao Haisheng’s face was very dark, but at the moment it was gray, with no wrinkles visible, and he was calm, as if he was asleep. Because the body was pulled out of the freezer, Zhao Haisheng’s hair and beard were covered with a layer of white ice, so after the razor in Zhao Yuejing’s hand was turned on Zhao Haisheng’s chin for a few times, the beard was only crushed. , Can’t shave at all.

The judicial police stepped forward, pulled Zhao Yuejing’s shoulders, and lowered his head and said, “Yuejing, the beard on the ice is stuck together. It is very hard and cannot be shaved.”

Zhao Yuejing quickly put the razor on the hearse, then folded her small hands together and rubbed her back and forth on Zhao Haisheng’s chin. After a dozen strokes, she switched the upper hand to the bottom, rubbed it a dozen times, and then picked up the razor, but Zhao Haisheng’s beard still couldn’t be shaved.

Zhao Yuejing put down the razor again, lowered her head, and pressed her face tightly to Zhao Haisheng’s chin, trying to use the temperature of her face to melt the ice on Zhao Haisheng’s beard. She closed her eyes, sobbed and cried: “Dad, we made an appointment… You will go back after I graduate. You lie to me, you… Don’t trust me, you… You… I… Don’t let it You come to work, you…but you want to come…”

My tears crawled to the chin quietly. These two faces are not related by blood, but they are filled with the love of father and daughter; after ten years of being with each other, they will be separated from yin and yang. The five-year agreement between their father and daughter was also torn by ruthless fate, and Zhao Haisheng’s father, who was thousands of miles away, could no longer receive his son’s remittance.

The middle-aged man in the funeral home didn’t know when he left. He came back with a steaming towel. The judicial police saluted him, took the towel, quickly folded the towel into a small rectangular square, and handed it to Zhao Yuejing and said, “Yuejing, warm it with a hot towel.”

The beard veiled by the hot towel immediately softened. Although Zhao Yuejing was trembling, her hand holding the razor was dangling, and the angle and direction were not accurate, but she quickly shaved Zhao Haisheng’s beard. After gently wiping Zhao Haisheng’s face and neck with a towel, she lay down on Zhao Haisheng’s chest again, and sobbed feebly: “Dad… open your eyes… take another look at your daughter, father… ”

The middle-aged man in the funeral home must have been infected by the scene before him. He walked to the back of the hearse, patted Zhao Yuejing on the shoulder and said kindly: “The time is up, I’m going to pull it over. I’m already waiting there.”

After finishing speaking, the middle-aged man walked around in front of the hearse and set up a posture to pull the hearse. Li Fang and the judicial police were the closest to Zhao Yuejing. They put Zhao Yuejing up to the wall of the farewell hall. The female family stomped and cried. Wu Deming took out a few cigarettes from the cigarette case and threw them on the hearse. My eyes are blurred, and the red quilt is burning like a ball of flame in the small farewell hall.

There is a passage behind the small farewell hall, which leads directly to the cremation room. The middle-aged man in the funeral home skillfully turned the hearse away. As soon as he pulled the hearse to the entrance of the passage, Zhao Yuejing suddenly broke free from the hands of Li Fang and the judicial police, like a leopard rushing towards the hearse. She was lying on the ground, tightly pulling on the railing of the hearse with both hands. The middle-aged man did not let go of the hearse, which dragged Zhao Yuejing around a 90-degree turn and hit the wall with a “bang”. Zhao Haisheng’s body swayed from side to side on the hearse, and then quietly settled on the hearse. The razor on the hearse fell off, and after a few turns, it rolled under Li Fang’s feet.

I hurriedly stepped forward to pull Zhao Yuejing, but her hand seemed to be glued to the railing. The judicial police, Xiao Sun, and I were the three of us, and we dragged Zhao Yuejing up from the ground. She kicked her legs desperately, and all the Nike shoes on her feet fell.

Zhao Yuejing’s whole body was limp, her lips were also bitten, and blood dripped on the white skirt, like plum blossoms in the snow. She exhausted her last strength and shouted: “Dad…please…don’t leave your daughter…dad…dad…you didn’t leave me a word…”

The hearse was quickly pulled away. The female family staggered to the front of Zhao Yuejing, hugging her shoulders and crying: “Yuejing…Your life is so bitter…Neither dad wants you…”

Zhao Yuejing was carried by the judicial police in the waiting area of ​​the cremation room. Li Fang picked up the shoes and the razor, looked at me, and hurriedly followed with a few family members, followed by Xiao Sun. Only me and Wu Deming are left in the farewell hall. The air seemed to freeze, and the ground under my feet seemed to have been emptied. I fell into a world of nothingness. Zhao Haisheng’s calm face appeared in front of me like a stalwart Riyue Building, and my body became smaller and smaller. …

Wu Deming handed me a cigarette and said sadly: “President Fang, the 30 million progress payment is about to be delayed until next month. To be the project manager of Riyue Building, I am going to retire to my hometown in Zhuji.”


