Gathering: related life and values

In the Gengzi year, the world was chaotic. When people talk about the global climate, they have to talk about the global virus-another drastic variable from nature.

The new crown virus has opened the door to hell, and its scope far exceeds any world war, financial crisis, or natural disaster. To live or die, an ultimate test question is testing the system, culture, economy, technology, ecology, governance, and moral bottom line of every corner of the world… everything has been thoroughly revealed, and the cloud onlookers are accepted in a “live broadcast” way. Cloud scoring. Health experts warned that the opponent is still unknown, so the epidemic may continue for months or even years, or even dystocia due to virus mutations or vaccines (such as AIDS, Ebola, Zika, Nipah, Lassa, MERS, Dengue fever, etc.) , And have been entangled with humans again and again.

This means that we are at a historical turning point or a short break in history. The old road map will be used later, and the answer is still unknown.

The thinking has started immediately. After the tumultuous moments of fake news, gunfire, conspiracy theories, and “sweeping pot” contests settle down, the list of real problems will gradually become clear. One of them may be worth noting. This means that on a global scale, it is the poor and the elderly who have paid the most for their lives in the epidemic. At the same time, on the whole, it is the rich and the youth who suffer the most from their lifestyles-this constitutes a factual comparison group. . The former is about life, an old subject of sociology and politics, perhaps not worthy of being too surprised; the latter is about money, about living, but it is a bit strange, involving food, clothing, housing, and transportation. It seems less urgent and serious, but it adds new observations. Dimension.

It must start with “not gathering”. Let’s put it this way, “no gathering”, “foot ban”, and “maintain social distancing” are common experiences in this epidemic and the simplest and most effective way to stop the spread of the virus. But this alone has hit the fashion circle and the high-end consumer industry severely, making cruises, aviation, hotels, resorts, catwalks, nightclubs, beauty industries, theaters, professional leagues, luxury goods, convention and exhibition economy, etc. in an instant. A sorrow, the rich countries and prosperous cities in Europe and the United States with a high degree of connection are said to be the places with the most medical and health resources. The places most yearning for the people on the earth, but with few exceptions, are the first to become the epidemic-occupied area-this is probably not A coincidence. In contrast, generally speaking, the epidemic in low-consumption areas has slowed down a bit, and there is a fear of fewer floating populations. From an economic point of view, basic people’s livelihood (such as food and medicine) is a rigid demand, and its production and consumption are much tougher and harder, and industry losses are relatively small.

The reason here is nothing more than being overwhelmed by cold. People want to be rich, but the difficulties of being rich, the risks of being rich. “Fashion” is often “high-end”-it is a piece that the rich may not be rare, but the poor can’t reach it. Most of them are standard for the rich. Related gold-absorption techniques have always been tied to “popularity”, and rely on people’s psychological potential to follow the crowd, follow the trend, follow the trend, catch up with the tide, trend inflammation, and follow the trend, and have a strong dependence on the gathering of people. Think about it, what’s the point of a famous watch, if it’s not for others to watch, but just for oneself, and put it in a bag or drawer? A luxury car, if it is not to pull the wind, but just to transport for yourself, go to the vegetable market or grandma’s house, is it a fool of Mingzhu secretly? If a big person doesn’t have a collective shouting, welcoming and rushing, thunderous applause, intertwined cups, and low eyebrows, is there too much less flavor, just a weird performance without an audience? If a master violinist does not sell sky-high tickets, there is no gathering of viewing, taking pictures, offering flowers, shaking hands, screaming, asking for autographs, light sticks, just go to the street to pull, how many people can know the goods, can be moved, Can you stop and forget and become a true fan and player of classic music? It is also important that if the musicians all play like this and all are so clear, which investor is willing to spend money on them?

On July 20, 2020, theaters in some regions of China resumed work, and the first group of audiences wore masks to watch the movie

It can be seen from this that for many people, there must be differences between inside and outside, so that “no matter how expensive you send to Moments, you have to buy it, and you lose money if you use it privately” (one of the online buzzwords). The so-called dignity is not “expensive” or “expensive” without “popularity”. The frequency and density of people gathering are necessary conditions for a certain value to manifest, amplify, and soar, and it is one of the mysteries of capital logic. As a result, many words used to describe losers and unlucky ones, such as loneliness, coldness, loneliness, bleakness, idleness, mencos, coldness in front of the court, loneliness, loneliness, rough tea, light rice, dim light… No wonder there is a cold tone that points to gathering The opposite of it is equivalent to stringing out a low quotation of life value. However, here comes the question. According to the prevailing standards of public epidemic prevention, why is this kind of “not gathering”? It is this simple and even humble daily life that has become the safest life, the healthiest life, and the most in line. Exemplary citizen behavior? So, the virus ran along with the gathering, is it because it wants to live with the “good” life? To Da Li, it is “the way of heaven is more than damage but to make up for the deficiency” (Lao Zi), God is slamming the brakes and turning on red lights to some kind of suspicious prosperity?

