Have you considered the feeling of love?

I saw a poem: This world is too barren and needs some love words. Yes, because there are many unsatisfactory things in life, sometimes we are not with me, or boring and desolate… Therefore, we often have a dreamy attitude towards love. How eager or disappointed you are in the world, you have more expectations, imagination and beautification of love, but have you considered the feeling of love?

Love is not a God, it cannot cure all diseases, respond to all requests, be both virtuous and artistic, and not leaking… We are often embarrassing love and lovers.

My friend Qiqi was in distress. She said that she took a peek at her husband’s phone and found that he had a WeChat trumpet and a Douyin trumpet. I asked her, “How can you log in to his phone?” She said, “His phone password is mine. We all know about his birthday.”

I comforted her: “You have been married for 16 years. He is a businessman, and you care about him so dead. He always has a vent. Many people have trumpets in order to have an independent space.”

However, Qiqi still complained: “He is dishonest, which makes me sad. I should trust each other with him.”

I said: “You didn’t give him freedom, that’s the greatest distrust.”

Without freedom, there can be no sense of responsibility. Responsibility is self-control and self-control. Without a free environment and soil, there can be no responsibilities corresponding to freedom. Just like, if you haven’t loved, how can you say that you don’t love?

Later, Qiqi checked the traces of her husband’s trumpet login and found no ambiguous evidence. She said: “I love him more than he loves me, so I care more, and I must be careful not to run away.” Qiqi confessed her worries and peeking behavior to her husband, and the husband replied lightly: “I I already knew it, don’t think too much…”

I continue to comfort Qiqi: “Your husband is preventable and controllable. You don’t have to be too troubled by your own overwhelming or excessive expectations. What you want is not love, preference, spoiling, autocratic love, which is unfair to him. . Love is definitely not his all, let alone love has a lifespan.”

Between husband and wife, there are many ways to make the wife happy, such as buying her a bag, cooking, watching TV, like holding her hand tightly in the theater… But there is only one way for a wife to make her husband happy: give him freedom .

My friend Meimei is a disabled person. After her husband broke through all kinds of resistance and married her, he has been taking good care of her. Recently, their daughter went to work in another place, and her husband was asked to sleep in a room with Meimei because of sleep disorders. Although Meimei was unwilling in her heart, she still pretended to calmly agree. She understood her husband, but she doubted her husband, so she was extremely discouraged.

Meimei said quietly: “It took us more than a year to get used to sleeping in one bed because of our deep love; now we have to separate the beds, and wake up in the middle of the night so sad and lonely.”

I comforted Meimei: “Learn to accept that it is dark and rainy. He is also old and tired, so understand him better.”

Love, you have to accept not only its beauty, but also its tiredness. To be honest, it has been Meimei’s husband who has been paying without regrets over the past few years. I said: “What you can repay should be distressed, guilty, and sincere and gentle to understand him.

Love is selfish and need. However, there should be deep understanding, understanding and even compassion. There should be kindness in love. Don’t ignore it. Love is not a perfect thing. The so-called cherishment means knowing proportions and understanding human nature. Blindly ask for it and give it some space that is not too bright, just like turning off the light when we sleep, not everyone’s sleep looks like sleeping beauty.

Meimei should have listened to my persuasion. Some people say that love is lost, not; infatuation is blind, and love is insight and acceptance.

Meimei is just accustomed to being loved and taken care of, and forgetting that the other part of love is response, which is the difficulty of understanding each other, contentment, gratitude and forgiveness after being moved.