White Umbrellas on July 15

  In the summer of 1998, I failed the college entrance examination. I had to go to a cram school for another year. The horrible thing was that my test scores that year were too sorry for the country’s training. I didn’t even have the tuition line for key high schools, so I had to go to the suburbs. Ordinary high school “learning”.
  I rented a bungalow near the school and it only takes 20 minutes to go to school by bike. The room is very small, with a bed and a writing desk. If I come back and put the motion sickness into the house, there is basically no room. Because it is a suburban area, there are frequent power outages here. Fortunately, the school requires evening self-study every day. You can also chat with other people when the power outages at night.
  On this day, the weather was very dull, and there seemed to be a lot of people in the evening self-study classroom, and there seemed to be many strangers. Our school management is not very strict. Some people bring their boy and girl friends together to “discuss and study”, so there are often people who don’t know are in the classroom.
  Why didn’t the few buddies who usually talk with me come here? I flipped through the book symbolically for a while, and then began to be in a daze. It’s weird, there seems to be no people talking in the study room today. If these guys had studied so hard, would they still have to come here and suffer another year?
  ”It’s so hot, it will definitely rain in the evening.” I found a girl who generally looked pretty pleasing to the eye. Oh? no response. Strangely, I have always been quite confident in my voice, and this beauty is too shameless.
  ”Hehe, I haven’t seen you before, are you from our school?” I sat opposite her, she still lowered her head, did not answer my words, quietly doing history exercises.
  ”Classmates, this era is wrong.” I took a pen and drew a hook on her problem set.
  ”Thank you.” She finally raised her head. Wow! What a beautiful girl. I finally saw her face clearly. It’s not too much to describe the beauty in front of me with any gorgeous words, thin lips, small nose, curved eyebrows, eyes…Although they are very beautiful, they seem to have It’s an indescribable feeling, but fortunately, this is perfect enough.
  I was looking at her in a daze, she seemed a little flustered, her hand shook, and the eraser fell to the ground. We went to pick up the rubber almost at the same time, and accidentally, I touched her hand and it was so cold. She withdrew her hand, and I put the eraser on the table, and I realized that the girl’s skin was very white, and I couldn’t even see any blood. Maybe it was due to the fluorescent lamp in the classroom. I didn’t think about it a lot and smiled at her Laugh, she finally repaid my efforts and gave me a faint smile.
  At this moment, I suddenly felt a biting chill behind me, and my pores opened up. I couldn’t help but glanced back. I found the source of the cold. A boy in the front row was looking at me. I will never forget his eyes, resentful and vicious, my chest seemed to be pressed by a huge rock. Even breathing is difficult.
  He stood up and walked over to me, but those creepy eyes kept watching me. I desperately tried to get rid of his eyes, but somehow, I couldn’t take my eyes away from his eyes with all my strength.
  ”She is mine!” He said this in a slow and feeble tone. I opened my mouth wide to say something, but I couldn’t hear what I said.
  ”Forget it, let him go.” The girl said lightly. The boy’s eyes finally left my line of sight, and suddenly I felt relieved, and I quickly left the table and took a few deep breaths beside it. I looked back at the girl, and she sighed softly.
  I sat at the end of the classroom and never dared to look up at the boy again. After reading a few comics, it was already past 11 o’clock, and some people left the study room one after another. There were not many hard-working students left. I noticed that the boy was gone, and the girl’s seat was empty. It is estimated that he has gone home. Up. Thinking of the scene just now, I couldn’t help muttering: “Damn it.” After
  packing up my things, I left the classroom with my bag and went downstairs. When I went to the carport to get motion sickness, I habitually said hello to the uncle who was watching the door. Strangely, the kind uncle who I usually see every day did not come today. I have never seen this one who helped me open the door. He pushed the car suspiciously, and got on the road after a few steps.
  It was already raining outside. I never brought an umbrella, so I took off my shirt and wrapped it around the handle of the bicycle. The cold rain was very comfortable on me. This evening was exceptionally quiet. There were no cars on the road. I simply left the sidewalk and rode my bike to the middle of the road. The street lights were a little dim, and suddenly, far away, I saw two figures in front of me, a man and a woman, sharing a white umbrella, looking very affectionate. Slowly getting closer, I recognized them as the boys and girls I just met in the classroom.