Buffett, who experienced four blowouts of U.S. stocks during the new crown epidemic, chooses to short airline stocks

Once upon a time, gathering was not the norm in human history, nor was excessive urbanization. “Picking chrysanthemum under the eastern fence”, “Daiyuehe hoeing back”, “Bamboo Xuan returning to the wan girl”, “fishing alone in the cold river and snow”… Chinese people have actually survived this way for thousands of years, and there are still many people in their pastoral style. The old dreams of the city even make the urban freshmen fascinated, there is nothing that can’t stand it, it’s not a crime. What’s more, with the Internet, online shopping and cloud data, human beings can also “group” rather than “gather” in the industrialized and post-industrial era, and “group” but less “gather”, and can also live out performance (such as remote Studying or working), living out of happiness (such as online drama or games), living out of warmth (such as using video to accompany or contact relatives and friends), living out of the big world (going to the sky in front of the screen to travel to the sea, etc.)-but less busy Tired, less tension in communication and crowding. What’s wrong with this? Okay, let’s take a step back and say that even if this is far from enough, even if the Internet doesn’t need and cannot cancel all gatherings and must be compatible with reasonable public events, it at least provides a new possibility, through virtual footprints and on-site Necessary population density, re-plan a kind of interpersonal spatial relationship, redefine the dictionary of happiness.

In fact, most urban diseases come from mental illness. The experience of the “empty cities” in the Gengzi Nian has at least made many people discover that life is simple and simple, and does not require too high costs—many costs are made by people themselves. For many people, a large amount of consumer spending, two-thirds or even nine-tenths of expenditures, may have nothing to do with their biological significance, nor with their true preferences and beauty. It is just a momentary trance. The threat and inducement of “popularity” is to spend money to show others, to show others how they see themselves, and to show others how they see others see, and so on. These people often have ADHD, often have a desire for attention, and can no longer bear even half a day of solitude, a lawsuit that is full of worry, joy, and hatred, is nothing more than holding back energy to show off, or chasing, relying, imitating, or rehearsing. The fake luxury and quasi-luxury in my imagination burned money for heartbeats and legends, and burned money for wild aura and atmosphere-to put it bluntly, it was just a cost of vanity. The resulting capital flow injection far exceeds the necessary expenditures for affordable acquisition in this process. It supports the “fashion” + “high-end” consumer game, and supports the face economy, identity economy, and hierarchical culture in human society. The symbolic economy is a kind of “pretending” that crowds of vain and zeal in the era of consumerism.

To a large extent it is nothing more than that. Unfortunately, following global climate change, the virus has once again brought many things back to their original form, including exposing the fragility of this false high and false heat industry, and exposing that “fashion” + “high-end” is one of the areas with the weakest immunity. . Looking in the future, even if the epidemic is over, as long as people still have lingering fears, worry about hygiene, pay attention to a little “social distance”, and more or less reduce the frequency and density of people gathering, then this industry may be long-lasting. Blood loss will never go back to the past. Many recent data have proved this point. It is said that Wang Jianlin has planted in the American movie theater industry. Buffett sold out the stocks of the four major airlines. Even the barber of the author’s wife lamented that VIPs for perming and dyeing hair have almost disappeared recently… They seem to have smelled a certain concept. The danger of shaking.

They certainly don’t have to believe that “fashion” + “high-end” will die. Basically, everyone is inevitably a little vain and will pay the cost of vanity. Especially hormonal youths, since they live in a group environment, they will always compare subconsciously with others, including comparing their own skills and success, comparing their own glory and passion, even the homeless described by Mr. Lu Xun. So, Zeng Bi will try to see who can pinch the lice more loudly-that is also part of life. Well, that is also a potential bonanza for investors. However, the road of life has turned back and forth, and investors also know that vanity is ultimately vain, and the traditional view of life that is flashy and favourable but not extravagant will always wake up from time to time in the bumpy journey of history. When more value options such as life, safety, wisdom, freedom, fairness and justice are in front of you, once there is a conflict with vanity, many people may not look for a new value balance, a new way of life.

The epidemic will eventually pass, but the epidemic has come, leaving scars and memories, and things will not be the same as before. People on earth will always face new stories.

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