The magical stone wall with words

  This magical stone wall is located in Heilongtan, Renshou County, Sichuan Province. Heilongtan is the largest artificial reservoir in southwest my country, known as “the first sea in western Sichuan”. The lake area is about 23 square kilometers. There are 72 islands dotted in the reservoir, and the stone walls with patterns are located on the largest isolated island. .
  There is an ancient temple with a long history on this island-Longyan Temple. According to textual research, the ancient temple was built in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, more than 1,000 years ago. Many stone-carved Buddha statues are enshrined in the temple, coupled with the lush vegetation and green trees around, the whole ancient temple looks full of eerie and strange atmosphere.
  The ancient temple is located on an uninhabited island, and there are usually few people coming, so the phenomenon of displaying characters on the stone wall has not been discovered. Until one day, a villager in Heilongtan Town who usually likes to fish came to the island to fish. Just as he had a good harvest, suddenly there was a storm. As he did not bring any rain gear, he had to go to the temple to hide from the rain. While hiding from the rain, a drop of rain suddenly fell from the top of his head, so he looked up and suddenly found some very vague marks on the stone wall to the right of the Buddha statue. What happened? He took a candle in his hand and walked forward to inspect it and found that there were some strange patterns on the stone wall. They looked like paintings but not paintings, like writings but not writing, shadows and shadows, looming and seeming very mysterious.
  This villager had been to Longyan Temple before. At that time, the stone wall was bare and there was nothing. Could it be that he ran into a ghost today? Thinking of this, he was too scared to avoid the rain, and ran out of the temple quickly. Later, some villagers also discovered this strange phenomenon. What is puzzling is that almost all the time when people discover the mysterious pattern is in rainy weather.
  After the incident spread, someone specially came to the temple to do an experiment: After people let the rainwater completely soak the stone wall, the blurred figure gradually became clear, and finally became a complete inscription. Among them are two sentences, “Frost Moon Cheng Lin, Tian Feng Qing Jin, Yu Shi Gong Gang Ming’s Qi Hammered in Private Clouds” and “Frosty Moon Cheng Lin, Tian Feng Qing Jin” describe a scene of weather. Yushigong refers to Sun Guangxian, who was a doctor of Yushi during the Five Dynasties. His ancestral home is now Renshou. Is this a text written in memory of him? However, there are no other relevant records in the county chronicles.
  Because of the beautiful scenery of Heilongtan, some ancient literati and inkmen would often show their enthusiasm when they traveled here, leaving their authenticity here. But the same pen and ink left by the ancients, why is this the only place unique? The inscription is not surprising, but the image only appears in rainy and humid weather.
Is it the black dragon that caused the characters?

  Some old people in the area believed that the words on the stone wall were probably caused by a black dragon in the lake.
  According to legend, in ancient times, a black dragon lived in the river of Renshou County. It had black scales, and it often made waves. It not only overturned the fishing boats in the river, but also often flooded the crops on both banks. The villagers tried various ways to defeat the black dragon. One day, everyone got inspiration from God in their dreams and came up with a way to subdue the black dragon. They cut off the river, and a large lake soon formed between the shallow mountains and hills. The black dragon was trapped and never did evil again, and it was also called the black dragon beach.
  Some old people think that although the black dragon is trapped in the big lake, it is unwilling to be lonely, and occasionally walks ashore. The words on the stone wall of the ancient temple are probably written by it when it came back on the shore during the rainy weather. After the lake, the writing on the stone wall disappeared naturally.
  Is it a special stone caused
  the Black Dragon Legend Of course not credible, some analysts believe that: The reason why the text on the cliff “disappearance sunny, rainy coming out”, probably because of the stone walls of this material is very special: write on it, After the handwriting dries, it will disappear quickly, and when the rain is poured on, the handwriting will reappear. Is there such a stone? In nature, there are stones with strong water absorption. Their density is relatively small, and some have many tiny holes. After the water is poured on, it will be quickly absorbed. However, the stone that can hide the writing has not yet been discovered. After inspection by experts, it was found that the stone wall in the ancient temple was made of the same material as other stones. It was very ordinary. Only the surface had the function of hiding the calligraphy and painting. It seems that the secret is still on the surface of the stone wall.
The truth revealed

  Experts further checked and found that the surface of the stone wall was off-white, which was not consistent with its own color, and the surface was particularly smooth. Obviously, the surface of the stone wall was smeared with a layer of substance. After sampling and analysis, it was found that its main component was a mixture of lime and a special material (equivalent to current cement). Experts believe that the ancients first wrote words on the stone walls. In order to preserve them for a long time, they applied a layer of mixture to hide the calligraphy and painting. After the rain is splashed on, the text can appear quickly, which is the same principle that we wear white shirts in summer: when the clothes are soaked, under the action of light, the muscles and skin inside will clearly appear; the surface of the stone walls in the temple It is very smooth, and it is easier to cause light reflection. After splashing water, the recognition ability of the human eye is further improved, so those handwritings appear in front of the eyes.
  As for why blurry patterns can appear under rainy weather, experts believe that Heilongtan is a relatively large reservoir in western Sichuan. The air humidity on an isolated island is generally high. When it is raining and cloudy, the humidity will show an extreme value, which can sometimes reach Degree of saturation. Because the air contains too much moisture, the stone wall becomes damp, which makes the hidden text appear, but because the surface is not evenly damp, the text is intermittent, lacking arms and legs, and it looks like some strange patterns.