The scientific interpretation behind the supernatural phenomenon

  Humans are naturally curious. We are full of doubts about the unknown world, which also provides a living space for various so-called special abilities and theories of ghosts and gods. However, with the advancement of science, especially the development of brain science, the secrets behind various seemingly mysterious supernatural phenomena are being revealed one by one.
  Foreseeing the future in
  1954, a cult organization in the United States declared that the end of the world is coming. The leader insisted that the world would be swallowed by a catastrophic flood on December 21 of that year, and she and her followers would successfully escape in an alien spacecraft before the disaster strikes. In fact, nothing happened that day. However, the believers of the cult did not wake up to this. They changed their slogans and said that it was by spreading this doomsday theory that they succeeded in preventing the disaster that should have occurred.
  Psychologists believe that this inconsistent performance stems from people’s self-defense psychology. When a certain firm belief or desire in a person’s mind is impacted, he will often find ways to justify himself, even if he experiences more embarrassment and pain, he must stick to his own opinions. There are many such cases in real life. For example, smokers will not quit smoking and will only doubt that smoking is harmful to health; motorcyclists will not blame themselves for treating life as a child’s play, but will only complain that the speed limit is too strict; partly Leaders will not think that they have made mistakes, and will only blame subordinates for poor execution. Therefore, for those so-called “prophets”, even if the facts are in front of them, they will not admit that the prophecy has failed, but will do everything possible to find reasons to justify themselves.
  Souls possessed
  seance scene of the play is often staged souls who pass information through psychic into a trance state, such as by their mouth to say something, they borrowed some words such as handwriting. Afterwards, psychics often say that they have no knowledge of the process of being possessed by the undead.
  Some psychologists believe that if they are telling the truth, then this phenomenon may involve some kind of brain decision-making disorder. The brain is the master of the body, and all our actions are under the command of the brain. When we want to perform an action, the brain will make a decision first, and in an instant transfer the decision to a specific brain area, let us perceive the willingness to perform the action, and then make the action. For the psychic possessed by the undead, this mechanism went wrong. After their brains made a decision, they skipped the perception brain area and directly controlled the body to take action. In this way, the psychic does not feel his own will to act, but shows the illusion that he is controlled by others.
  Many people claim to have had the experience of spirit leave the body, the so-called SOUL. A neuroscientist at Princeton University in the United States did a famous experiment on this. In the experiment, Subject A puts his hands on the table first, and then removes his right hand. The researcher puts a rubber hand in the original position, and covers his right hand with a book and towel so that it is out of Subject A’s sight disappear. Then, Subject B hit the hidden right hand and the rubber hand of Subject A at the same time. After about a minute of beating, Subject A reported that he felt that rubber hand had become his own.
  The reason for this illusion is that when the brain of Subject A feels the right hand being hit, what the eye sees is the rubber hand being hit, so the brain mistakenly believes that the rubber hand is part of the body. Research has found that not only the hands, the same situation can also occur in other parts of the body. This shows that our perception of our body is inferred from the brain’s synthesis of various sensory signals and environmental factors. When the brain receives the wrong stimulus signal, this cognition will be biased, resulting in phenomena such as the emergence of the soul.
  psychologist did a classic experiment: They let a group of students to complete a questionnaire, and said it would analyze each student’s personality based on a questionnaire. Subsequently, each student got a corresponding personality analysis report. The psychologist asked the students to evaluate the accuracy of the report. Almost all students said that the description of their personality in the report was very accurate.
  In fact, the personality analysis report that every student gets is exactly the same, there is no difference in one word. The contents are all popular sentences extracted from fortune-telling books by psychologists, such as “you are eager to be loved and admired by others”, “you have great potential in creativity that has not yet been discovered”, and so on.
  This experiment shows that it is not difficult to describe a person’s personality. There is no need to be absolutely accurate. As long as you use some specious and widely applicable sentences, people can easily feel that every sentence is on their minds. This is exactly where the “knack” of fortune telling lies. Psychologists say that the reason why people are so gullible is not unrelated to the working mechanism of the brain. The amount of information that the brain receives and processes every day is huge. In order not to miss valuable information, it also collects all spam messages and tries to interpret special meanings from this information.
  Psychicism In
  1890, a British man declared that he had psychic skills. Many people claim that they have seen many supernatural events at the sedition hosted by the psychic, such as chalk automatically writing mysterious messages on the slate, undead appearing in front of their eyes, and so on. In fact, the man was not a psychic, but a magician who was skeptical of psychicism. The various supernatural phenomena that people saw were just his magic.
  After each surrender meeting, the magician would ask the participants to write down what they saw and send to him. While reading these records, he was shocked to find that people often misremember the events that happened during the confession. Many people confuse the sequence of events and even fail to notice some important details.
  The magician’s research shows that “seeing is believing” is not reliable. Human eyes cannot record everything they see as accurately and in detail as a camera lens. Our visual cognitive system often only pays attention to the most important part when observing the world around us, and cannot see it comprehensively. Therefore, the miracles that people witness at the surrender are often just a scam.
  Hit a ghost
  We often hear people insisting that he had encountered a ghost, but often in a remote place deserted, strange atmosphere of the place, such as heard someone obviously uninhabited activities in a big house actually is sound.
  The scientific explanation for this is that hitting ghosts is actually a strong defensive psychology of people at work. In the face of potential threats that may exist, such as hearing inexplicable sounds in an unfamiliar environment, the brain will be in a highly sensitive state and become suspicious of the usual things around it due to excessive vigilance.
  use pendulums (the “pen immortal” similar) asked Gua divination is a common unnatural experience. The so-called pendulum is a chain or rope with a heavy object tied at one end. When divination, hold the pendulum, let it hang down naturally and remain still, and meditate on the divination in your heart. It is said that the pendulum will rotate and swing under the impetus of mysterious power to deliver the answer you want to know. In fact, on these occasions, the seemingly non-artificially gently swinging the pendulum is not intended to tell people any secrets, but is derived from the so-called mind movement, that is, when a certain idea of ​​a person is very strong, it will trigger its own unconscious movement. .
  A psychologist once did an experiment. They divided the objects into two groups. One group of objects must try to keep their hands absolutely still to avoid shaking the pendulum, while the other group only needs to hold the pendulum as steady as possible. The experimental results showed that the pendulum in the hands of the first group of subjects swayed more severely.
  Psychologists say that when a person deliberately avoids a certain behavior, it often backfires. For example, if you don’t allow you to imagine a polar bear, it will break into your mind; remind a football player not to kick the ball to a certain position of the goal, use an instrument to detect its eye movement, but find that his eyes cannot help but should not aim The place. The same is true in the pendulum experiment. You have repeatedly warned yourself that you never let the spirit swing, but because you pay too much attention to your behavior, it is easier to make some hand movements unconsciously and cause the pendulum to shake. These actions are completely subconscious behaviors beyond the control of the individual.