A five-star hotel built in a graveyard

  In the summer of this year, I ate skewers with a few friends and somehow chatted about ghost movies in Hong Kong. The topic was pretty relaxed at first, but after two of them told me about their personal experiences, the goose bumps immediately covered the whole body:
  two close friends, Azhi and Pengpeng, graduated from a vocational high school in Nancheng, Beijing. After graduation, with classmates A newly built five-star hotel-“Big X Park Hotel” is assigned to Nancheng. After finishing the final cleanup, they began to prepare to welcome the first batch of guests. Some of the students went to the housekeeping department, and some went to the front office. And Azhi and Pengpeng were assigned to the banquet department due to their tough appearance.
   Freshly graduated students are like machines that have been wound up. Already after the middle shift, Azhi and Pengpeng were stopped by the director of the Recreation Department: “You two, don’t leave. Help us clean the bottom of the swimming pool together. The water can be stored tomorrow morning.” Reluctantly, Azhi, Pengpeng and the other three students had to clean the swimming pool together.
   A Zhishi couldn’t hold it anymore, so he sat down at the bottom of the pool and asked Pengpeng: “What time is it?”
   “It is 10 minutes to 12 o’clock,” Pengpeng replied.
   The supervisor seemed to remember something, and said, “I have something to do, let’s go first. I think it’s almost the same. Don’t forget to turn off the lights and lock the door when you leave later.” After that, he climbed the steps and walked away. “Let’s help him withdraw first by himself. Let’s go, brothers, don’t do it.” Azhi finally spoke.
   Five people climbed ashore from the bottom of the pool, and Ah Zhi took out cigarettes and handed them to his classmates, “You lock the door, I will sign out with my friends at the banquet department first. Wait for us at the door, and let’s have supper later.”
   When Azhi and Pengpeng came back, they saw the other three with unlit cigarettes in their mouths, their faces pale and standing at the entrance of the locked recreation department, their eyes dull. “We just heard someone swimming inside!” one of them stared. “Big bragging, the swimming pool is not filled with water, have you heard someone swimming?” Azhi said disdainfully. But the three people’s expressions were unquestionably terrifying, and the cigarettes stuck firmly to the three people’s open mouths. Azhi glanced at Pengpeng, grabbed the key and opened the door of the Recreation Club. Pengpeng turned on the light. Five people stood by the swimming pool without a drop of water. The other three had already lost blood.
   Turn off the lights and lock the door again. Azhi looked at the other three people with disdain, “These days, you treat me as stupid…” Azhi’s mouth froze, he stared at his friend, and he stared at him. The sound of water came from the recreation club. It was the sound of someone swimming. “Wow…” The other three people were already shaking with fright. Pengpeng turned around, yes, the sound of water came from the swimming pool. “Wow…” The five strong men finally collapsed and rushed to the dressing room.
   The next day, Azhi and Pengpeng were transferred to the housekeeping department and the management department because of rumors in the staff canteen. The other three students were transferred to the catering department.
   It was in the third week that Azhi was transferred to the housekeeping department. Once on a night shift, I was idle and ready to go to bed. The foreman suddenly rushed into the floor office viciously.
   “What did you do? The guest in the 3XX room complained that there weren’t a single towel in the bathroom.”
   “I put two in the bathroom as required.” Azhi was also anxious, “have you checked the room too?”
   “Yeah, I checked it.” The supervisor was also stunned, “Then… you can send two of them first. I think you can’t get away with this negligent order. The guest is the owner’s friend.” After
   sending the towel, Azhi lay down in the office. Fell asleep depressed. At four o’clock in the morning, the front desk informed Azhi to round the room and a team would check out. Ah Zhi sleepyly rounds wards from room to room. When I found the last one, I bumped into the leader.
   “Your hotel is really weird. I obviously used a bath towel last night, but I woke up this morning and found that there were two more bathrooms. The service of the newly opened hotel is just as good.” The leader mumbled.
   Ash suddenly disappeared from sleep, rushed into the bathroom, God, there are really two more bath towels. Ah Zhi’s head is big, and every pore is full of terror. Just one thought-run.
   Just out of the room, he ran into the duty manager and supervisor head-on with two security guards to change rooms for the guests in Room 319. The supervisor told Azhi disdainfully: “The guest has a problem, and complained that someone touched him while sleeping. Turning on the light and I couldn’t see others. After repeated tossing several times throughout the night, I still felt that someone touched him and said there was a ghost in the house!” Ah Zhi can’t hear the words behind… After the story is finished, I and Ah Zhi look at each other. He seemed to have seen something and asked me: “You don’t believe me, if it wasn’t for my personal experience, I wouldn’t believe it. You go and ask the first batch of people who work at the Grand X Park Hotel. They all know that strange things happen frequently in the hotel. Later guests If you live a lot, you will be fine if you have a heavy Yang Qi. Do you know why? The hotel was built in the original graveyard. ”
   I can’t hear the words behind… Our compound is also built on the original graveyard. Old people in Beijing know that now the Gongzhu Tomb is to the west, and the army compound on the south side of Chang’an Avenue, many of which are built in the original grave. I said that when I was young, I could always dig out many skeletons as long as I participated in the tree-planting activities of the interest group in Wuyi Primary School. At that time, I was playing with my classmates in the playground.
   I settled the bill in a daze, and the boss took the money: “Why is it so hot, your hands are so cold?” I agreed with a hip-hop, and walked home quickly. Does Ah Zhi’s words really make sense. Goose bumps have crawled all over the body. After entering the gate, the lights of the house can be seen through the orchard. Suddenly I stumbled over a tree root or something. “Damn,” I scolded.
   “It’s okay for you?” Accompanied by the voice, a hand stretched out in front of me kindly.
   “It’s okay.” I shook that hand subconsciously, his hand was colder than mine…