Those young people who are creating on Douyin

Counterattack of the post-95 teenagers
Many people know An Zhuang because he took photos of his grandparents’ love stories on Douyin. In these videos, he is a quiet narrator. Few people know what kind of life he lives and what experience he has outside the camera.

Although he was born in 1998 by the standard post-95s, his life experience is more abundant than that of people who have worked in the workplace for more than ten years: sophomore to start a photography studio, self-study photography and shoot short videos, and use a camera to record grandparents Life, become a creator of millions of fans on Douyin…

It was photography that completely changed An Zhuang’s life trajectory. When he was in high school, his academic performance was very poor, he had no sense of presence in school, and no self-confidence. If it weren’t for a classmate in the class who took pictures everywhere with a camera, he might not have been exposed to photography in his life.

“Why are you taking pictures every day?” An Zhuang asked his classmates.

“I want to go to a good university by photography.” The classmate replied.

That was the first time An Zhuang realized: Perhaps “learning well in culture” is not the only way to get into a good university. Since then, he has borrowed cameras from relatives and taught himself photography in addition to his studies. An Zhuang, who studied photography in the art examination class for a year, finally got his wish and was admitted to the film and television photography and production major. However, after going to college, he fell into confusion.

Throughout the freshman year, the school only taught the basic theoretical knowledge of photography, and An Zhuang couldn’t help it. Compared to rote memorizing theoretical knowledge in books, he prefers to practice by himself. After suffering from insomnia for half a month, An Zhuang told himself: I can no longer play games in the dormitory. Since the school does not teach photography skills, I will find a way to learn.

He went to a photography studio near the school to apply for a photography assistant, and he did everything from doing miscellaneous work, carrying equipment to following the wedding. After half a year, I finally changed from a little assistant who followed the wedding to a photographer who could be on his own. By the time his sophomore teacher taught the practical methods of photography, An Zhuang was already an entrepreneur with a studio.

In his sophomore year, An Zhuang and his classmates rented free classrooms provided by the school to start a business. They sent private messages to Taobao merchants, asking if they needed commercial shooting. The first income of the photography studio was obtained in this way.

Getting rid of the confusion and anxiety in the past, An Zhuang in his junior year has earned the first pot of gold in his life by photography. However, this was not a highlight moment in his university. What he was really proud of was the love story of his grandparents that he recorded, which was liked by more than 1 million netizens on Douyin. His goal in life has also changed a lot because of this incident.

During the junior winter vacation, An Zhuang returned to Jinan to live with his grandparents. One day, he had a dream. In his dream, he is holding a camera to take pictures of his grandparents’ daily life. “If the fragments of grandparents’ lives can be preserved, it will be a very good memory in the future.” He told himself.

When he woke up the next day, he picked up the camera and took pictures of “91-year-old grandfather’s morning”: Every morning, grandpa would go to the morning market to buy vegetables, and make breakfast when he got home and serve it to his sick grandma. After a meal, grandpa likes to sit in front of the TV and watch Peking Opera, but grandma dozed off halfway through her breakfast. Grandpa urged her to finish eating quickly…

An Zhuang has seen such a daily routine countless times at home, and he has long been used to it. But when he pointed the camera at his grandparents, he discovered many heart-warming details that were overlooked in daily life. For example, grandpa would always feed her a piece of cake after feeding her with medicine.

The video of “91-year-old grandfather’s morning” is the first video released by An Zhuang on Douyin, and it is also the video with the highest number of likes-2.76 million. The explosion of the first video surprised An Zhuang. He received many comments and private messages from netizens: “This is the love I envy and desire.” “I also want to have a husband like grandpa.”

“It turns out that this kind of most ordinary life is the envy of everyone.” An Zhuang felt a little surprised.

An Zhuang’s grandma has been ill for 13 years, and his grandpa has taken care of her for 13 years. As the cerebellum shrinks, grandma no longer remembers things, and things that happen in life are forgotten in a blink of an eye. Grandpa will not only prepare three meals a day, but also take care of it in every possible way. For example, before breastfeeding the banana, he will bite off the green banana head and leave the tenderest part to her.

