Time Traveler’s Guide

  ”The Butterfly Effect” predicament
  for the first time excitedly through time and space, the best choice than to visit dating back millions of years ago, dinosaurs! But remember one principle: Be careful in all things. Because in such a distant past, as long as one step is wrong, the present will be changed drastically. Imagine if you are thirsty, just dig a hole to find spring water. After the spring water gushes out, it flows endlessly, accumulates into ponds, merges into lakes, and forms an inland sea…As a result, today, perhaps the outline of a continent has been changed, and human history Also beyond recognition. This is the “butterfly effect”: as time goes by, even a small change in the chain reaction is enough to turn the world upside down.
  A countermeasure: Fixed errors
  in the movie “thunder”, the rich are stimulated to participate in the prehistoric hunting, to hunt dinosaurs. In order to avoid affecting the future, the organizers choose the trophies from the prey that will undoubtedly die, anyway, even if they are not hunted, they will be swallowed by the rolling magma in the next few minutes. Unexpectedly, a tourist accidentally trampled on a butterfly on the way. Back to the present, they were surprised to find that humans had never appeared before, replaced by a strange creature with the characteristics of monkeys, dinosaurs, bats and mice. As a result, the actor made a decisive decision, returned to the past again, and stopped the clumsy tourist in time… Now it is automatically repaired.
  Measures II: closely monitored
  American science fiction writer Poul Anderson in the series of novels “Time Patrol” envisaged a time of police, responsible for tracking attempts to change the past, travelers, and promptly stopped. In the first book, there is a mad historian living in 3000 AD, traveling back to the 5th century AD, intending to persuade the Bretons and Saxons who were fighting in Britain to go to peace. In this way, this alternative Britain, whose peace is the most important thing, can rule the world in the future.
  Measures three: leave no trace
  in the movie “ring messenger” of setting, time travel has been achieved, but was banned. Some criminals secretly used loopholes to cover up their crimes. They sent the person they wanted to kill back in the past, and the latter was executed and destroyed by the hired “ring messenger” upon arrival. There is no trace of such a killing…
  ”I met the other their own” dilemma
  than to explore the history, inviting more people should be immediate utilitarian crossed right? For example, secretly pass on the correct answer to a math test to myself a few days ago. But then there will be big trouble, no one knows what will happen if a person faces face to face with the past self. But science fiction is a common saying: meeting another self is bound to cause paradoxes and destroy the universe.
  Measures one: himself away from the other
  in the movie “Project Almanac” in a high school student found dead father’s time machine sketches, and friends together through time to the past to find their own. When the other self appears, it is like a “program error”: there is a kind of echo between the two, and it will be repeated continuously, eventually leading to an explosion! Fortunately, just like the “Larsen effect” on an electric guitar, as long as the two are moved away from each other, this deadly echo disappears without a trace.
  Countermeasure 2: Be careful, be careful, and be careful
  . The protagonist of “Doctor Who” has more than a thousand years of time travel experience. He often meets himself, but generally tries his best to avoid it. In the fourth episode of season 9, he saw another himself in danger, but he did not lend a hand. Because only in this way, the past will remain the same, he can only hide behind the bushes and stand by, not daring to move.
  ”Grandfather paradox” dilemma
  you turn on Time Machine, through to the 1960s, want to look at your ancestors looked like. You met your grandfather, who was very handsome, and you couldn’t help calling him when he was crossing the road. When he turned his head, he was hit by a truck and died of his injuries. He didn’t know your grandma at that time, which means that your father will never be born, let alone you! The ensuing incident made people brain-wrenching: since you have never been born, you can’t go back in time and cause your grandfather to have a car accident. Then he can tie your grandma to you. In this way, you should live. It has to be good. In other words, you did travel through time and space, and your grandfather died unexpectedly because of this young age! Are you dizzy?
  Countermeasure 1: Remedy
  In Back to the Future, Martin McFly traveled to the 1950s to save his young father from a car accident. What makes people laugh and cry is that Martin’s heroic deeds admired his mother. Seeing that his parents were strangers, Martin gradually disappeared from reality, so he tried his best to match the two, finally letting them spark the spark of love. In fact, Martin’s story vividly illustrates the “Novikov principle of self-consistency”: Soviet scientist Igor Novikov proposed in the 1980s that if an event can completely change the course of history, it will be fundamental Impossible to happen, but will be automatically corrected by a series of other events. It seems that although there are occasional “small disturbances”, nature can still figure out a way to get the time train back on track.
  Measures II: hopes parallel world
  in the movie “The Butterfly Effect”, the young hero has a super power, to be back some time in his life, and make amendments, each change will create a new Of now. He hopes to make up for wrong decisions, such as avoiding separation from his childhood sweetheart, or saving the lives of relatives and friends. Unexpectedly, every change will make the situation worse, and the new world created deliberately becomes more and more terrifying. He decided to traverse one more time and clear everything completely. But this ending also has its own “parallel world” version. In the official release version, the male protagonist strangled his romance in the cradle, while in the director’s version (denied by the producer), he crossed to his birth and “suicide” with an umbilical cord around his neck! Indeed completely cleared ……
  ”writer paradox” dilemma
  you are a veteran French electronic band Daft Punk fans, but could not approach them to ask for a signature. Don’t be frustrated, you can go back to the past, they weren’t famous at that time, and no works came out. You let them listen to their debut works, they copy them and ask you who wrote these songs. “It’s yourselves!” After you left, they copied and recorded a CD, and even the name and style of the combination were painted on a gourd… It really became a superstar that swept the world. But since they just copied the album you brought, who is the real original author?
  Countermeasure 1: Ignore suggestions from the future
  In the French animated film “The Lord of Time”, the little boy Pierre was in danger on a wild planet. He contacted an old man named Hilba through a radio station. The latter taught him how to survive, because the old man was for many years. I have encountered exactly the same danger on the same planet before. As you probably guessed, Shirba is Pierre 70 years later! Fortunately, Pierre did not follow any suggestions from the future, thus avoiding the time paradox.
  Measures II: Time cycle
  film “Interstellar” is built on “time loop” hypothesis. At the beginning of the movie, the protagonist receives the coordinates of the NASA secret base from unknown sources. He drove there and then set off from the base to fly into space. He fell into a black hole during the mission, was sent back to the past, passed the base position to his past self, and urged him to go to the black hole. This process is repeated and endless. However, this cycle left a mystery. In the beginning, how did he know the base position? But it doesn’t matter, this cycle can justify itself, past events can be explained by future events, and vice versa.