The healing power of the sea

  Speaking of the sea, it is always reminiscent of its amazing destructive power. A tsunami can destroy a town, a storm can sink a ship, and a wave can take countless lives. Although it has amazing destructive power, the sea also has amazing healing power, which has a soothing effect on people’s mind and body. Swimming up from the sea, you will feel relaxed and happy, full of vitality.
  Using the soothing effect of the sea on the mind and body can treat patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental illnesses. When a person experiences some kind of terrible, horrible, and unexpected catastrophe, mentally traumatized, neurologically slow, numb or even unresponsive to people, this is post-traumatic stress disorder, which is more common in veterans. For this disease, traditional therapies include electric shock, hypnosis, yoga, etc., but the effect is not very satisfactory.
  The sea therapy was born in 2003. The sea therapy mainly relies on the sensory stimulation caused by the waves washing the human body to reduce the symptoms of patients. The results prove that the effect is significant. In the United States, several veterans who have returned from the battlefield in Afghanistan are depressed and reluctant to speak. After a few waves of surfing, to everyone’s expectations, they laughed and the depression was wiped out.
  The principle of the sea therapy is based on the flow theory. When a person is focused and immersed in a certain activity, he will feel happy and peaceful. With this state, some neurochemicals, such as cannabinoids and serotonin, will flood the brain at the same time. These neurochemicals are the same class of antidepressant drugs. As long as you participate in regular surfing for 5 weeks, you can effectively treat post-traumatic stress disorder, relieve symptoms and relieve pain.
  Surfing is similar to but not the same as the experience of soldiers on the battlefield. On the battlefield, they need to help each other and look around because of the enemy’s situation, fearing that their teammates may “disappear” at any time and never see each other; and they also need to help each other when surfing, but they don’t need to be nervous. The surfing activity pulled them out of the terrible shadow of the battlefield.
  So far, more than 1,000 veterans in the United States have participated in the sea therapy, and the effect is very good. One of the soldiers attempted to commit suicide by hanging himself, but after learning to surf, he postponed the time of suicide for a week, and then delayed it again and again, and finally “healed without treatment.”
  Today people are accustomed to treating diseases with drugs. In fact, the most effective “drugs” in the world are not made by humans, but gifted by nature. Returning to nature is the healthiest way of life.