An Zhuang likes to tell netizens the love stories of his grandparents from his own perspective. The video incorporates his understanding of love and his feelings for grandparents. Their love story not only affects more and more contemporary people who are disappointed in love, but also invisibly affects An Zhuang’s own view of love. “I used to feel that I was right when I was arguing with my girlfriend. Now I can be modest and modest, and my life would not last long.” An Zhuang said.

After the love story of grandparents became popular, more and more media and magazines interviewed him. In addition to entrepreneurs, An Zhuang has a short video Vlog creator. Now, every month, advertisers find An Zhuang to place advertisements, and Douyin has also signed a contract with him. Relying on the rewards and advertising fees from the signing each month, he can earn an income much higher than the monthly salary of most office workers.

Coupled with the monthly income of the photography studio, An Zhuang can already achieve “financial freedom” at this stage. “I can now make money to support myself, pay my tuition, where I want to go, and I can take my parents to travel.” He said.

In June of this year, An Zhuang graduated from University, and he will shoot short videos as his career. Since they both love to travel with their girlfriends, they opened a new Douyin account “Xiaoou” to record interesting events and life fragments during the trip.

Hobbies are completely integrated with life and work. This is the state of An Qiujin, the creator of “Poverty Cuisine”.

Don’t be the generation ruined by takeaway
Some people say that the post-95 generation is the “generation ruined by takeaways”, because they grew up in the “takeaway era”, few of them would cook, let alone “go to the vegetable market”, which is full of life.

An Qiujin, born in 1996, is an outlier among young people. He not only loves cooking, but also makes cooking a career, teaching people to cook online in his own trendy way.

Compared to teaching people how to cook a dish, An Qiujin prefers to incorporate elements of rap, stand-up comedy and Chinese style into the video. Behind the camera, he is wearing round-frame sunglasses, holding a folding fan, and wearing a black robe. With rhyming words, he cleverly blends the feelings and knowledge of life into every dish. As a result, the delicacies of “poor cuisine” seem to have been infused with souls, allowing people to truly understand the meaning behind the phrase “food heals people’s hearts”.

It is hard to imagine that 24-year-old An Qiujin is a person who likes fireworks on earth.

In childhood, because his parents were busy with work, An Qiujin learned to cook for himself at an age when other children were still making tempers with their parents because of picky eaters. The online “Daily Diet” is a program he often watches. In order to eat a full meal, he must force himself to learn.

When I grew up, my parents were still busy at work. Even on days when the family was supposed to be reunited during the Spring Festival, my father had to go out early because of his busy work. Only An Qiujin and his mother were sitting in front of the TV while watching. During the Spring Festival Gala, while eating a table of dishes. At that time, he always envied other people’s children, and could gather with a family of relatives for New Year’s Eve dinner. In his bones, he is a person who yearns for excitement.

Later, like many young people with dreams, he left his hometown to study and work in a strange city. I also miss my hometown at many times when life is not going well, and relied on a phone call with my parents to calm down my sad emotions. Calling your parents is a way to find the smoke and smoke in the world, as is the cooking that needs to deal with firewood, rice, oil and salt.

As the university was about to graduate, An Qiujin was lost in confusion. He didn’t know what job he would do after graduation, so he received a WeChat message from his senior, asking if he wanted to take a video together. “What kind of video do you want to shoot?” the senior asked. “I want to take pictures of food.” He said without hesitation. So the two hit it off and started their short video entrepreneurial journey.

After starting his business, An Qiujin really started to visit the vegetable market. “At that time, there was no money, so I could only go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables.” He said, this habit has been retained until now.

Gu Long once said in his works: “When a person loses hope in life, let him go to the vegetable market. Because no matter how dead-hearted people, once they enter the vegetable market, they once again truly smell the smell of human fireworks. A little nostalgia for life will surely be re-emerged.”

At the poorest stage, the vegetable market gave An Qiujin a lot of energy. The most direct manifestation is the relationship between him and the market vendors. “In Nanjing, I have a good relationship with the people in the vegetable market. I really like this feeling in my bones, and I can feel some things from them that I don’t usually feel.”

