Secret of Pittsburgh “Voice of the Dead”

The voice of the dead is strange and blurred

  Maggie Berland, who lives in Pittsburgh, USA, and his wife Josephine Berland are a typical middle-class couple. Although they have been married for two years and have no children, the family income is stable, with a house and a car, but they are quite leisurely. . However, in September 2016, an accident completely broke the peace of this small family.
  On the same day, the Magi and his wife were invited to a friend’s housewarming party, during which they met a Hispanic female fortuneteller named Sigety. She was in her early thirties, and she brought a bit of publicity among the guests with tarot fortune telling, palmistry, astrology, etc., and was treated as a god by several bored Kota at the scene.
  Maggie had previously studied pathology in the medical school, and he was disdainful of this and ridiculed Sigety. Unexpectedly, this woman was not to be outdone, and provocatively said that she would calculate her fortune for Maggie.
  Maggie stretched out his hand contemptuously, and Sigtay squeezed his palms and looked right and left. Not only did he accurately tell the current situation of his life and work, but he also told the history of his twin brother who died of the flu in his childhood.
  The death of his younger brother was a deep pain in Maggie’s heart. Even his wife had never told him, but he was surprised that he was “calculated” by a fortune teller.
  At this time, Sigety handed over his business card and enthusiastically invited the couple to his studio.
  Two days later, Maggie, who was confused and curious, took Josephine to the door. Of course, Sigtay didn’t miss the opportunity to boast of magical powers. He claimed to have a universal inspiration, and showed himself a group photo with some celebrities. The celebrities did not hesitate to ask her to use the “psychic” magic of yin and yang to communicate with the dead relatives and friends.
  Seeing that the couple were dubious, Slott took them into the so-called “spiritual room” enclosed inside the person, expressing with certainty that they would “psychic” for Maggie and Zaoyao’s younger brother.
  The three people were sitting around a round table with a crystal ball in the room. After Sigety played a trick on the crystal ball in the dim light, a slight childish voice suddenly rang out, calling Maggie’s nickname, and babbling. Tell me some trivia about children. Although Maggie was indifferent to his younger brother, his parents kept a video of his recitation, so his voice was not unfamiliar. Now that I heard the sound of “psychic” in person, I became more and more surprised.
  After this, Maggie’s attitude towards Sigtay took a 180-degree turn. Not only did she frequently visit her house, and repeatedly asked her to help her communicate with her younger brother Yin and Yang, she even became fascinated by the so-called “psychic” spell.
  Josephine didn’t mind her husband’s changes at first, but gradually, she noticed that Maggie’s behavior was strange: several times when she woke up from her sleep late at night, she actually saw Maggie wearing a boy scout costume with no expression on her face. Cruising at home.
  At first Josephine thought her husband was sleepwalking, but Maggie explained that she was learning to “possess the dead.” “Dead possession” is a “key” of western spiritism. Only with this kind of power can a wizard freely move out of the so-called yin and yang realm.
  One night later, Josephine woke up from a deep sleep and found that the person next to her pillow was missing again. She looked around and found that the underground storage room was locked, but finally she had to call the police for help. When the police forcibly opened the storage room, everyone saw that the small space was set up as a “conspiracy room” at some point. Maggie sat beside the crystal ball in the dim light. He even wore a golden wig and a large maternity outfit.
  Just as Josephine was about to step forward, he saw Maggie on the opposite side turning his face, gazing dullly with a finger towards her and said quietly: “Sister, you are a bad woman! You deceived my Maggie.” Although it is very sharp. The voice of a woman, but it sounds like thunder to Josephine, because the voice from her husband’s mouth at this moment is the voice of her sister, An Qi, whom she knows so well.
The sudden change of the dark night blood slaughter

