Where did the little wild cat go

After Mo Yan became famous, many schools invited him to lecture. Because he was worried about distraction, he was declined by Mo Yan, but when he was invited by Gaomi No. 3 High School, Mo Yan agreed. I heard that Mo Yan was coming. There were thousands of students sitting on the school playground, waiting for his speech.

After Mo Yan took the stage, he smiled and said, “I am a person who writes stories, so I will tell you a story. Three hounds are chasing a small wild cat. After a while, they are about to catch up. A tree appeared in front of him. Tree, the little wild cat got into a small tree hole, and the hunting dog couldn’t get in.

This small tree hole has only one exit. After waiting for a while, a rabbit was actually drilled out of the tree hole. The rabbit ran forward and climbed another big tree. The three hunting dogs immediately chased after the rabbit. Guarding below. The rabbit was on the tree, unable to stand in a hurry, fell down and stunned the three hounds who were looking up. Finally, the rabbit escaped. “Everyone laughed when they heard this.

After the story was finished, Mo Yan asked, “Is there anything wrong with this story?” The students took the microphones and rushed to answer “A rabbit can’t climb a tree” “A rabbit can’t stun three hounds at the same time”… Everyone surrounded The hound and rabbit had a discussion.

After a while, Mo Yan interrupted the discussion and said loudly, “I have heard so many answers, but none of you mentioned, where did the little wild cat go? The hunting dog is pursuing the little wild cat, because the rabbit’s sudden attack Out, let the hound lose the goal, and finally nothing. At first, our goal was also the little wild cat, but when the rabbit appeared, our thoughts were interrupted unknowingly, and finally disappeared in our minds.

This is much like our life. In the process of pursuing our goals, we are sometimes distracted by the small details and some meaningless trivia on the way, disturbing our vision, so that we stop halfway or take a fork in the road. Give up the goal he originally pursued.

Classmates, the road of life is very long and long, with the temptation of strange flowers and plants, and the obstacles of mountains and mountains. You must always remind yourself-where is the little wild cat, don’t forget the original intention. “Everyone stood up and gave Mo Yan a long applause.