Legend in the piano room

  My roommate Ali and I climbed over the wall of the library, and under the cover of night, we ran up the stairs to the twelfth floor of the library in one breath. We are not Jiang Yang Helmet. We went to the library at night just to explore the legendary magic piano in the library. For a person who loves music, the piano is our second life.
  As for this piano, there used to be many legends on campus…
  ”Hey, Ashin.” Ali excitedly tore off the thick seal and then pried the piano room lock in twos, and he looked excited when he saw the piano. . “Classical E, even the pedals are wooden, Axin, do you want to listen to Bee 9ffin’s “For Alice”?” Ali couldn’t wait to open the piano cover, and the sound of the piano flowed in the air like water.
  I looked around the setting around the piano room, thinking that Ali, this kid must be playing the piano intensively. The more he played, the sound became more beautiful, even the “mi” key in the middle of the piano board was played. This “mi” key has always been a problem in the piano world. When the musical genius Mozart was young, someone once made a bet with him that when his two hands were playing on both sides of the piano, there must be no way to play the piano. The “mi” button in the middle of the plate, Mozart won, because he touched the “mi” button in the middle with the tip of his nose. Unexpectedly, this kid Ali still has two brushes. I couldn’t see it before! The
  admiring Shimen Wu , I suddenly found a scarlet blood spot on the white wall, which looked very eerie and terrifying under the flickering light.
  ”Ali. “My name is Ali, and no one answered. At this time, a hand caught my arms. “Want to scare me to death!” “After saying this, my whole body trembled suddenly. There was still the sound of the piano behind me, and Ali was still playing the piano. This hand was…
  I tremblingly reached out and removed the hand on my shoulder. This hand suddenly Disappeared. When I was in a panic, another hand caught my right shoulder. I was scared into a cold sweat, my scalp was about to numb, and I yelled in despair: “Ali! “There was no response from the empty piano room, only the empty space of the piano playing “dodomidomifa…”
  I turned my head and saw Ali had fallen down on the piano stand and his hands were still playing mechanically on the keys. I almost broke down. Ran frantically to the door, but the door couldn’t be opened.
  I leaned on the door, turned my head in horror, and quickly slid a hand onto my face. This hand was kneaded and slippery, just icy, without any breath. My eyes widened, but I couldn’t see anything…
A legend

  ”Hey, hello, classmate, why did you sleep here?” I opened my eyes and the sunlight came in from the window. I feel good when I see the sunshine, at least I am still alive. At this time, Ali and I were sleeping in the aisle of the piano room on the twelfth floor. The door of the piano room is still locked, and the door is still thickly sealed, as if the cut last night had never happened.
  The uncle who read the library was still chattering: “Why don’t you go back at night? I ran here to sleep…”
  I looked at Ali, who also looked at me in horror.
  When we went back to the dormitory to talk about what happened last night incoherently, we were ridiculed by all the students in the dormitory: “It must have been a hangover when we sneaked to drink last night…” “Don’t worry. The grade director did not Come round…” “You don’t need to find such ridiculous reasons for not returning.”
  I asked Ali what he saw. Ali said that he suddenly put a hand on his shoulder while playing the piano. I thought it was mine, touched it with my hands, it was cold, and when I looked back there was nothing, I passed out.
  When I closed my eyes and lay on the bed, my head was full of horror images from the piano room of the library, so I got up and tried to figure out what happened. I searched on the Internet, found the senior sister, and asked the uncle at the library. Finally, I learned about the story of Moqin: Yang Bai and Zhao Qian in the 2003 session are a pair of talented men and beautiful ladies. Their accomplishments on the piano can be described as culmination. What makes everyone even more enviable is that they are still a couple. Can be described as the golden boy and jade girl on campus. It’s a pity that God’s will is unpredictable. The school only has one place guaranteed to Vienna each year, and both want to make this opportunity for each other. Finally, the kind-hearted girl Zhao Qian committed suicide by jumping from the piano room on the twelfth floor in order to allow Yang Bai to go to Vienna without hesitation. On the night of receiving the admission notice from the Vienna Conservatory of Music, the sad young Bai I also jumped off the building and died in love at the same place… Although the school strictly sealed the news, the poignant love story was handed down on campus.
  I have always had the same dream for countless nights after that. In my dream, I saw the magnificent ceiling of the Vienna Concert Hall, a poignant and beautiful face, a drop of bright red blood on the wall of the piano room, and an unknown melody on the piano, the sound of the piano. A mist that can’t disperse haunts my dream.
  The face in the dream seemed to be talking to me. I could vaguely see the tears in my eyes, but I could hear nothing but the poignant piano melody.
  Until one afternoon, when I was sitting quietly in front of the piano, recalling the mellow melody in my dreams, and my heart moved at will, I knew all the answers. The piano piece in the dream is “The Ninth Chapter of the Night”, which tells the story of Judas’ rebellion. In the story of Yang Bai and Zhao Qian, there are only two people. Who is Judas? Of course it’s Yang Bai.
  I went to the library to check the transcripts of the two of them. Although both of them studied very well, Zhao Qian was much better than Yang Bai. The 7 A’s were better than Yang Bai’s 2 A’s. What surprised me even more was that Yang Bai and Zhao Qian were not lovers. The so-called love between two people was nothing more than Yang Bai’s wishful pursuit. This can be seen from the “I only love Chopin” written by Zhao Qian in her piano diary. Is Jamber Chopin? Of course not. Two A grades do not even qualify as Chopin’s apprentice.
Ask for talent

