Body fat elderly exercise to protect the waist

  Many elderly friends like to exercise. Experts remind older people who are obese to exercise more attention and protect their waists.
  The human intervertebral disc is like a “spring”, which can buffer the pressure of the spine during movement, protect the spinal cord, and assist the waist to complete the front and back flexion and extension, and left and right rotation. For obese people, the lumbar spine bears a lot of weight and is easily damaged. At the same time, because the lumbar spine is wrapped in thick fat, the adaptability will be worse. If you perform a lot of exercise suddenly, it will add too much pressure to the “tired” lumbar spine in a short period of time, causing the lumbar spine to be unable to bear it and easily causing lumbar disc herniation.
  After entering old age, the kidney qi gradually declines, the lumbar joint ligaments and muscles undergo degenerative changes, and the waist is more likely to be injured. Therefore, the elderly with fat body should pay special attention to exercise. The waist turning movement should be small, relaxed and soft, and gradually adapt from slow to urgent, not to be rushed.
  At the beginning of the exercise, you should do some necessary preparatory activities, especially if you don’t rush to practice in a bed together, you must first exercise your waist appropriately. You can walk slowly indoors for 2 laps, swing your arms while walking, bend forward, extend and turn your waist a few times, do a few squats and stand up, then beat your back with your fists or hands, rub your waist, and beat your legs for a few times.