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  According to the literature, the crop circle first appeared in England. It was 1647, more than 360 years ago. In the early 1980s, the British repeatedly discovered strange circles in Hampshire and West, and most of them were in wheat fields. Therefore, the strange circle was officially named “Crop Circle”. For hundreds of years, this mysterious phenomenon has continued to appear. The U.S., Australia, Europe, South America, Asia and other places have frequently discovered crop circles, most of which are in the United Kingdom. According to relevant records, the seasons where the crop circles appear the most are spring and summer. Early crop circles patterns were relatively simple. However, over time, the patterns became more complex and symmetrical, and some even showed a three-dimensional effect from the air.
  The crop circles and their mysterious patterns are truly phenomena that appear in wheat fields all over the world; but so far, no one can tell us: what kind of force likes to create these exquisite and mysterious patterns in the
  crop fields … Puzzle
  crop circles are wheat fields or other fields, through some kind of power generated by the crop flattening geometric pattern. It is still impossible to explain what kind of equipment or method can achieve this phenomenon.
  The mysterious phenomenon of wheat field only began to attract public attention in the late 1970s. At present, many crop circle incidents have been exposed by others or by themselves as being deliberately created for fun or attracting tourists. Only the “smooth collapse” of crops in the crop circle and the burnt marks of the plant stem nodes cannot be achieved by human flattening. There are also MIT students who tried to reverse this phenomenon with self-made equipment but still failed to achieve it. .
  The first report on the phenomenon of “crop circles” can be traced back to Britain in 1647. Since then, crop circles have been frequently discovered in the United States, Australia, Europe, South America, Asia and other places, most of which are in the United Kingdom. Up to now, about 250 crop circles appear in the world every year, with different patterns. Regrettably, for more than 350 years, the scientific community has been controversial about how the vicious circle was formed. There are currently five main theories about the cause. The earliest discovered illustration of the crop circle is seen in an ancient book in 1678. In “The Devil Who Cuts Wheat”, a demon is holding a sickle and making a circle in a wheat field. This picture serves as evidence of the existence of a strange circle in the 17th century. However, the illustration shows that the devil did not bend the wheat but cut it off, so it is a bit different from the wheat ring.
  Reasons for the formation guess
  ”UFO and alien creation,” said
  this is the most controversial theory. Those who support this theory believe that the crop circles are “business cards” handed by aliens to people on Earth, or traces left by alien spacecraft when they land on Earth.
  Witnesses claimed to see the light emitted by UFOs or hear some strange noises where the crop circles appeared, so some people believed that the appearance of the crop circles was related to the UFO phenomenon.
  More than 80 eyewitnesses reported that they saw the crop circle formed in just 15 seconds. According to their description, before or during the formation of the crop circle, bright light balls and sometimes swirling beams of light will appear, and then the crops in the field will form various patterns.
  One night in 1972, two UF0 phenomenon enthusiasts sat on a hillside near the British town of Warminster, hoping to have a chance to witness UFOs, because it has been a place where UFOs frequently appear for more than a decade. Although they did not see UFOs that night, they witnessed a shocking scene: Under the bright moonlight, about 30 meters away from them, a crop suddenly fell down in just 20 seconds, forming a strange circle of wheat fields.
  In August 2001, in the Netherlands, two eyewitnesses saw some white beams of light shining into a green peas field, and soon a crop circle appeared in the spot where the beam of light had been shining.
  ”Cyclone Formation” says
  One of the most scientific theories is that the crop circle is formed by a whirlwind, and a rotating wind column generated by the whirlwind vortex presses part of the crops to the ground to form the crop circle. This cyclone vortex is common in some mountainous areas, such as some areas in southern England.
  Crop circles appear in various crops, including wheat, corn, oats, rice, rape, barley, rye, tobacco fields, etc., as well as weeds; moreover, most crop circles are found in steep mountains Low-lying nearby. These characteristics help explain the theory that the crop circles are formed by cyclones.
  In the 1980s, the editor of the international academic journal “Journal of Meteorology” and retired professor of physics, Dr. Terrence Midden, attributed the spiral pattern of wheat fields to atmospheric phenomena, such as cyclone vortices or tornadoes formed by dust storms. He believes that the whirlwind (which he called the “plasma vortex”) that caused the crop circle has a certain energy. When dust particles are carried by the energetic whirlwind, they look like UFOs in the eyes of some witnesses. Bright light.
  This theory of Midden may explain some simple crop circles, but for more and more complex patterns that appeared after the 1990s, such as ellipses, triangles, complex circles, irregular figures, hieroglyphs, etc. There is nothing I can do. Some people say that if Dr. Midden had witnessed sandstorms and tornadoes, he might not have thought so. For example, in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, there are often scenes of sandstorms sweeping across the desert in the evening news program: when the sandstorm moves forward, a circular cyclone is formed and rotates forward, but it rotates forward. Sandstorms will neither form a neat and orderly circular trajectory nor overwhelm the crops, but will only bring along the dust that becomes the main body of the sandstorm.
  Tornadoes are the most destructive storms on the planet. They can wind up houses, humans, livestock, cars, trees, etc. wherever they pass. However, a tornado doesn’t press anything on the ground, it just pulls everything up from the ground and then carries it away. The same is true for hurricanes. If there is something that cannot be taken away by a tornado or a hurricane, it will be destroyed. For example, the leaves on the trees where the hurricane and tornado pass will be swept away.
  If atmospheric disturbance is the cause of the formation of the wheat field, then the crop stalks should be uprooted from the ground. Even if the stalks are still in the ground, the leaves and grains above should be peeled off, how can they be left behind? Neat, unbroken stalks? What’s more, how can the passing whirlwind create a beautiful and complex crop circle in a few seconds?
  ”Earth Energy” On
  Some call into or near the crop circles, they will physically even have some emotional discomfort. Some people feel nausea and vomiting, headaches, dizziness, acupuncture tingling, and loss of direction; some people feel calm or nervous; some people get a certain therapeutic effect. In 1996, after a group of women visited the wheat field near Stonehenge in the UK, they reported that their normal menstrual cycle had changed, and some women who had been menopaused suddenly had menstruation again.
  Some researchers believe that the crop circles are formed by the energy of the earth itself. One possible form of earth energy is electromagnetic radiation. In fact, some scientists did detect strong electromagnetic fields in the crop circles.
  In the early 1990s, the American biophysicist Dr. William Levingood discovered that the crops in the crop enclosure are damaged in the same way as they have been heated in a microwave oven. Based on this, he believes that the crops in the crop circle are rapidly heated by some kind of microwave-like energy from the inside.