Fall in love with a city

I never thought that one day I would come to Hefei, Anhui, and I would live here for at least four years. I was the only person in my class who passed the test in Hefei. My eyes have never scanned it all the time, and I have always stayed in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an.

I am resentful and feel that this place is not worthy of myself. I looked at this city high above the ground, disgusting it. It’s not good anywhere, there are not many lectures, large-scale exhibitions are not here, large-scale events are even rarer, and there are not even many concerts. It is not convenient anywhere, the scenery is not beautiful, the food is not delicious, the shopping mall is not open and bright, even the sky is bleak and gray.

I am not only dissatisfied with this city, but also dissatisfied with myself. I blamed my incompetence and indulgence, which led me to this field. I am irritable like a mine. I sullen my face every day and explode with a touch.

Even though I am so critical, I can only accept reality. I told myself to seize every opportunity to get rid of this place as soon as possible.

I worked hard to learn about large-scale competitions and training camps. I was so proud of myself that I had a strong initiative, and proudly looked at the “unclear” classmates around me. However, all I saw were news about the opening of Chinese and foreign training camps in Shanghai. It was the news of the recruitment of volunteers by Beijing TV. The locations were Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Wuhan each time, but there was no Hefei. The corner of Hefei is too barren, and the resources are pitifully scarce. I sigh in my heart, but I still have to find the information with the word Hefei in the full screen of text. I finally found it. I participated in the competition and won the prize. I felt that I was different and superior. I thought this was my only way.

However, it is followed by the overwhelming information on the campus network: The Enterprise Simulation Association has won two championships and one Asia in three national corporate simulation competitions; the previous seniors won the “Internet + Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” The award for excellence, ready to hit the national award…Aren’t these all what I want?

I started to pay attention to the campus network and started to participate in activities in major clubs to seize the opportunities I had missed. I used to spend a lot of energy looking at things I couldn’t touch, but I didn’t take a good look at the land under my feet. I told myself that this was only a temporary compromise, hold on, and I will be able to leave soon. I appeared more and more in the eyes of my classmates, and gradually became a figure that everyone in the grade had an impression.

In my spare time, I will go to the next-door University of Science and Technology of China to listen to a lecture. I will discuss with my classmates about two or three things in other schools. I will go to Anhui TV alone to be an audience of innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. I find that I have never seen this city directly. Although it does not have the prosperity of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, it is by no means blank. My classmates are not as “stunned” as I thought. There are many frustrated people like me who come here with unwillingness to fight in this city, hoping to go to a better place.

Walking in this city, I became more and more sensitive to the word “Hefei”. Many of the push notifications on hand are marked with “Anhui”, and whenever I see Hefei, Anhui in the news, I can’t help but stay for a few more seconds. I am used to saying “put more” every time I eat spicy food, I am used to having a big box of warm babies in winter, and I am used to logging on the school’s official website from time to time, and I am used to this city that is neither north nor south.

In fact, unconsciously, the word “Hefei” has quietly penetrated into my life, my lungs, my bones and blood. Living on this land, I am still soaked in soul by it. Even though I once thought it was so bad and how helpless when I came here, it recorded my four years of university.

If two years later, I left here, I must be full of reluctance and nostalgia.