Parents are not around all the year round, this kind of elder care is missing in life An Qiujin. Therefore, when the elders in the vegetable market are curious about what he is doing, he always tells them “I’m shooting a short video” and patiently tells them what Douyin is and where to download it.

Now the grandparents in the food market who are familiar with An Qiujin have almost all downloaded Douyin, and check out what new videos the child has posted from time to time.

Wang Xiaonan used the lens to record the father’s love he had neglected.

For a while, An Qiujin was stuck with his own video style. After making short vibrato videos for half a year, the number of fans rose to 500,000. The average number of likes for each video was only two to three thousand, and the number of likes could reach 10,000. Have to be happy for several days. At that time, his video style was mainly cooking in rap, and it was difficult to attract new fans’ attention in a fixed format.

After thinking for a long time, he reluctantly gave up the rap element. He began to give shady commentary in front of the camera and shot the first transformation video. “I think it should work to describe Chinese food with the Chinese arena. So I found black cloth and black robe, put on Chinese style clothes, took a Chinese style fan, and stood alone in front of the camera. Start talking,” he said.

That was the first shady video, “I remember it very clearly. On the afternoon of June 1, 2018, I posted a video called’Soy Sauce Fried Rice, with more than 400,000 likes, which exceeded our imagination.” Qiu Jin recalled.

Since then, the breakthrough period of each video creation of “Poverty Cooking” has overlapped with the bottleneck period. At the longest bottleneck, An Qiujin couldn’t write scripts and words that he was satisfied with for 2 months. Then, inspiration came, and new breakthroughs awaited him.

Now, “Poor Cuisine” has nearly 20 million fans. An Qiujin’s start-up company, Miracle Mountain, also succeeded in catching up with the short video trend, incubating many Douyin tuba other than “poor food”, and the company is on track.

Now every video of An Qiujin is shot by professional photographers and editors, but he has always done the most critical scripts, ideas and cooking parts. “The core of the content is to be like myself. Now I do the grocery shopping, filming, and washing dishes by myself. This is a little more smoky. Only when I personally manipulate the content can I have my soul.”

Hobbies are completely integrated with life and work. This is An Qiujin’s current state. Although “Poor Cooking” is an account that teaches people how to cook, An Qiujin, who is busy at work, not only shoots videos to cook for himself, but also occasionally orders takeaways or eats out at the office for lunch. So he understands why young people nowadays make a living by “delivering food.”

“I understand very well that young people nowadays have not gotten a family, and because of work, they don’t have time to buy food and cook by themselves, because I’m also such a person.’ Cook a meal by yourself and find the satisfaction of making a meal yourself.” An Qiujin said.

Just like the slogan shown at the end of each video of “Poverty Cooking”, “Poverty is only temporary. Remember to eat on time.”

A “Border Town” Story of a Father and Daughter
“Dad, where are you?” In the endless cornfield, a shout suddenly sounded.

“I told Yun that I shouldn’t be alone in this cornfield…” Wang Xiaonan, who had just watered the corn with the camera in one hand and the corn leaves in the other, ended the video shooting and was looking for Father rests together. The father and daughter, who have been busy all day, plan to reward themselves with a watermelon.

This is a scene from Wang Xiaonan’s latest video. Because of the video, her father became cheerful, and the father’s love she had overlooked was recorded by the camera, which made her grateful. This peasant girl from Huaxian County, Henan Province used more than 300 Douyin to record the daily life of her and her father in a year, which became popular on the Internet and attracted more than 2 million fans.

In the novel “Border Town”, the writer Shen Congwen once portrayed a beautiful and unsophisticated rural scene in western Hunan for readers; in the small village of northern Henan where Wang Xiaonan is located, she is also recording her and her father’s “Border Town” story by shooting videos.

On the Internet, Wang Xiaonan has a more well-known name—”Mai Xiaodeng”, which means abundance of grains. This post-95 girl in the rural area of ​​northern Henan not only has “big eyes”, “little V face”, “black long straight” and other “net celebrity standard” looks, she is also a short video creator with 2 million fans .

Several red-brick bungalows, plums and grapes hanging over branches, a vegetable garden, three or two chicken chicks, and Mai Xiaodeng’s small courtyard is slightly dilapidated but bustling with business. This is the main place where Mai Xiaodeng’s video creation is made.

