A family of four in the United States evaporated during breakfast

  Recently, progress has been made in the bizarre disappearance of a family of four in Alaska. The police said that the family of four missing for nearly a year may have died. A few days ago, a driver driving on the trail found clothes and some items, and then notified the police. The Kenai City Police Department has confirmed that the clothes belong to a family of four missing. The police and FBI launched an extensive investigation into this bizarre disappearance, but found nothing. The scene where a family of four disappeared was even more misty. Neighbor Desiree Gillam told reporters from ABC (Alaska Radio and Television) that Adams’ phone number and ID card were still at home. “The landlord found that there was still uneaten food on the table and cabinet, and the jacket was still on. On the backs of the chairs, it seemed that they had disappeared for no reason while eating breakfast.” Relatives said that the Rebecca family of four did not pack any luggage, and two cars were parked outside the apartment. Their rent has not been paid since June last year.

  Jordan and Ryan, a couple in New Jersey, USA, discovered by accident when they were watching a home video. They had already met 16 years ago. According to the couple, they met and married in 2004 through a blind date. A few years ago, the two were surprised to find when watching a home video that they had seen each other in Pennsylvania as early as 1988. The video recorded the scene of Jordan playing in the Sesame Amusement Park, and at this moment, Ryan walked into the camera, although only for a moment. Later, the family members of both parties also confirmed that the couple had been to Sesame Amusement Park at that time.

  According to foreign media reports, a centenarian in the United States has been working as a car salesman for 66 years. He still insists on going to work and does not want to retire, saying that “if he is free he will not live long.” Alexander started working in the career he thought of as his dream-car sales since 1949. Before that, he had worked on the farm and also worked as a mechanic. Now Alexander sells cars to the sons and grandsons of old customers. Alexander believes that if a person just sits and watches TV in a small environment inside and outside his house, it is estimated that he will not live long.

  In order to raise her daughter and later help her to raise her grandson, an Egyptian woman disguised herself as a man in 43 years so that she could do physical work. She was known as the “most dedicated mother”. Cisa Abu Dau is 65 years old and lives in Luxor, an ancient city on the Nile. She lost her husband at 21 years old and was 6 months pregnant at the time. She decided to pretend to be a men’s clothing and work as a part-time worker. Dau said that she did not intentionally conceal her gender, and that she did so just to avoid being bullied or encountering other people’s strange eyes. She shaved her hair, put on men’s clothing, and worked successively as a brick maker and a shoe shiner.

  According to foreign media reports, there is a 15-year-old boy named Karla in Punjab State in northern India. His body has amazing flexibility and is known as the “rubber boy”. His head can be rotated 180 degrees, his arms can be rotated 360 degrees, and his hands can be brought from behind to the front through the top of his head. Karla’s body is extremely flexible, and her movements are very flexible. Some of the signature moves make people shocked. His signature moves include: bending the legs backwards all the way to the shoulders, rotating the head 180 degrees to face the back, rotating the arms 360 degrees, and passing the hands from the back through the top of the head to the front. Because of his flexibility, Karla said that he did not feel pain and discomfort in these movements.

  Russian Hercules Ivan Safkin used his shoulders to drag a 312-ton crane, setting a new world record. Safkin prepares to challenge a ship equal to the Eiffel Tower in the next step. In this pioneering move, Safkin attached a strap to each shoulder and tried to drag the crane on the rails. However, the wheels of the crane were stuck on the rails and could not move. So he switched to the other end and tried again, and finally succeeded in dragging the crane forward 1.52 meters, refreshing the world record of “maximum weight dragged by manpower”. Safkin is 32 years old and is known as the strongest man in Russia. He has previously towed Airbus planes, passenger ships, electric trains, diesel locomotives, anti-aircraft missile systems and various tanks.

  According to the British “Daily Mail” report, the American man Keaton suffers from a rare skin disease. His skin can attract objects like a suction cup, just like the “magnet king” in “X-Men”. Keaton’s skin disease has not yet been named. His body temperature is higher than that of ordinary people, which makes his pores like suction cups that can absorb objects. Moreover, his wounds can heal quickly, he rarely gets sick, and ages slower than ordinary people. In a TV festival, Keaton performed the “stunt” of pouring water from a water bottle into a cup. His “superpower” also won him a Guinness World Record-the person with the most jars on his head. At that time, he had 8 jars on his head and held them for 10 seconds. According to doctors, Keaton is the only person in the United States who has this kind of “attraction.” Keaton’s “superpowers” also appeared with age. When he was about 7 years old, he found that toys were always sticking to his skin.

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