  It is said that An Qi was originally Maggie’s girlfriend when she was in medical school, but she was opposed by her parents because of her relationship. After graduating from university, she resolutely cut off contact with her family, married Maggie and went to Pittsburgh to work hard. An Qi became pregnant a year later, and her sister Josephine went to Pittsburgh to take care of her on the pretext of discussing business.
  However, things are impermanent. An Qi accidentally fell at home and died of bleeding. Maggie was once in pain and unable to extricate himself. Fortunately, during Josephine’s company, Maggie gradually developed a subtle affection for Josephine. The two entered into a marriage.
  After marriage, the husband and wife are harmonious, but they have always avoided An Qi. Josephine was especially entangled when he didn’t want to be brought out because of the “psychic” now.
  After this happened, Maggie’s “dead possession” became more frequent. For a while, it was his younger brother who died young, and then his ex-wife An Qi. The state of confusion seriously affects work and life. In view of her husband’s mental disorder, Josephine even coaxed him to accompany him to consult a psychologist. After examination, it was determined to be a rare multiple personality disorder, namely, psychological MPD, a type of personality split that is difficult to cure.
  Now Josephine was full of resentment and pointed directly at Sigtay, feeling that it was her so-called “psychic” trick that had harmed her husband, so she went to the door to ask for an explanation.
  After listening to Josephine’s intention, Sigoty rolled his eyes and explained: “It may be that the two deceased were too close to Maggie, and his own way is not deep and difficult to control, so this double alternation occurs. Possession situation.”
  Josephine eagerly asked the solution. Sigtay pondered for a moment and said: “Usually mana is difficult to take away two alternately possessed undead, unless another spell is used to drive away the possessed undead, but this method will consume a lot of my physical and mental energy. , So customers need to pay a lot of money.”
  Josephine heard angrily: “What? You caused my husband to look like a man and a ghost, I did not sue you for mental damage , You asked us for money instead?” “Then I can do nothing.” Sigoty shrugged and replied indifferently.
  Now Josephine couldn’t help quarreling with him anymore, and even torn into a ball with Sigety when he was angry. As a result, the police came upon hearing the news and detained Josephine on charges of trespassing and violent assault.
  Soon, Maggie rushed to the police station to provide security and take Josephine home. He calmly told his wife that he had known his condition privately for a long time, and also learned that as the condition progressed, his “intermittent awake state” would become shorter and shorter. If not treated, it would lead to serious consequences. Moreover, the local law stipulates that for this disease, patients must be treated in a designated mental sanatorium for more than one year of closed treatment.
  He told Josephine: “The reason why I am obsessed with spiritism is because every time I experience’dead possession’, I can always feel what An Qi from another world wants to tell me. Because I was not around when she died in an accident. , So I want to let Sigety cast a’psychic’ for me and Angie before I lose control of the fire monster, so as to understand her unfulfilled wish.”

covid-19  Josephine was silent for a long time, and sighed and allowed Maggie to go to Sigoty.
  After calculation, Sigety informed Maggie and his wife that three days later, the midnight was the most suitable “window period” for the communication between humans and ghosts in spiritism, so he decided to switch to Maggie to communicate Yin and Yang by then.
  Three days later, Maggie went as scheduled. Josephine stayed at home in a panic throughout the night, and finally reached dawn, bewildered asking someone to sleep, but was awakened by a rapid knock on the door. Opening the door, she saw several serious-faced police officers presenting their IDs, telling Sigety that she had been found dead in the “conspiracy room”.
  Josephine subconsciously believed that Maggie’s sudden illness caused a tragedy, and was about to defend her husband. However, the police told her that they had reviewed the public camera records near the crime scene and found that Maggie and Maggie were “psychic” that night. Sigety bid farewell and left, and soon thereafter another person entered Sigety’s residence, this person was Josephine.
  Josephine was shocked and was about to argue, but heard a noise behind him. Turning his head, he saw Maggie got out of the storage room at some unknown time. He was dressed as a weird pregnant woman, confused and stiff.
  Josephine rushed over as soon as he saw it, and while holding Maggie’s arm as he shook desperately, he said repeatedly: “My dear, sober up, please tell the police that I stayed at home last night and didn’t go there at all.” With a glimmer of hope, she tried to awaken her soulless husband to prove her innocence.
  Maggie shook his body under Josephine’s eager pull, and his sluggish eyes slowly swept across the crowd in front of him mechanically, and finally settled on Josephine. Josephine looked at her numb husband, her heart sank, and she shivered subconsciously.
  Sure enough, Maggie spoke, but he made an Anqi voice and asked with a reproachful tone: “Sister, why are you taking everything that belongs to me?”
  This seemed to be a question from hell, Joseph Fenton felt his breathing stopped.
Myth Cracking Counterattack Peak Back

