Welcome to the “New Employment Era”

Young people are the most impulsive generation and the most creative generation. This is why many business managers “love and hate them”.

Fundamentally, this is because the post-90s and post-00s’ pursuit of professional significance has changed significantly from the previous generations—they pay more attention to interest and like to give full play to their subjective initiative instead of advocating authority; they prefer to be flexible Working hours and working locations, rather than rigidly in the office from nine to five.

Autonomy, creativity, flexibility, and fun are the true portrayals of entrepreneurs on Douyin. In July this year, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, together with the State Administration of Market Supervision, and the National Bureau of Statistics released the third batch of new occupations, calling entrepreneurs with short videos and live broadcasts as “Internet marketers.” According to a report from Renmin University of China, between August 2019 and August 2020, Douyin has created 36.17 million job opportunities, many of which are working as Internet marketers.

There is no doubt that the new economic platform represented by Douyin has contributed to the arrival of the “spiritual” era. Especially during the epidemic, the entrepreneurs on Douyin have filled the gaps in industries such as retail and entertainment that were suspended during the epidemic. . They not only contributed vivid and interesting video creation content, but also played the role of “shopping guide”, selling goods for the brand, and recommending high-quality and inexpensive products to the audience.

Under the official advocacy and guidance of the Douyin platform, many content creators have completed their own transformation and expanded their business models. At the same time, more than 4 million companies have enriched their layout in new retail channels by entering Douyin, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, relying on the promotion of the Douyin platform to obtain an unimaginable “increment”. These “increments” have also continued to push the business owners to recruit more full-time and part-time talent anchors, and further enrich the “spiritual” ecology in Douyin, thus forming a healthy cycle.

Except for creators who have transformed from white-collar workers in the workplace, many entrepreneurs on Douyin are not “workplace people” in the traditional sense.

When talking about the workplace, the topic of “gender equity” is often a pain point for many female employees. Among the people earning income on the Douyin platform, female entrepreneurs account for 54%. Some of them are mothers who need to spend a lot of time for their families, and some are young people in lower-economic third- and fourth-tier cities. . These people are enthusiastic about having a career that they are willing to fight for, but many conditions in reality have led to their inability to obtain a high-quality corporate platform or to spend a certain amount of rigid working time. But on the Douyin platform, they not only gained wealth by relying on their creativity and enthusiasm, but also gained respect from the audience and the platform.

More importantly, on the Douyin platform, young and middle-aged people aged 24 to 40 are the main force in employment, accounting for 67% of the total. This means that behind the entrepreneurs of Douyin, everyone is equally energetic. And creative young teams, these team members have contributed their own value in short video, live broadcast and e-commerce dividends through this more flexible employment method, and have also received corresponding returns.

However, “spiritual work” does not mean that this is a job that can be treated at will.

In Douyin, in addition to individual expressiveness and creativity, entrepreneurs compete for the overall strength of their team. This team may be an MCN organization or a family team. They also need close cooperation. To stand out among the huge Douyin entrepreneurs, they also need to make efforts.

However, what’s rare is that the abundant and diverse users on the Douyin platform and sufficient distribution traffic enable creators to earn decent income through careful creation and continuous production of high-quality content. This is also the flexibility and flexibility of Douyin’s employment. Reiki and agility characteristics. This feature of fully returning the “right to choose” to the practitioners and the platform’s role as a service and enabler is different from the sharing economy platform and the traditional “gig job” employment.

It is foreseeable that flexible employment has become an important force for promoting economic development and social stability, and the new economic platform represented by Douyin is an important participant and contributor. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the number of flexible employment practitioners in China has reached 200 million. In addition to talent anchors, they also include community group buying leaders, shared motorcycle switchers, secret room designers and other practitioners. Through their own struggle, these “new employees” make a living while also chasing their dreams. This is the charm of the “new employment era”.