Top 10 UFO sightings confirmed by radar

  Believe it or not, UFOs or unknown sky phenomena have been seen on Earth since ancient times. Under normal circumstances, pilots and other aviation professionals who have seen weird objects in flight are often ambiguous when interviewed by the media, and vaguely mention words such as “balloons, unidentified flights, unidentified objects, and unidentified aircraft.” The most mysterious and thought-provoking UFO sightings are those that have multiple eyewitnesses and are confirmed by radar. The following are the top ten UFO sightings confirmed by radar but not fully explained.
  No. 10: UFO sightings in Washington, USA in
  1952 From July 12 to 29, 1952, a series of UFO sightings occurred in Washington, among which the most witnessed incident occurred on the 19th. That night, an air traffic controller at Washington National Airport found 7 UFOs on the radar. The supervisor immediately checked the equipment and confirmed that there was no malfunction in the equipment. Soon after, the air traffic controller of another device also confirmed that these unidentified objects were observed, and at the same time he saw “a bright orange light.” At the same time, the third air traffic controller saw an orange “discus” above the airport. At this moment, there were more and more unidentified flying objects on the radar screen, and the supervisor immediately called Andrewson Air Force Base. Air force and other radar centers tracked all the way, and fighter jets began to gather and dispatch. Some fighter pilots reported that they saw “white light” or light, and it is said that one fighter almost almost exchanged fire with them, but other fighters reported that everything was normal. The air force’s final explanation was that “the radar was instantly jammed and misunderstood.” But the public did not buy this explanation because there were hundreds of witnesses to this incident. Therefore, people are still speculating about this incident.
  No. 9: Sightings in Campeche Bay, Mexico in 2004
  In March 2004, when a military reconnaissance plane was performing a routine anti-narcotics reconnaissance mission, the crew members saw three UFOs on the radar, but they found nothing with the naked eye in the area where the objects should have appeared. So they turned on the infrared camera for tracking. In the next 30 minutes, they recorded videos of 11 UFOs flying at high speed in the air, one of which was split into two. During the chase, the situation was very tense for a while, because they found their plane was surrounded by UFOs. Unexpectedly, the Mexican government released all the details of the incident afterwards, including information on crew members’ conversation records, video tapes, and information on the Mexican Air Force headquarters for media inquiries around the world.
  Eighth: UFO Sam sightings.
  In 1952, Air Force Sergeant Roland Hughes returned to the base after completing a training flight. On the way, he found a “luminous silver flying saucer” following him. He later recalled that the flying saucer would be luminous and highly reflective, about the size of a Lancaster bomber. The flying saucer descended and flew towards him, flew with him for a while, and then flew away at an incredible speed. The flying saucer was captured by the on-board radar, and the control tower confirmed that no human aircraft could reach this speed. Six days later, Hughes was sent to West Germany to report his experience to senior officials of the Air Force and the Minister of Civil Aviation. The minister was convinced of this matter and briefed his superiors on the matter. After the sighting, Hughes got a nickname: “Saucer Sam”, and his colleagues also sprayed the flying saucer pattern on his plane with paint.
  No. 7: Aircraft Pursuit in Washington DC in 2002
  On July 26, 2002, the North American Air Defense Joint Command and the Air National Guard both discovered that an unidentified flying object had intruded into the no-fly zone in Washington, DC. As the incident occurred in a sensitive area and the trajectory of the UFO was disturbing, the Air Force dispatched F-16 fighter jets to intercept it. However, after arriving at the designated location, the pilot reported that they had not seen anything-the UFO disappeared from the radar at this time. At the same time, in Maryland, several witnesses saw a fast-moving bright green light in the sky and said they saw a high-speed fighter jet tracking it. According to the North American Air Defense Joint Command, this is the whole story, and they also believe that the incident ends here. Eyewitnesses don’t think so. They saw two fighter jets in the air, and one of the fighter jets dived down seems to be in contact with the UFO. This is absolutely extraordinary. The fighter jet followed the UFO to fly, but the UFO flew so fast that the fighter could not catch up. Both “Fox News” and “Washington Post” reported on this, and for a while, the government’s conspiracy theory was rampant.
  The sixth incident: the sighting of American West Airlines Flight 564 in
  1995. On the night of May 25, 1995, American West Airlines Flight 564 was flying at an altitude of 11,895 meters, preparing to approach Bovina, Texas. There was lightning outside the plane at that time, and the air traffic controller noticed a series of lights flickering and flickering at a point below the Boeing 757 plane. They immediately reported the situation to the captain. The captain saw them later, and he described them as eight blue strobe lights. Other crew members also saw this phenomenon and said the object was cigar-shaped. The driver estimated it to be 9 to 120 meters long. The next day, the control tower personnel contacted the North American Air Defense Joint Command and learned that their radar had spotted and tracked an unidentified flying object at the same time. At first, the flying object was motionless, and then suddenly accelerated and stopped suddenly at high speed. The object was also seen by the pilot of an EF111A fighter. So far, this incident has not been cracked.