  In addition to the surveillance video near the scene of Sigtai’s death, the police quickly found Josephine’s coat stained with blood from the deceased at Maggie’s house, and detected sleeping pills in the water she gave her husband. The piles pointed clearly. , The police immediately took Josephine into custody with “major suspicion”.
  Josephine, who was staying in the detention center, recalled many weird and bizarre details before, and everything seemed to originate from the “psychic” and was destroyed by the psychic.”
  Regarding Angie’s death, Josephine did have an ulterior secret: At the beginning, the parents, regardless of Josephine’s contribution to the family business, and deliberately let An Qi inherit the family business. She secretly instigated her sister to run away, causing her parents to deprive An Qi of her inheritance rights. However, when her parents heard that An Qi was pregnant, she would Half of the equity was transferred to her.
  This made Josephine feel that her efforts for the family for many years had become futile, and she was angry and dissatisfied with her parents and sister. It happened that she went to Pittsburgh to discuss business and took the opportunity to privately persuade her sister to transfer the equity, but the sisters The two quarreled and caused An Qi to wrestle and miscarry. Josephine furiously went away regardless of the safety of his sister, and finally caused An Qi to lose blood and die.
  Although Josephine felt guilty afterwards, he found out when he and Maggie arranged the funeral together. An Qi has transferred all the shares under her name to her husband in a will. In order to regain the shares, Josephine approached Maggie in the name of sympathy and comfort and married him, with the intention of taking control of the entire family business after the death of his parents.
  However, Joseph Fen is extravagant and extravagant, Maggie is thrifty and introverted, and the marriage of fake dramas has long been annoying each other in reality. Just when Josephine was struggling, she accidentally met the so-called so-called wizard Sigtay, so she had a plan. After investigating her husband’s family affairs in private, she bought a situation with Sgeta, and wanted to use Maggie’s brother “Voice of the Dead” to induce him to sell shares. However, the situation changed drastically afterwards, and she herself was confused because of suspicion of murder. imprisoned.
  after a few days, Magee lawyer Josephine will pay the bail back. he told his wife, a doctor has recommended that in view of their condition worsened go to Ohio, a well-known psychiatric treatment will be closed as soon as possible. then he took out the signed The power of attorney was handed over to Josephine, entrusting her with full control and management of the equity under her name.
  That night, Josephine, who was sleeping, was awakened by the slight noise, opened his eyes, and saw Maggie dressed as Angie standing erect by the bed. Josephine was shocked and sat up and asked in a trembling voice, “Angie, what do you want?”
  ”I want your life, dear.” The opposite “Angie” sneered and said, but this time It was Maggie’s own voice. Josephine looked at her husband through the faint moonlight outside the window, and his eyes flashed with rational brutality and pride.
  ”So you have been pretending to be crazy?” Josephine suddenly realized something and asked. “For Angie.” Maggie said, raising the dagger in his hand.
  When the time was too late, several policemen who had waited in ambush rushed into the room to twist Maggie. It turned out that after his younger brother “Voice of the Dead” appeared, Maggie went to Sigety out of curiosity to inquire, but had no intention of discovering that she and his wife had a private setting. At first, he was only angry at Josephine’s deceitful feelings for gaining property. However, in the process of private investigation, he learned that even though Josephine’s death was not deliberate, he had an unshirkable moral responsibility. In the middle, he bid a higher price to buy Sigtay, and will play a total of so-called “dead possession”.