Eight interesting facts about dreams

  Dreams are the most mysterious and interesting experience in life. This physiological activity has its specific function: rearrange the flow of information accumulated during the day. But beyond that, what else do we know about dreams? Here are eight interesting things about dreaming, and I hope you will be surprised by what you do at night.
  In ancient times dreams
  in Roman times, some of the content of dreams will be submitted to the Senate for analysis and interpretation. These dreams are considered a kind of oracle. Many military generals will modify their activities based on the results of dream interpretation and prediction.
  Dreaming of long
  average time a person dreaming every night about 100 minutes. Dreaming activities will occur in the ERM stage, that is, deep sleep. During this period, we will probably have 4 to 5 dreams, and the duration of each dream is longer than one.
  Dream the dreams of men and women
  dreaming between the way men and women are different. The content of their dreams is also different: women’s dreams are more content and longer, and compared with men’s dreams, women’s dreams seem to have more negative emotions. (In contrast, men’s dreams are more negative than women’s dreams. Dreams have more positive emotional experiences.
  Men’s dreams tend to have more male roles (about 70% of male roles in men’s dreams). Women’s dreams are different, in terms of the number of men and women in their dreams It is the same. Finally, women are more likely to remember their dreams.
  we have done will forget 90% of dreams
  when we wake up after five minutes, we’ll forget half the dream .10 minutes, 90% of the dream have been Forget. However, if we wake up after deep sleep, the dreams we have will be more easily remembered. Do
  animals dream?
  The answer is yes, but not all. Studies have shown that many animals exhibit the same brain waves as humans sleep (except for cold-blooded animals such as reptiles, which do not dream). Birds and mammals will enter ERM sleep and dream. When watching dogs sleep, their legs will kick, eyeballs will move and they will occasionally bark twice. This is dreaming.
  Different types of animals have different lengths of deep sleep: cats and dogs can last up to 200 minutes, while birds only have a few seconds.
  We dreamed that people are there
  who we saw in a dream not to create our own, most of them are there. In our dreams, most of what we see is the appearance of people in real life, but they may not know or have forgotten. We have seen thousands of faces in our lives, and these faces constitute a steady stream of material in our dreams.
  Dream and reality
  our thinking will explain stimulate our senses received, brain desperately trying to explain everything to external stimuli after we fall asleep suffered. For example, if you dreamed that you were having a concert, it might just be your brother playing the guitar while you were asleep.
  Dream, it is important
  to dream and sleep are necessary. Studies have shown that when a person is awakened early in deep sleep, it is quite harmful. It is pointed out that many people become irritable, sometimes have hallucinations, and even suffer mentally, and lose interest in everything. When we say a good night’s sleep and a good recovery, we are not just talking about it!