  5th: Kaikoura’s Light
  In 1978, a series of strange sightings occurred in the Kaikoura Mountains in New Zealand. On December 21st, members of a flight noticed a strange light that seemed to be tracking their plane. Since then, unidentified objects have been captured by Wellington and Christchurch control towers and the aircraft’s radar. On the 30th, a TV reporter filmed these mysterious objects on a flight from Australia to Christchurch. The radio reporter said that they were “tracked by a giant ball of light for 15 minutes.” Similarly, these objects were simultaneously locked by Wellington and Christchurch radars, recording the trajectory of the light ball. After the sighting, the Royal New Zealand Air Force, the police, and the Carter Observatory jointly investigated the incident and the conclusions reached are stored in the Wellington National Archives. The Ministry of Defense blamed the light on unburned comets, lights from squid-catching ships, or Venus.
  What’s even stranger is that two months ago, Frederick Warrantic reported seeing similar lights when flying a light aircraft over the Australian coast. He shouted over the radio: “It’s hovering…it’s not an airplane…” 17 seconds later, after hearing a metal rubbing sound, the radio became deadly silent. Warrantic and his plane disappeared into the sky. A timing camera built on the seashore took an amazing picture just 20 minutes ago: a large object quickly broke through the water and rose into the sky.
  No. 4: Sightings of Japan Airlines Flight 1628
  On November 17, 1986, the crew of a Japanese cargo plane noticed two unidentified objects above Alaska on the left side of the plane. These two objects have been following the cargo plane, so close that they can feel the temperature of the light on their faces for a while. After the two objects flew down, a larger unknown object came. The crew immediately requested a change of route. NASA noticed the unidentified flying object on the radar, and issued an instruction to the pilot to avoid the unidentified object. But no matter how many sharp turns the plane took and dropped 1,200 meters, the unknown object still trailed the plane for 640 kilometers. On November 19th, NASA questioned all crew members, and the conclusion was that the crew members had normal minds, good health, and professional qualities. At a media meeting that year, the pilot confirmed that the crew was grounded after the incident and changed to civilian work.

  Case 3: UFO sightings
  in Stephenville, United States On January 8, 2008, in Stephenville, dozens of people saw a giant object flying over the town. Some people say it is as big as a football field, and others say it is 1,600 meters long, about the same size as the object in the 1997 Phoenix sighting. Several witnesses said the object flew very fast, and several others (among them a private pilot) said that they saw an F-16 fighter jet chasing the giant object, so it turned and flew in its original direction. A few days after the incident, CNN’s Lai Ruijin talked about it on a talk show. The U.S. Air Force initially denied any operations in the area, but after about two weeks, the military’s attitude took a big turn, claiming that they were conducting training flights in the area, involving 10 fighter jets. Someone got a detailed radar report that day from NASA, which clearly showed that there was a giant UFO in the sky. American fighter jets followed it in flight, and the time was exactly when the witness saw the UFO.
  The second incident: the Belgian UFO incident in
  1990 On the night of March 30 and 31, 1990, the control reporting center in Grön received reports from many citizens, saying that they saw unusual light, bright like stars, and changing colors. The radar at the center also confirmed that there was a triangular object over Belgium. After the second radar confirmed the discovery of the object, two F-16 fighter jets were ordered to take off to intercept. In more than an hour, the fighter plane tried to intercept, and the radar on the plane even locked the object three times, but the object would be released from the lock by changing its orientation or instantly accelerating each time. In the first lock, the speed of the object accelerated from 240 km/h to 1,770 km/h in just 2 seconds, and its altitude dropped from 2,740 meters to 1,520 meters, and then rose to 3350 meters. Flying at this speed and altitude is fatal to any human pilot. During this process, more than 13,000 people witnessed this dramatic aerial chase on the ground. One hour later, the flying objects disappeared from various radars, and the F-16 fighter jets returned to the base safely.
  The first: UFO sightings at Lakensis Bentwater Air Force Base, UK
  In August 1956, the radar at Lakenheath Bentwater Air Force Base in the United Kingdom found objects in an unstable state, passing through the sky alone or in groups. Some objects exhibit amazing aerobatic maneuvers that are not available in any known human aircraft. In addition to radar images, reports from the ground and from the air have confirmed that something unexpected happened. A pilot flying a C-47 plane saw objects passing directly under his plane. Just as Lakenheat reported to Wimberton Air Force Base, the military’s fighter jets also took off. The operator saw from the radar screen that a pilot was pursuing an object, but later found that the object was following him. The driver tried his best to get away from the object, but the result was in vain. This incident is very unique because not only military personnel witnessed the whole process, but also several military radar stations recorded everything. The “Conton Report” concluded on this matter: “At least one UFO is real.” However, this conclusion is like adding fuel to the fire, and it has aroused people’s enthusiasm to explore the truth of the matter. It has remained hot for decades and has become the most popular in history. One of the eye-catching UFO sightings.