Mai Xiaodeng in the lens, braided, loves to talk, loves to laugh, plain as a cup of tea in summer. But no one knows that she was once a poor household outside the camera-she once felt inferior for her poor life experience, and was extremely confused after wandering and wandering.

His mother ran away from home, and his father was frail and sick. Mai Xiaodeng, who grew up in a single-parent family, grew up by eating “Hundred Family Rice”. In 2013, the McXiaodeng family was identified as a poor household.

In the year when she re-entered high school, Mai Xiaodeng’s father Wang Yunpo wanted her to drop out of school and go out to work. In the end, Mai Xiaodeng’s college dream was barely “fixed” with the 2,000 yuan collected by family relatives. The desire to get rid of poverty has taken root in Mai Xiaodeng’s heart like a seed.

In 2017, like many rural children who “fly” out, Mai Xiaodeng did not go home after graduating from university, but chose to stay in Zhengzhou and become a “Zheng Piao”. She has worked as an editor, set up a stall, worked as a part-time teacher, and delivered takeaways. “For me, Zhengzhou is a big city. My dream is to make more money here so that my dad and I can live a better life,” she said.

Food delivery was Mc Xiaodeng’s last career in Zhengzhou. Taking advantage of his professional advantage in studying journalism, Mai Xiaodeng began to try to shoot Douyin, dreaming of “flying” on the rise of short videos.

With a beautiful appearance and a petite figure, he is riding an electric bike between the buildings in the city day and night. The inspirational image of Mai Xiaodeng brings a different landscape to the short video platform, and it has not unexpectedly attracted a lot of attention.

Things backfired, and a change in 2019 made Mai Xiaodeng, who had just started his career, had to stop.

“My dad had a kidney removed a few years ago. At the end of last year, his other kidney also had a problem and needed long-term care.” His father’s condition worsened, and his hard work in the city, these thoughts came to his mind and made Mai Xiaodeng No longer hesitate, embarked on the road to return home.

Rural life is not as rich and colorful as in big cities, but Mai Xiaodeng has more time to think about the direction of future creation. Fields, old courtyards, rallies, farm work, cooking beef, steaming buns… these daily farm life have all become new material for Mai Xiaodeng’s video.

However, Mai Xiaodeng’s idea was opposed by his father Wang Yunpo. Wang Yunpo, who has lived a life of “facing the loess and back to the sky” all his life, rarely leaves the countryside. Shooting videos is really trendy for this old man in his sixties.

Unable to bear his daughter’s soft and hard foaming, Wang Yunpo finally agreed to be photographed. At the beginning of creation, Wang Yunpo did not understand what his daughter was taking with her mobile phone every day. “Don’t say things that shouldn’t be said, don’t do things that shouldn’t be done.” For a long time, the honest and honest Wang Yunpo thought that “making videos and becoming an internet celebrity is just’learning bad.”

It doesn’t sell badly, and it doesn’t make sense. After watching his daughter’s video, Wang Yunpo felt that “there is nothing wrong with shooting.” Now, who has recognized the content of his daughter’s video, he is also learning to adapt to the camera. Wang Yunpo in the video is accustomed to holding something with one hand to hide his shyness and tension.

Wang Yunpo’s clumsiness and cuteness made him gain many fans. He himself registered a Douyin account and named himself “Five Brothers”. Many “Diaoyi” once left a message under Mai Xiaodeng’s video, “I can’t help but think of my father when I see’Five Brothers.”

“I want to do more to make my dad happy!” Mai Xiaodeng said, returning to the countryside not only gave her a “new life” for her videos, but also helped her find her long-lost father’s love. Buying air conditioners for his father, driving an old-fashioned tractor to harvest wheat, carrying a medicine bucket to apply pesticides to corn, riding a tricycle to sell watermelons… Mai Xiaodeng is doing his best to guard his father and the family.

Like most people, Mai Xiaodeng’s creative path has not been smooth sailing. Without a team and relying on a mobile phone, Mai Xiaodeng still does all the planning, shooting, editing, and production of all videos by herself. “A few minutes of video usually requires hundreds of materials, and it only takes a day to shoot.” Every day, Mai Xiaodeng cuts the film until the early hours of the morning.