  That night, I had a dream, and the broken dreams of the past were completely connected in the dream of that night: Zhao Qian wanted to get a place to go to Vienna, but one night, Yang Bai tricked Zhao Qian into it. The piano room raped her, Zhao Qian ashamedly committed suicide by jumping off the building that night, but her soul remained in the piano. Whenever Yang Bai turned on the piano, he would be tortured in pain, and finally he lost control of his spirit and committed suicide by jumping off the building.
  When I woke up from my dream, Ali was sitting next to my bed with light in his eyes and said: “Axin, I have heard all your dreams.” It
  was night, the moon was black and the wind was high.
  Ali and I ran up to the twelfth floor of the library in the dark for the second time. When I pushed open the door of the piano room, the back of my head suddenly hit hard. I fell to the floor, struggling to turn my head, Ali was standing behind me with a stick grimly.
  After Ali knocked me down, he exclaimed excitedly: “Yang Bai, come out, I know you are here!”
  Yang Bai’s gloomy face appeared quietly in the air. “Yang Bai, attach your talents to me, I’m going to Vienna.”
  I suddenly remembered that Ali had always dreamed of going to Vienna, and his level was a great deal in this school. It’s not even considered.
  Yang Bai said in a terrifying voice: “I can fulfill your wish, but you must smash this piano first. There is a ghost of a woman who has been torturing me, and she cannot show her talent no matter how high I am. ”
  I said to Ali: “No, don’t!” But Ali, whose blood had already rushed to his head, couldn’t see the weird expression of Yang Bai when he spoke.
  I struggled to get up, trying to stand in front of Ali. At this time Ali has red eyes, and is no longer the Ali I know. His expression is similar to the expression of Yang Bai that I saw in my dream. .
  Before I stood in front of Ali, Ali gave me a fierce blow, and then gave me a fierce kick. I fell several meters away, and bright red blood flowed from the back of my head. .
  I desperately watched Ali holding a stick approaching the piano step by step. Suddenly, there was a quiet breath in my ears. A silky hand gently stroked my face, and the blood on my head stopped flowing instantly. A voice said in my ear: “Open the window and let the moonlight fill the entire classroom.”
  When Ali proudly carried the stick and approached the piano, I stood up suddenly, opened the window, and the moonlight penetrated in an instant. classroom. Ali slumped to the ground with a cry of “Ah”, and he didn’t make any noise again. Yang Bai’s face was painfully distorted under the white moonlight, and finally disappeared in the light. I don’t think he will ever appear again.
  Zhao Qian’s face appeared beside me. Under the moonlight, it was more beautiful than what I had seen in any dream, but that face was slowly becoming transparent, and I clearly saw the last smile on that face. But I couldn’t grasp it anyhow, and finally the face disappeared into the white moonlight. I fell on my knees, crying bitterly…

  That fall, I left that school and never went back. And Ali, in the city mental hospital, has not been out until now.
  I have been thinking that people are afraid of ghosts, and they probably do too many bad things. In fact, what is really scary is the insatiable greed of people.
  Every night, I set up the piano stand, and the sound of the piano flows like water. I have already improved my piano skills. When my hands are playing the high and low frequencies on both sides, there is always a thin finger that gently presses the middle of the keys for me. Press the “mi” key.