Military common sense ruined by Hollywood

  The heroic battles of the martyrs of the motherland against the enemy have brought us today’s peaceful and stable life. At the same time, our generation, who is far away from wars, basically rely on film and television works to popularize military knowledge. As everyone knows, the military common sense of individual film directors and screenwriters is probably not as good as our audience, and the flaws brought about by this are also ridiculous.
  Let’s take a look at the most common military common sense ruined by Hollywood movie blockbusters!
  Pistol rifle to fight
  in the movie, often holding a pistol and the rifle holding opponents fighting scenes appear, take the pistol is often positive character, alone against armed with AK-47 rifles and other heavy firepower the bad guys, unruffled, will Its defeated.
  However, in reality, the effective range of a pistol is often only a few tens of meters, while the range of a rifle usually ranges from hundreds of meters to thousands of meters, and the blocking ability of the rifle is unmatched by a pistol, so after the shooting distance exceeds 14 meters Compared with the pistol, the rifle has an absolute advantage in hit rate and lethality. It can be seen that the scene of the pistol and the rifleman alone in the movie is really misleading!
  I sweep, I sweep, I sweep sweep
  in film and television works, the lone hero can often armed with submachine guns, assault rifles swept the enemy, closely linked to the trigger, like how to play how to play, I want to play how long to play how long ……
  In reality, however, submachine gun The magazine capacity of the assault rifle is as small as 15 to 30 rounds, and the maximum is 50 to 100 rounds. At the shooting speed of the M4A1 automatic rifle or MP5 submachine gun, if the gunman keeps pulling the trigger, it will be within a few seconds. Light all the bullets in the magazine, and the air guiding system of many assault rifles cannot withstand long-term continuous shooting. Strafing, strafing, and strafing again, that can only be done with heavy machine guns that can be carried by two or three people.
  Sniper rifle shot through sight
  in a movie or television show, just snipers often side with the enemy in the game against snipers, precise bullet into the other in sight, off the hook its head.
  In reality, the 7.62mm sniper rifle bullet cannot penetrate the scope of another sniper rifle. Because of the complex structure of modern sights, there are many internal lenses. Rifle bullets will deviate when they break through each layer of the lens in the scope, resulting in a crooked shot.
  Bullet detonated explosives
  both in film and television work or play, the audience or the players most loved is to throw explosives enemy vehicles or defense facility, then a tiny pistol bullet to shoot the explosion, the enemy Blow up to the sky.
  However, this is one of the biggest jokes made by directors or game makers. Nowadays, the commonly used TNT and C4 explosives must be detonated with a detonator. Therefore, during the Vietnam War, the U.S. military often tried to ignite C4 explosives to burn food, because they knew that explosive packs could not explode without a detonator!
  Rifles and helicopters
  In the movie, the actor often heroic in the face of enemy armed helicopter, with the hands of a rifle shot breakdown helicopter window, killing its pilot, causing the enemy helicopter crash.
  However, in reality, this is tantamount to a fantasy. First, when attacking ground targets, armed helicopters can take advantage of being condescending to perfectly suppress them with cannons, revolving heavy machine guns or bazookas. If ground targets want to counterattack the high-speed helicopter with a small rifle, they just follow. The insects in flight are similar. In addition, modern armed helicopters use high-strength bullet-proof glass as the front window to resist 12.7mm heavy machine gun bullets, not to mention the small-caliber rifle in the hands of the hero.
  Air combat fighter
  in the movie, fierce fighters, the enemy in the rear of my machine. And our ace pilot was calm and calm, driving the plane constantly shaking left and right, so that the enemy plane could never lock our fighter plane.
  In reality, the flying method of zigzag movement may be effective when people avoid aiming firearms, but for fighter jets, it will only reduce the maneuvering energy necessary for the aircraft to use in aerial combat. Once locked by the enemy’s missile guidance head, they are easily hit.
  Silent silencer
  In spy films or film and television works depicting the infiltration of special forces, the protagonist often approaches the enemy sentry from behind with stunts, and then shoots a pistol equipped with a silencer through the back of his head, and then a stride to support it. Its fallen body just penetrated into the enemy’s hinterland unconsciously.
  However, the real silencer equipment is not silent. The sound of ordinary tactical pistols with silencers is usually between 90 and 130 decibels, which is much louder than the sound of people hitting the ground.
  People blown
  in the movie, the protagonist thrown grenade or grenades, blow up enemy not only facilities, but also the enemy soldier blown everywhere.
  However, in a real encounter, even if the whole person is pressed on top of a grenade that is slammed, it will not be blown up.
  In the house firing rockets
  against terrorism class film and television works, such scenes often occur: positive character multiplied vehicles from passing through the streets in defense of the military police, and sneaky terrorist is hiding in a street In a dark room, a rocket launcher protruded from a window or a gap, trying to launch a rocket to blow up the vehicle of the person in front.
  However, in reality, unless the terrorist is a fool, he would never do it. Because the rocket launcher will eject the tail flame to the rear when it is launched, if the rocket is fired indoors, the tail flame will seriously burn the launcher. This is why many countries in the world prohibit troops from launching rockets in closed and narrow spaces!
  The above examples also further illustrate that movies are movies after all, and viewing sex is the first priority, and letting the audience “knowledge” is not the first consideration of film directors.