In Mai Xiaodeng’s video, there are laughs, tears, anger, and anger, but what remains unchanged is the hope and courage of the father and daughter in life. “I used to think I was still a child, and now I have to carry everything by myself.” This “Tractor Girl”, who is called a city by fans, has experienced the baptism of life and bluntly said that he “grew up”.

Mai Xiaodeng is on fire, but in the eyes of the villagers, she is still the well-behaved girl next door.

Mai Xiaodeng said that she would like to help farmers friends who are self-media around her to build up this circle together and lead more people to change their destiny through hard work. “I hope I can rely on my influence to do some charity and agricultural assistance activities to spread positive energy.” She said.

Mai Xiaodeng did not break his promise. In June of this year, garlic in Niutun Town, Huaxian County was unsalable. After Mai Xiaodeng learned of the news, he began planning to help garlic farmers sell garlic in the form of live Douyin. Picking garlic, packing and transporting, on the day of the live broadcast, Mai Xiaodeng sold 5000 singles of garlic in half an hour.

Deng Panpan was deeply influenced by his grandfather. He always said that “how much money a person earns in his life is not important, it is important to do what he likes”.

Is only going ahead to make progress?
Deng Panpan is a freelance photographer living in Meishan, Sichuan. He has received a lot of attention on the Internet. He started by recording daily clips of his grandfather’s life in the countryside with short vibrato videos.

The grandfather in the video is kind-eyed, humorous and humorous, and interacts with Deng Panpan’s footage without any unfamiliarity, and gets along with him like a friend.

“Grandpa likes to face the camera very much. As long as someone takes pictures of him, he has the desire to express.” Deng Panpan said. Grandpa cares about his image. Before I showed him the edited video, Grandpa always said why he is so ugly. , Next time I shoot a video, I will pay attention to clean up myself.

In the video, this 24-year-old boy often works with his grandfather on farm work, feeds chickens and ducks, cooks and cleans the yard… The warm scenes of his grandfather and grandson living in the country are like winning awards in many film exhibitions The documentary “Four Springs”-a “prose poetry film” recording the director’s parents living in their home town.

“I remembered my grandpa.” “I don’t know why I want to cry when I look at it.”

You can see this message in the comment area of ​​almost every Douyin video by Deng Panpan. Faced with the praise and yearning of netizens, he often tells them “what I do is ordinary.”

Deng Panpan just started to use video to record the daily life of himself and his grandfather, in order to persuade his grandfather to move to the city and be better taken care of by his family. Therefore, he runs to the country whenever he has time. The old man was reluctant to live in his home for most of his life. Although the home was simple, primitive and quaint, in the eyes of Grandpa, it was the most comfortable place in the world to stay in.

Deng Panpan had to travel frequently between the city and the country, and in the process became more and more interested in country life. Some netizens ridiculed: “You wanted Grandpa to live in the city, and then you were instigated?”

As a child brought up by his grandfather and grandmother since childhood, Deng Panpan’s personality and outlook on life are largely influenced by his grandfather. “It doesn’t matter how much money a person earns in his life. It is important to be healthy and do what he likes.” Grandpa always taught him this way.

“Everyone should live in love and try to do many interesting things.” Deng Panpan said in a video. And he loves too many things: skateboarding, bicycle slowing down, rap, dancing, cooking…

If he followed the normal life trajectory, he would have become a professional dancer after graduating from college if he studied dance performance at university. But a major mistake in skateboarding in his junior year caused him to split his knees and could not dance for a whole year.

During the most confused period, he found himself a new hobby: learning video shooting and editing with friends in the choreography department. From then on, he fell in love with using video to record his life, and became more interested in video shooting and editing. “Every once in a while, I will be full of memories when I look at the things I have photographed before, and that feeling is particularly good.” Deng Panpan said.

After graduating from university, Panpan Deng has worked in many jobs, such as sales, street investigator, and helping parents with business at home… But these jobs have never brought him passion.

When he was confused, he remembered the sentence his grandfather used to say “Do what you like.” So Deng Panpan resolutely quit his job, joined his favorite photography studio, and since then embarked on the path of professional photography.