  Humph, a flower is stuck in the cow dung, and he is still walking in the middle of the road, so I am not afraid of being hit by a car. Thinking of the embarrassment just now, I couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed, so I thought of a way of revenge. I stepped on the pedals a few times, and when I passed by them, I suddenly reached out and knocked out the umbrella in the boy’s hand, then laughed wildly.
  I was riding the bike while looking back to see the boy hurriedly picking up an umbrella to cover the girl from the rain, very proud of myself. Just as the boy was picking up an umbrella, suddenly a truck rushed from behind, and strong lights shone on my eyes. I hurriedly turned the car aside, and the truck drove over with a cry. I hurriedly looked back at them, only to see the white umbrella on the side of the road, and the boys and girls were gone.
  Strange, it must be walking on the sidewalk nearby. I returned to the place where the prank was just now, but still did not find them. I picked up the umbrella from the ground. Give it back to them next time I meet. I almost caused someone to be hit by a car. I felt a little guilty.
  There is a shop near my residence. Every night when I pass by, I always have to buy something to make supper. Even though it is raining today, I still walked into this shop as usual and bought something casually.
  I found that Andy Lau concert was playing on the TV of the store, so I watched TV and chatted with the little girl selling things with great interest. It was almost 12 o’clock when the concert ended. I walked out of the store humming a song and found that my bicycle was missing. What’s wrong today, so many bad things happened! I cursed and went back to my hut. The power went out again. After washing in the dark, I closed the door and got ready to sleep. It was still raining outside, and I fell asleep soon after lying in bed.
  Suddenly, there was a loud noise and the gust of wind blew the door open. I jumped out of bed and saw the boy in the study room standing in front of me. Lightning shone into the hut, his face was white and white, and he reached out his hand to grab me, and I had no ability to resist. He still looked at me with that horrible look. I felt my heart beating wildly, the capacity of my heart had reached its limit,
  and my consciousness gradually blurred… Slowly, I woke up. Did I have a dream? The door was still open. It was already dawn, and it seemed that class time had passed. I checked my watch and the alarm clock stopped at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night.
  I came to school with suspicion. During the break, people from the police station came and said that they found my bicycle. They found me from the license plate number. When I went to pick up the car, they told me that the car thief had died on the side of the road. And showed me the photos of the scene, the strange thing is that all the photos can not show the appearance of the dead.
  After I went back, I told my buddies all the things that had happened, but they said that the study room was not opened at all last night. I looked at the blackboard in the communication room and it clearly read: Tonight, the school was out of power and the study was cancelled. . I told them about the boys and girls I met, and no one had an impression of them.
  One year passed, and I was admitted to a university. On the day before I left, I chatted with the old man at the school about what happened a year ago. The old man told me that a few years ago, a boy and a girl fell in love and lived together. After the school found out, they expelled them in the first two months of the college entrance examination, but they still registered for the exam elsewhere, and Both were admitted to prestigious universities. On today that year, they had a car accident and they all died. The boy’s home lives next to the school.
  After listening to this passage, I was sure that my experience was not so simple, so I decided to visit the boy’s family and bring the umbrella.
  It didn’t take much time for me to find the boy’s house, and the one who opened the door to me was a lady in her forties. Before I could explain to her, she couldn’t cry. She told me that her son and the girl were killed by a truck on the road next to the school. It was raining that night and they were holding a white umbrella.
  ”Umbrella?” I suddenly found that the umbrella beside me was gone!
  ”Yes, the white umbrella, here.” She took an umbrella from the side, stared at me with a weird smile on her face, and then slowly said, “This is it, my son’s annual Ghost Festival I have to come to pick up this umbrella when
  I go home to visit relatives.” I suddenly felt a bitter cold behind me, just like in the self-study classroom a year ago, something slowly approached behind me, and I sat on the sofa blankly , I can’t move, I can only see the calendar on the opposite wall, which says: July 15…