That lamp in the mist

  On the day of the Double Ninth Festival, the old public car and I went to the mountains to ask for a child. We have been married for five years. We have never had children. We have spent a lot of money to seek medical advice. We were also deceived by wild doctors who were running around. To be a doctor, we do not give up any hope. The major hospitals have checked it and there is nothing wrong with it. The doctor said it was mainly due to factors such as emotional environment. This is difficult. There is no certain standard, and the specific implementation is confused. After trying various methods, there was still no movement. This time I went up the mountain because of this.
  The weather was fine and sunny before entering the mountain. As soon as I turned a detour, I was misty in front of me: a cloud of clear fog came down from the mountain, tangled and danced in the south, and then became thicker, gradually losing sight of the road, and opening the road slowly and slowly, and the visibility was only a few meters after turning on the lights far. Most of the buses stopped, and the crowds in twos and threes started to walk together. A few others looked at our car in surprise, shaking their heads and sighing and left. My husband also retreats after seeing this scene. Why don’t we go back too, come tomorrow, or choose another day? As soon as I heard it, my heart got stuck. I remembered the advice and cold words of my mother-in-law that I had received on this matter. In one fell swoop, did I suffer less from this incident? When I said that, my eyes were red, and I was about to cry. Her husband had no choice but to bite the bullet and drove forward.
  In the hesitation, we have reached halfway up the mountain. The front, back, left, and right are all foggy, and there is no clear whiteness, and we can’t tell which is the road, which is the mountain, which is the tree and rock. Cars are basically slower than snails, and every step is frightening, lest you fall off the cliff if you are not careful, thinking of the steep and steep ravines with trees and rocks on the side of the road, if you roll down, the consequences will be disastrous. When I think of this, my scalp tightens, my heart shrinks into a net, and I dare not speak anymore!
  At the moment when we were in distress and anxious, a network of orange lights appeared in front of our car, emitting a faint warm glow in the fog, and it flickered and drifted forward. I hugged my husband tightly, stared at it and asked in a trembled voice, what is this, isn’t it the legendary ghost fire? Husband has always been brave, there is no ghost fire, maybe there is a car ahead, we follow it, its speed is not too fast, always keep the distance for us to see. If it is a car, how can there be only one tail light, and it is still yellow. The taillights should be red. At first, we were scared and followed it from a distance. Later, we saw that there was nothing wrong, and the curve of the winding road was well grasped. We followed it with confidence. The strange thing is that it seemed to know our thoughts and led us all the way to the ancient temple on the mountain. Before we entered the door, it disappeared. At this time, the fog disappeared instantly, and the ancient temple clearly appeared in front of us, and there was a light smoke floating out of it. The noon sun was shining on the flourishing trees and grass in the yard. It was quiet and peaceful, and everything seemed to have never happened. . I want to find another colleague what the orange light is, but there is no trace. It is like a dream.
  There was only one old woman in the temple looking at us with a smile, handing us incense, kindly watching us make a wish with incense, and finally we were going down the mountain, she reluctantly sent us so far, as if we were her Like their loved ones.
  Three months later, I was pregnant. Ten months later, I gave birth to a white and fat little guy with bright eyes, loud cries, and strong kicks in my arms and legs.
  When the child turned one year old, my husband and I drove up the mountain again to honour our wishes. When we walked into the temple again, we found that everything had changed. The amiable old lady was gone, except for an expressionless old man. sweep the floor. Thinking of the bizarre thing that day, I couldn’t help but ask the old man if there was an old lady here who was so dear. Why didn’t I see her today? She was there when we came last time. Hearing our mention of the old lady, the eyes of the old man suddenly darkened. You mean, that old lady in my house, she has been away for several years. The day before the Double Ninth Festival that year, she went home to visit her little grandson. The little grandson wanted to go up the mountain with her to play. Who ever thought, the little grandson wanted to pick wild fruits on the roadside, and she rolled off the cliff when she stepped empty. Feeling that he was guilty, he followed. Alas, there are two lives in a moment, and the old man is crying and crying.
  Hearing this, I only felt my hair creeps, the back of my head was cold, but my mood was extremely heavy. I comforted the old man and left with great heart.
  Nowadays, when there is a heavy fog, I think of that incredible light, and I always feel strange in my heart.