In 2018, after accumulating certain photography resources, he quit his full-time job and began to live on some part-time photography. Since then, he has posted some food tutorials that he took during his usual cooking to Douyin.

At first the traffic was not high, until he accidentally added himself and his grandfather’s daily life before the food video, the broadcast volume gradually increased.

After that, each of his videos started with a daily clip of his grandfather’s house, climaxed in the cooking process and an original rap, and then ended with the phrase “open the meal” after the meal was prepared. Perfectly merged his many talents in a one-minute short video.

But for such a short video of about one minute, he would also spend half a day shooting and editing half a day-this is still quite skilled.

When I first started making short vibrato videos, Deng Panpan often revised it to three or four in the morning for the editing of the film. “My parents always say what you do with this all day long without making money.”

In the past two years of making Douyin videos, his income has mainly come from the cooperation of photography commercial orders and advertisements on Douyin. In a small city like Meishan, he can already live a good life.

But correspondingly, Deng Panpan needs to update the frequency of two videos every three days to create videos, and almost half of the time every month is devoted to video shooting. Sometimes, he also encounters difficulties and bottlenecks, such as not knowing what to shoot after returning home, or grandpa needs to be taken care of due to physical reasons and cannot shoot the video…

And his way of dealing with difficulties is also very special: “When I encounter difficulties, I don’t think of ways to solve them. Instead, I ask a few friends to go out and play. We have many mountains here. We go around in the mountains and think about it when I come back. I think the problem is quite simple. I thought the problem was too complicated before.”

Last summer, Deng Panpan’s grandfather finally agreed to move to the city after he fell ill. But he still wonders from time to time about his home in the country, whether the weeds in the yard have grown taller, and whether the chickens and ducks raised at home are hungry…

Grandpa wanted to go back to the country to live for a few days from time to time. Deng Panpan suggested that he also go back and help with cooking, but Grandpa refused. “You can do your own thing, you have many things, you young people have dreams.” Grandpa said.

This year, grandpa finally moved to live in the city, and the video of Deng Panpan accompanying grandpa came to an end. He will also start his new life and new creations, “Everyone should live in love and try interesting things.”

The power of a bowl of noodles
“Mother, what do you have to eat today?” “Your father wants to eat steamed noodles.” With a strong local accent, is preparing today’s lunch for the family intently. She swiftly chooses vegetables, kneading noodles, cutting noodles, cooking…a bowl of fragrant steamed noodles, waiting to be out of the pot.

Grandma’s cooking skills are very good, not to mention local snacks and classic dishes. Clicking on @秦巴奶奶’s Douyin homepage, it seems to have harvested a Shaanxi cuisine recipe: You will see grandma dig out huge plant rhizomes by hand, polish them into powder, and make a fragrant konjac tofu; when it’s hot , Grandma will come to a bowl of smooth and tender Shaanxi famous snack noodle fish, the sour and refreshing water is bright and attractive in the sun; there is also a unique flavor of kimchi beef noodles, large pieces of beef mixed with rice noodles. , Noodle soup can drink a large bowl.

Those who recorded these ordinary and delicious dishes were grandma’s grandson, Zhang Wanlu, a young man who returned to his hometown from a big city.

“There are only 76,000 meals in your life. There is always one meal that makes you cry. That is the taste of home.” For Zhang Wanlu, the taste of home is three meals a day made by her grandmother.

Born in rural Shaanxi, Zhang Wanlu’s childhood was spent with his grandparents and his parents worked in other places since childhood. During the days as a migrant worker, he always remembered the simple life in his hometown. What impressed him most was working in the field with his grandparents, growing cucumbers, cowpeas, beans, and green onions in summer; and growing cabbage and radishes in winter.

“I would walk on the small road every night and count the stars to pick up my grandma. What I looked forward to most was to see if my grandma brought me something delicious.” Zhang Wanlu recalled.

In the summer of 2018, he happened to see his grandma digging konjac in the orange grove, and he took pictures and posted it on the Internet. Unexpectedly, he received thousands of broadcasts. Many netizens replied that when they saw this video, they thought of their grandma and the happy life of childhood.

