Working for 156 countries, the guy earns ten thousand pounds

  Johnny Odd, 31, was born in an ordinary family in a small town in Northern Ireland, England. On the night after he was born, his father, who had been idle, ran away from home. Left behind Odder, his mother, and his sister who is 5 years older than him.
  But the strong mother and sensible sister make this single-parent family full of happiness. “We don’t have much money at home, but we have a lot of love.” Ode, who liked reading and writing diaries since he was a child, wrote such sentences in his 7-year-old diary.
  Being optimistic and humorous since he was a child, and writing the shabby and shameful things in life so that people can’t help but laugh, is Odder’s extraordinary ability. Before the age of 18, Odder never left the town where he lived, but his diary was full of travel diaries all over the world. He said to his mother: “This is the place I will definitely go in the future! Just take it as a preview!”
  At the age of 18, Odd entered the Department of International Economics, University of London, because he didn’t have much money, he half a month in advance. Setting off, I took a ride to London, and everyone I met was kind and friendly. After four years of university, every time he went back and forth between school and home, Ode was a hitchhiker, and he was asked to write two thick diaries, and the earned manuscript fee paid at least one year of tuition for Ode.
  In 2006, the 22-year-old graduated from Ordell University. He was admitted to a bank in London. He is going to work for two years to help the family pay off debts, and then travel to the country where he wants to travel most-Thailand. But less than a month after he worked, he was fired by the company because of an oversight at work. When he was extremely depressed, his mother called him: “Don’t you want to travel since you were young? Go while you are young! Mom supports you!” In this way, Ode went to Thailand.
  But he had no money to travel at all, and rented a room with all the money, and Odder began to travel while working as an English teacher. He speaks pure English, and the teaching method is also very special. Let the students take him to various attractions and taste Thai snacks. He then charges a symbolic fee.
  Odder wrote this special way of traveling and working in his blog. Soon after, a Thai travel magazine found out and hired him to write a travel column. The number of visits to his blog started to rise. In 2007, Ode’s blog already had advertisements, which allowed him to have a steady monthly income of $200.
  At the end of 2007, Aode left Thailand and began traveling to Asian countries. Without a prominent family background and no fixed job, Aude is a real poor traveler. I have taken a cargo ship, squeezed into a passenger car, and climbed to the top of the train in order to avoid the fare. But no matter where he went, how difficult the conditions were, Ode took his laptop and insisted on blogging every day. Share with you all kinds of interesting, embarrassing and touching things during the journey.
  In 2011, Aude, who had traveled to more than 90 countries, returned to the first stop of his journey-Thailand, and also met a beautiful love during this journey. The girl is 5 years younger than him, and her name is Jia. She is a tall and beautiful flight attendant. The other is a fan of Odder’s blog, and the two fell in love at first sight.
  Soon after, an African company approached Odder and offered to pay him to help create a company blog. This became a turning point in Odder’s life. In just two months, Odder could easily earn £4,000 only by searching and clicking on the blog page. A year later, these revenues have allowed him to open his own online media company in Thailand to help customers and brands use blogs for marketing.
  In a blink of an eye, 3 years later, Odder has earned 1 million pounds through network marketing. And this 31-year-old man also traveled to 156 countries in early September 2015!
  ”You don’t have to come from a wealthy family to have a wonderful life!” This man who used to travel poor because he didn’t work well, so embarrassed to tell anyone his career, now declares: you can travel without work, and travel Make money!