What language should be used to chat with aliens

  In 2025, alien explorers from distant planets will make contact with the earth for the first time. They have universal translators, so it is not that troublesome for us to understand their language. Unfortunately, they have learned too much negative information about humans and have a distorted view of our species.
  Therefore, in order to show the best aspects of mankind to aliens, a welcome committee composed of scientists, politicians and celebrities from all walks of life decided to choose a language, hoping that in the first contact with aliens, To convey the most information in the shortest time, to show how efficient and intelligent we are in an iconic gesture. So, which language will they choose? There are 5000 to 7000 languages ​​on the planet, so this decision is not easy.
  If scientists have a lot of resources and time, they will study the problem in this way-first, choose a paragraph of the appropriate length and writing standard; then, travel the world and find the right person to read the text. In each language, there are at least a dozen readers who read short passages at a normal rhythm. Record the total number of syllables in each paragraph, and measure the time it takes for each reader to read the passage, and then calculate the number of syllables read per second. The next step is to extract the meaningful information contained in each syllable, so that the average information density of each syllable can be obtained. Finally, use these values ​​to derive the “information ratio” for each language.
  Researcher François Pellegrino and his colleagues at the University of Lyon in France did not travel the world, nor did they investigate every language, but in 2010, they used the above method to identify 7 languages ​​in the world The information ratios are English, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese and German.
  The results show that English has the highest information ratio, but not much. Most languages ​​have similar rates, while Japanese is lower than other languages.
  Interestingly, languages ​​with less syllables, such as Spanish, Japanese, and French, tend to speak faster. This makes these languages ​​(except Japanese) and meaningful languages ​​(such as Chinese and English) provide the same amount of information at the same time. It seems that it is not easy to choose among existing languages.
  Of course, the Earth’s Alien Welcome Committee can also create a new language. This language should be a human language with the strongest logic, the most efficient, the most detailed and accurate expression, and at the same time it should minimize ambiguity. Because judging from our current understanding of various languages, vagueness, illogical, redundant, polysemy (multiple meanings) and overall randomness seem to be universal in human language.
  There really is such a language—Isquier. This was created by American John Kihada, who was a middle-level manager of the Motor Vehicle Management Department in California, USA. Don’t think that a person whose work has nothing to do with language research cannot create a new language. In fact, Isquier is surprisingly wonderful.
  John Kihada’s original intention for creating Isquier was to reduce ambiguity and semantic ambiguity in human language. By merging 58 phonemes in a strict grammatical structure, it can more accurately and deeply express any ideas that humans may have, especially those related to human beings. However, this language is really complicated, and no one, including its creator, Kihada, can use it fluently.
  However, we do not need to be fluent. We only need to hold a brief welcome ceremony for our alien visitors, introduce ourselves and our countless languages ​​to them in the shortest possible words, and express our desire for peace, our goal has been achieved.