The summer rain comes quickly and goes quickly. When Wu Deming and I came out of the farewell hall when we were young, we learned that a torrential rain had washed the funeral home and the air in the corridor was wet. The dark clouds in the sky have retreated, and a few light gray clouds spit out golden circles. On the green hills behind the funeral home, there was a rainbow that seemed like nothing. The grass under my eyes was baptized by the storm and glowed green.

The cremation room is on the east side of the small farewell hall, cross the corridor of the small farewell hall, turn left, and climb a small ramp. There is a wooden structure with blue tiles and red pillars on the left side of the ramp. Wu Deming and I walked into the hexagonal pavilion and sat face to face on the red wooden benches and smoked. I plan to wait for Zhao Yuejing and her family members to go up after smoking. There is a spherical sweet-scented osmanthus tree on the right of the hexagonal pavilion, and the green leaves are covered with crystal rain. The breeze blew, and the raindrops in front had not fallen to the ground, but the raindrops at the back chased them down like silent teardrops.

Before smoking a cigarette, Xiao Sun ran down the ramp. He stood in front of the pavilion and said, “President Fang, Yuan Youcheng is here. He is at the door of the business hall. I will pick him up.”

I nodded and said, “Okay, you go, we will wait for him here.”

Wu Deming owed his waist and said disdainfully: “I thought he was also missing.”

I was afraid that Wu Deming and Yuan Youcheng would quarrel, so I vaccinated him, patted him on the shoulder, and said, “It’s fine if you come. Don’t talk about him later, maybe he is really ill.”

Wu Deming said: “I’m too lazy to talk about him, the drama is almost finished, so what else can I say.”

I nodded and said, “Yes, the song will end soon and the dust will settle.”

Just after I finished speaking, an unexpected scene appeared. Xiao Sun helped Yuan Youcheng walked over the corridor of the farewell hall since he was a child. He wrapped his head with gauze, and when he took a step, he swayed from side to side, like a wounded soldier coming down on the battlefield.

Yuan Youcheng came to the funeral home like this, which Wu Deming and I never expected. Wu Deming stood up and looked at Yuan Youcheng unblinking as if he had seen a monster. The cigarette in his hand also fell to the ground.

I quickly stood up and asked suspiciously: “Yuan Youcheng, what’s the matter with you…?”

Xiao Sun helped Yuan Youcheng walk into the pavilion, Yuan Youcheng straightened his right leg and slowly sat on the bench. I sat to his right and asked him again: “Yuan Youcheng, what’s the matter with you?”

Yuan Youcheng smiled at me, took the LV bag in Xiaosun’s hand, unzipped it, took out two envelopes, and handed it to me, “President Fang, there is Zhao Haisheng’s salary in one envelope, and another construction site last year. The money owed to him, I will return.”

Although Yuan Youcheng’s head was covered with gauze, he could see that he had shaved his head. The injury on his leg was not light, and when he stepped up the steps of the hexagonal pavilion, I saw him frown, with a painful expression on his face.

I took the envelope and handed it to Xiaosun: “Yuan Youcheng, don’t come here like this. We can advance the money. If you have an accident, you won’t call us to talk.”

Xiao Sun took the envelope and said softly: “President Fang, when he went to ask for money, he fought with them.”

Yuan Youcheng looked at Xiao Sun, shook his head, smiled bitterly, and said, “President Fang, as long as I can walk, I must come over. I won’t fight for ten years, and my hands and feet are rusty. If I change to ten years ago, don’t Say three people, even if there are more, I will beat them all down.”

After lighting a cigarette, Yuan Youcheng told us how he wanted to return Zhao Haisheng’s salary.

After reading Zhao Yuejing’s letter and leaving Home Inn that day, he found the plumber who introduced Zhao Haisheng to work at the Riyue Building site and asked about the site where Zhao Haisheng worked last year. The next morning, he found Zhao Haisheng’s boss last year on the construction site, but the boss said that there was no such person as Zhao Haisheng on their construction site. He quarreled with his boss, and two people in the next office heard the boss arguing, so they rushed in and caught him. The boss picked up the teacup on the desk and slammed it on his head. He had been a scout, learned how to grab and counter-grip, so he broke free of their hands, jumped over the chair, and grabbed the boss’s neck. Unexpectedly, one of the other people picked up the chair and smashed it on his thigh, but he still did not let go…

Wu Deming stepped closer to Yuan Youcheng and said loudly: “Yuan Youcheng, you want to call me, I will go to fight with you, who is afraid of whom, it is a big deal to come to the funeral home and reincarnate earlier.”

