Why do people often swear

  Foul language or swear words account for 0.6% of our daily language. The survey shows that each person uses an average of 16,000 words a day, which means that 95 words in our daily language are swear words.
  Not only will swear words pop out from time to time in daily communication, even in many cases, swear words can be taught without a teacher; in the English world, 12-month-old children can swear cursive words. Before going to elementary school, he will master more than 20 swear words, and at the age of puberty when hormones erupt, the use of swear words will reach its peak. So, how did this ability to blurt out “dirty” that we have had since childhood formed?
  Worship from God to curse
  it is generally believed that the earliest swearing originated in the spell, or is blasphemy. In ancient times, people believed that language had a kind of supernatural power, which could communicate with gods, produce all things, and curse or bless people. Many creation myths use language to create the world. For example, in the Christian holy book “The Bible”, it is recorded that God created the world in one sentence: “God said that if there is light, there is light.” In China, To this day, people still have language taboos. For example, in rural areas, during the Spring Festival New Year’s Eve dinner, it is forbidden to say unlucky words such as “die, turn, sink, break, leak”. If you accidentally break a dish, Parents will rush to add the sentence “Sui Sui (broken homophonic) is safe”.
  It is precisely because people think that some inappropriate language has cursing power and can damage people’s soul or body, so people will use it with special care. But when people stepped out of god worship and even challenged gods, people began to use these blasphemous words as curses to curse and insult the enemy.
  In Chinese folk, profanity usually includes words related to sexual behavior and sexual organs, as well as those easily associated with reproductive parts, such as “shit, urine”, etc., and some words are derived from animals that are considered lowly such as “dog, “Pig, donkey, turtle” etc.
  This curse is more obvious in the English-speaking world. English words. The root of “profane” (profane) comes from Latin. Pro means before…, and fanum means temple. So, blasphemy originally means what you say in front of the temple. In this way, in In English words, many swear words affixes directly carry words that represent sacred meanings, such as “holy shit.”
  Interestingly, such swear words evolved from curses are very common, and profanity exists in every language in the world In both dialects and slang, there are some swear words that have evolved from prohibited words. Even if a language has died out, its residual swear word system is still being used by millions or a small number of people. However, The same is swearing. Due to differences in customs and cultures, the emphasis on swear words varies from place to place. For example, in China, the ethical relationship of clan is more important. West, a strong sense of self, swearing and daily life more closely linked. Americans prefer curse with excrement, the Dutch are specializing in pain, while swearing in Russia more than a sexual nature.
  the most easy to learn, and most memorable
  swearing born with The magic of the curse that comes can make people get addicted to their mouths when they gnash their teeth but are unable to fight back. This way, it can both discourage and hurt people, so it spreads. However, it can conquer people’s hearts so quickly, There is also a fundamental reason, because it is the easiest to remember, and the most difficult to forget.
  Although language is a high-level feature unique to humans, swear words should be the bottom of the language, and its more accurate description should be An emotion. In the brain, when the swear words are stored as a whole, there is no need to process the left brain of the language at all. The management of swear words is a “swear word engine”. The core structure of this structure is the “limbic system”, which manages Human emotions surround the inner sides of the two hemispheres of the brain, enveloping the ventricle, the cavity in the center of the brain.
  As early as more than 50 million years ago, the limbic system began to evolve. Therefore, the limbic system is the most primitive part of the brain. In the limbic system, it still retains the characteristics of organisms before they evolved into humans, or the primitive instincts and emotional functions necessary for survival. This also means that swear words are connected with emotion and instinct. The emotional nature of swear words makes it faster, stronger and easier to remember than rational thinking. Therefore, for some patients with some brain damage, they can still speak bad language when they lose the ability to speak. And some people with dementia even do not even remember the names of their family members and forget many words, but they still curse, because swear words do not require any brain cells.
  In fact, from an evolutionary perspective, it is also necessary for humans to speak dirty words. What should we do when our human ancestors are still in the jungle law stage where the weak and the strong eat the strong, and are facing fierce and fierce beasts ten times stronger than themselves? That is swearing.
  In 2009, researchers at Keele University in the United Kingdom discovered a link between swearing and pain. When swearing, people’s heart rate increases, they behave more aggressively, and their tolerance for pain increases. Why is this? It may be related to the fact that swearing can trigger emotional reactions. When people speak swear words, the “amygdala” nerve group that controls human emotions will trigger a “fight or flight” response, which can make the heart beat faster and dull pain. Therefore, some scholars speculate that at the beginning of human evolution, human ancestors would be more ferocious in swearing when fighting, forgetting the pain, and running faster even if they escaped.
  Swearing practical use multi
  Because of bad language and emotional expression of brain function related, and these blasphemous words evolved from the bad language, in the original sense represents the power of a mysterious curse, so, swearing to express a strong Emotional fluctuations, these short, powerful, accented words, have become the simplest and most effective way of healing when people encounter anger.
  In daily life, it is inevitable that misunderstandings and disputes occur between people. At this time, it is difficult to get rid of the anger, and you are afraid that you will suffer a loss or cause the police to cause more trouble. It is a good way to talk. The scolder uses foul language as a weapon, and the scolded person will blow his beard and stare with anger. Scientific research has also proved that those who listen to swear words will not only exaggerate their hairs, but their pulse will accelerate, their breathing will become shallow, and the conductivity of their skin will also change. In this way, the scolder becomes a god-like curse, using violence on the symbolic level, which not only achieves the goal, but also avoids harming the human body, killing two birds with one stone. Moreover, swear words can vent not only anger, but also sadness, sadness, and frustration. For example, when you fail an exam and are extremely sad, you can’t help but scold yourself.
  What’s interesting is that although swear words are full of malicious in many cases, they also express positive emotions. For example, in many countries, people can’t help but swear swearing when they emphasize that something is really good.
  Sometimes swearing has some unexpected uses. For example, studies have shown that those who “exit as dirty” actually use language more easily, and their ability to use language is very flexible whether in general vocabulary, nouns, or swear words. Sometimes, people who speak swear words can make people feel more trustworthy. Researchers have deleted all the swear words in a testimony record and read them separately with the original. Which one seems more credible? The answer is “Uncut script”. This may be because swear words come from the heart, so the people who speak swear words appear more sincere.
  Of course, this article only discusses “why do we often explode,” rather than encouraging readers to explode. In any case, most of the time the swearers are just trying to do it for a while, but they are extremely disgusting to the listener. Moreover, if you are prone to swear words and curse people blindly, you will actually become a person full of negative energy, because when you are dissatisfied with everything and complaining, you can’t be immersed in depression and irritability every day. Find positive energy with the help of swear words. In short, the negative impact of profanity is far greater than the positive value.