This is an old photo studio located on the corner of the street. The master who took the picture was a fat middle-aged man with sparse hair gathered on one side and the stubble was not shaved clean. I found him staring at me. At first, I thought it was something on my face, so I squinted at the mirror behind him.

When he was about to leave, the photographer who took the picture chased out the door anxiously, took a well-preserved old photo and handed it to me. He said that many years ago, I was the first guest of this photo studio, and I paid but didn’t come to take the photos. He kept it until now, waiting for me to pick it up. I thought about it for a long time, but vaguely remembered that it did.

The speed of life passing cannot be changed by others, so I like to take photos to record the past years.

Years is a very wonderful word. We can cut off the beginning and end of the time and year and combine them into a new concept, but people will always inadvertently infuse it with emotional factors of self, so when we mention it , It is not only a blunt and rigid time progress bar, but also a carrier for people to live in emotion at a certain stage of life.

Although the years are not openly marked as only being used to describe the past, we seem to have become accustomed to linking it to the past years. It may be a gray fragment of a hard and rough life, a frustrated life, and a half-life alone, or it may be a youthful time full of laughter, love for children, and high spirits. The reason why we are obsessed with that period of time is not because we spent too much time and tried to do it again, but after a few years, we suddenly remembered the thousands of tastes and feelings at that time. Reappearing in front of my eyes, I wanted to reach out and touch it, but I grabbed it again.

The beauty of time also lies in the faint and hazy feeling after the passage of time because of the distance. You will suddenly find that the passage of time is beyond your control. Therefore, I was caught off guard and unpredictable, like the cloudy weather in June. But I think it is more like a girl in a passionate period. I want you to guess her unclear thoughts from the few clues provided.

Different people have different understandings and interpretations of time. We are all using our own experience to make unique annotations for the years in our minds. Analyzed literally, the age is gradually increasing and irreversible, and the moon will be cyclically repeated. Combining two originally contradictory words together gave birth to a vocabulary of years that has been endowed with reverie and sentiment by countless literati and poker.

Some people think about the years as a sort of sorting, systematically and purposefully sorting out some sporadic trivial matters in the past, sorting out the context, it is like looking at the past from a completely different angle from the past. life. We may not get any insights, we just want to do so. If you have to have any purpose, I think it is probably to fill the gap, at least in my memory, I can leave a happy ending.

Zhang Yueran wrote in “Cocoon”: “Memory has always been tailored to my liking.” She likened time to a piece of window paper, and memory is scissors, cutting down and preserving what we want. But I like to compare time, or years, to a two-flowered flower, one climbing towards a high place and the other growing towards a low place. I am a flower grower, but I don’t care too much about what kind of flowers are blooming, when they bloom, or how they bloom.

Time, sometimes it hides its traces, making it hard for us to feel its existence. But at a certain moment, in a certain scene, we will suddenly remember, as if we have been running all our lives, possessing and losing.

Most people lack the ability to choose. It’s not how greedy we really are, but when you are hesitant, it falls from the sky and falls into your bag, and you are in an uproar when you haven’t reacted yet or just accepted it. lose.