These comments touched Zhang Wanlu, who was also working hard outside, and gave birth to the idea of ​​recording the dishes made by grandma and the life in rural Shaanxi: “Rather than doing work that I don’t like, everyday life is like copying. Ankang does what I like.” Zhang Wanlu said.

Therefore, he decisively ended his career in Guangpiao and bought a one-way ticket to his hometown. After returning to the cabin she was familiar with, Zhang Wanlu began to learn to use the camera to record every meal made by her grandma, and in plain language, to tell the ordinary and moving feelings between grandma and grandpa.

Because Ankang belongs to the Daba Mountain area south of the Qinling Mountains and has the name “Qinba”, the creator born in the 90s named this Douyin account that records the lives of his family as “Grandma Qinba.”

In Zhang Wanlu’s eyes, homesickness is nothing more than a bowl of steamed noodles. This is also the collective memory of Ankang people. In this small livable town, you can see a snack bar selling steamed noodles in five steps. Bean sprouts and celery are laid on the bottom, the dough is soft and waxy, and the sour and sour vinegar soup is added, plus a spoonful of oily pepper, a spoonful of sesame paste, garlic juice, and mustard oil. .

Zhang Wanlu’s video records the bit by bit of the ordinary life of grandparents, “You cook for me, I will accompany you to grow old”.

The content of Ankang steamed noodles has gained 55 million+ broadcasts on the whole network. As an Ankang person, he can make the most representative food in his hometown known and loved by more people, which makes Zhang Wanlu feel extremely proud and gratified. And because of the close combination of “food and emotion” in his creation, ‘s Douyin account has gathered more and more netizens’ thoughts about their relatives and hometown:

“My grandmother also has a pair of skillful hands, she can never eat delicious food. After all, I can’t recall the taste of childhood. I wish this grandma a long and healthy life, happiness and health.”

“I really want to go home. It is the taste of my well-being. I have been in Zhuhai for more than ten years. Watching grandma Qinba’s video comforts my homesickness! I wish my grandparents good health.”

Nowadays, 2.75 million people are watching update three meals a day. In addition to waiting for food, more people are looking forward to sending their thoughts to their relatives and hometown through video content.

“Grandpa lives with grandma in his heart, and grandma sees grandpa in her eyes.” “Grandpa is grandma’s most loyal fan, like a kid waiting to eat.” In every video produced by Zhang Wanlu, the little beauty between grandparents and grandparents is captured by the camera. Grandma does what grandpa likes to eat. Grandma said: “As long as he is in good health, tell him to eat.” Grandpa said: “It’s beautiful.”

Grandma became a food expert, and grandpa spontaneously took on the important task of “eating and broadcasting”. Because I feel sorry for the hard work of grandpa in the field, grandma always prepares the delicious food of the day for him in accordance with the taste of grandpa’s favorite food. During the busy spring season, I made a bowl of Ankang steamed noodles, which is my grandfather’s favorite.

Grandpa enjoys grandma’s care, and from time to time he will be a leader, adding a handful of firewood when she is cooking, and handing over a blue flower bowl when she is busy. But most of the time, Grandpa always smiled by his side and watched her. Taste the salty and bland, every meal is eaten out of the bowl, and you can’t see the teeth when you smile.

As a recorder, Zhang Wanlu said: “The feelings of grandparents cannot be described as vigorously. The feelings of that generation are actually precipitated in the little bit of life. They can stand the test of time and the precipitation of years, they have gone through hand in hand. From the passion of youth, to the stability of middle age, to the mutual support now.”

But ordinary feelings are often more pungent. The copy of each content is only one or two sentences, but many fans feel that the best love is nothing more than this: “You cook for me, I accompany you to grow old, happiness is so simple” “Grandma said, the so-called The patriarchal patriarchal means that men are more important and women are lesser.”

In addition to the beautiful love between grandparents and grandparents, @秦巴奶奶’s life status is also evaluated by fans as a realistic version of the “longing for life”. A family of three generations, has a self-sufficient rural courtyard, the vegetable garden is home-grown vegetables and fruits, the noise in the chicken shed is heard, and the garden is full of flowers.