Yuan Youcheng said helplessly: “Mr. Wu, in fact, I don’t want to fight. Ten years ago, when I came back as a soldier and couldn’t find a job, I would fight when something uncomfortable happened. My girlfriend told me, you promise not to fight again. I just married you after a fight. But… Zhao Haisheng is a plumber under me and cannot be bullied by outsiders, and we all wear military uniforms and have been robbed. We are… comrades in arms, so I have to fight this fight. ”

Wu Deming gave a thumbs up and said, “Yuan Youcheng, you look like a man.”

Yuan Youcheng smiled slightly and said, “All of those sitting here are men.”

I lightly patted Yuan Youcheng on the shoulder and said, “Wait a minute, we will go up together. You can give them the money. Zhao Haisheng is also a man. Police Officer Zhao told me just now that he is a real man.”

Xiao Sun returned the two envelopes to Yuan Youcheng and said, “Yes, you should give them yourself, they are very heavy.”

There was a cry in the waiting area of ​​the cremation room. I looked up at the cremation room. Now the cremation furnace in the funeral home is green and environmentally advanced equipment, and the chimney is only two or three meters high. After the second combustion of the smoke produced by the cremation furnace, most of the air discharged into the air is water vapor, so during the cremation, there is almost no black smoke, only a faint smoke floating. The smoke was very light, and slowly spread out after spitting out the chimney, following the direction of the wind, disappearing into the vast sky.


When the cremation was about to end, the migrant workers on the Riyue Building site arrived.

The migrant workers from the hydropower team came first, followed by the migrant workers from the woodworking team. The mason team, paint team, door and window team, and other migrant workers from each team have gathered at the door of the cremation room one after another. Xiao Sun made some statistics, and there were more than 70 in total, all of which came over spontaneously. The story of Zhao Haisheng, a plumber, is like the sun in the dust illuminating the entire Riyue Building site.

Wu Deming strode to the top of the ramp, dancing his hands like a band conductor, and said loudly: “All on the ramp, half on the left, half on the right, line up, put on the helmets neatly, he will come out soon.”

More than 70 migrant workers lined up neatly on both sides of the ramp, wearing yellow helmets uniformly issued by the project department and light gray overalls customized by the company, like a group of soldiers welcoming their comrades.

Xiao Sun helped Yuan Youcheng stand under the ramp, and I slowly walked up the ramp. I don’t know any of the migrant workers on either side. Because they rushed over from the Riyue Building site in a hurry, they all have a common feature. The helmets, faces, hands, work clothes, and shoes are all covered with dust. The sun after the rain is extremely clean, and the bright light cuts the rows of buildings on both sides of the funeral parlor into patterns of various poses. The mountains behind were silent, and the rainbow had disappeared.

Wu Deming looked very serious, and said solemnly: “President Fang, after the Riyue Building is completed, I really want to go back to Zhuji and take my grandson.”

Xiao Sun is about to resign. After the completion of the Riyue Building, Wu Deming does not know whether he will really return to his hometown in Zhuji. After the Riyue Building is completed, will Yuan Youcheng still contract the hydropower installation business in our company? Many years later, when we each pass by Riyue Building, will we remember that there was once a plumber here called Zhao Haisheng?

Less than five minutes after the migrant workers lined up on the ramp, Zhao Yuejing came out holding the casket. Li Fang took the razor and followed Zhao Yuejing with the judicial police. A yellow silk scarf was wrapped around the urn. Zhao Yuejing’s face was pale, her hands were shaking violently, letting tears fall on the silk scarf. She saw the migrant workers on both sides of the ramp, not knowing what happened, and stopped blankly.

The judicial police went from behind Zhao Yuejing to the front, and asked me suspiciously: “President Fang, this…”

I walked to Zhao Yuejing’s side and said softly to her: “They are all migrant workers on the Riyue Building construction site. They just rushed over to see off your dad.”

The judicial police immediately closed their feet, straightened their waists, raised their right hand, and saluted the migrant workers on the ramp. I don’t know if there is a standard for the salute time, but his hand has been raised and not lowered.

At this time, Zhao Yuejing cried out. She pressed the urn tightly to her chest, crying as she shouted: “Dad…your coworker…has come to see you off, we…back…home…go.”

Li Fang and the female family members also cried sadly. The migrant workers on the ramp are motionless like two rows of pillars on the construction site. Xiao Sun was shooting with his mobile phone. Yuan Youcheng stood at the back of the migrant workers, unable to see that he was a man with a thigh injury. Several pedestrians passing by in front of the cremation chamber stopped, their eyes full of surprise.

Wu Deming suddenly shouted: “Zhao Haisheng, go all the way!”

As soon as the voice fell, the migrant workers on the ramp shouted: “Zhao Haisheng, go all the way!”

A silver plane passed over the funeral home, bringing the migrant workers’ affectionate and high-pitched shouts, and flew in the direction of Riyue Building.