To practice, he put world famous paintings on the wall

Because of one person, a stroke, a wall, and more than 150 famous paintings, a small and ordinary village has been hotly searched.

This is Daowu Village, Liuyang City, Hunan Province. A wall covered with famous paintings in the village has become a well-known place to check in. At this time, Liu Zhiwen, the owner of the painting, would stand silently and watch with his paint tray. After the person who took the photo and checked in, he went back to the wall to continue painting. In his view, art should be grounded, it should be around people and become a pleasant landscape, not a high-level picture frame that needs to be mounted.

Liu Zhiwen is a senior at Qingdao University of Science and Technology. His major is painting. If he doesn’t practice, he will be unfamiliar. Because he was staying at home for a while, he wanted to practice his hands all the time. Looking at the slope protection walls that he passed every day, the walls made of stones showed irregular honeycombs, like natural canvases, so he tried to paint. A picture of “The Flute Boy” by French painter Manet.

“It’s pretty, continue painting!” With the encouragement of his family and neighbors, Liu Zhiwen drew hundreds of portraits in one go. These paintings are all masterpieces by Picasso and Van Gogh, and most of them are abstract paintings. The look in “The Girl with Pearl Earrings” is still so long and meaningful; the dark blue gentleman hat of “Armand Lulan” is in contrast with the two unruly beards on the lips; “Jenny Abbott” “Neil” has blue eyes without eyeballs, which makes people think… Therefore, Liu Zhiwen is also affectionately called “modern Picasso” by netizens.

In fact, painting on cement walls is very difficult. In order to make up for the uneven wall surface, Liu Zhiwen took a lot of effort to smooth it with paint. Later, after accumulating some experience, he would first remove the particles on the cement wall with a shovel, and then paint, so as to ensure the smoothness of the canvas and the uniformity of the paint.

With more than 150 paintings, Liu Zhiwen spent about four months, every day from morning to night, except for a short break at noon, other time he painted non-stop. Liu Zhiwen’s original intention was to practice his hands, but he did not expect that this group of world famous paintings that were collectively posted on the wall would become popular on the Internet, which surprised him. What surprised Liu Zhiwen even more was that because of such an oil painting wall, the village’s tourism business was inadvertently driven. Some netizens on the Internet even asked such a soul question: “Can I send my own wall to Liu Zhiwen for painting?”

For Liu Zhiwen, the hot search is just an accident, but it is true that he likes to paint. There can be nothing in life, but paint and brushes must not be missing. Moreover, he never perfuses the works with his own name, even if it is just a small detail. This is Liu Zhiwen’s consistent life attitude: self-discipline and seriousness. In the studio, he worked tirelessly. In order to achieve the desired effect, he spent a month in the studio for a painting. He often goes to Beijing and Shanghai to see painting exhibitions, to observe the paintings of famous artists, and to broaden his horizons and insights.

After ten years of dreaming, Liu Zhiwen has never left paintbrush in his life. In the future, he will also accompany the paintbrush.

Some time ago, the screen of “Hou Lang” at station B was refreshed, and a question was raised: “What is Hou Lang?”

In this regard, Liu Zhiwen has his own understanding: “Hou Lang does not necessarily need to achieve great achievements in a certain field. After the wave has a point of light, it will emit a light. Although weak, the posture is arbitrary.”

Some people say that the best scenery in a country is its young people.

Life is the most energetic because of being young.

Because I am young, I have unlimited possibilities.

In fact, Liu Zhiwen is just one of the most common among the tens of thousands of young people in China, drawing the most beautiful pictures of the beautiful countryside with his expertise. But if every young man relies on his own strengths to contribute a meager strength to our motherland, when this strength accumulates, one day, it will shock the world.

May all young people, with fire in their hearts and light in their eyes, rush together in the trend of this era, and work hard for the wish in their hearts!