Nazi UFO broke the news

  In 1959, Captain Ru Peter, the editor of the Blue Book of the US Air Force Program, wrote: At the end of World War II, the flying saucers developed by Germany were comparable to UFOs that people had witnessed. In 1945, British aviation engineer Feiden said: If the war continues for a few more months and Germany uses their flying saucers for war, the Allied forces will face the most powerful aircraft and weapons in history. The outcome of the war is likely to be completely opposite. .
  In the 1950s, a famous Italian newspaper published an article. The article was written by Italian scientist and former Italian Minister of National Economy, Professor Peluzu. He said that Germany and Italy had studied flying saucers as early as 1942. Since then, the revelations about Nazi UFOs have been continuously and increasingly mysterious.
  Amazing UFO broke the
  Austrian forester Adams storage Berg was very painful to tell the US authorities, he was able to exploit the use of energy and water rotation is appreciated by Hitler, but was forced to use liquid vortex technology to develop a flying saucer.
  In 1953, German engineer Klien said that the Nazis had already studied flying saucers. For example, the rocket engineer Richard Metz had designed a flying saucer that did not fly by rotation in Breslau, Poland. Another example is the German engineer Sike. Ruifu designed an overloaded flying saucer in Prague. It only takes 3 minutes to climb to an altitude of 12 kilometers and a horizontal flight speed of 2,200 kilometers per hour. And Sikrif himself once told German news journals that in the years before 1945, he was involved in the research of flying saucers, and his design drawings were stolen after he arrived in the Czech Republic after the war. According to reports, on December 9, 1965, a bell-shaped aircraft crashed in Pennsylvania. It is said that the bell-shaped aircraft was one of the first UFO models developed by the Nazis.
  Some people even broke the news that the Nazis were in close contact with aliens when they were founded, and the flying saucers were built with the help of aliens. The Nazi secret flying saucer was launched from an underground base in Antarctica, and Hitler hoped to realize his dream of conquering the world from there. After the defeat of the Nazis, the flying saucer withdrew to the Antarctic base. According to the Chilean diplomat Cerino in 1978, Hitler’s base in Antarctica was called “New Swabian Base”.
  More mysteriously, the Bulgarian engineer Tezsky said that Germany had landed on the moon as early as 1942 and established an underground base on the moon. In this base, there is air, water and vegetables, and provided relevant pictures and videos. It is also said that NASA discovered these bases, but related information was concealed.
  These are all information provided by people with heads and faces, but the information is too mysterious… However, their descriptions are very vivid, with noses and eyes, which make people have to pay attention.
  Nazi born at the beginning
  on the UFO been associated with
  the Nazi Party was established in 1919 by the community of Halle, said that after the establishment of the Nazi party soon started to develop a UFO, UFO like Nazis and has an extraordinarily close of origin. In the summer of 1922, in a small barn on the outskirts of Munich, the mysterious Haller Society built a spacecraft through radio information. According to the builder, the information came from a planet 68 light years away. They claimed to have received inexplicable information from extraterrestrials in 1919, but they didn’t understand it at first, and then they finally understood the principle under the research of everyone. This association raises funds for the construction of flying saucers through their commercial cooperation group in Germany, and named the flying saucer JFM.
  After being built according to the drawings, the structure of the flying saucer looks like this: a disc with a diameter of 8 meters, on which a disc with a diameter of 7 meters is stacked parallel to it, and a disc with a diameter of 6.5 meters on it, and three discs. There is a 1.8-meter-diameter circular hole in the center, a 2.4-meter-high cylindrical power supply passes through the center holes of the three discs, and a larger disc carries them at the bottom.
  When started, there are high-energy generators and electric motors in the cylindrical power supply. The motors can drive the upper and lower discs to rotate in opposite directions to each other, thereby generating a rapidly rotating space field. When the rotation speed is fast enough, It causes other dimensions of time and space to vibrate, thereby opening the door to another time and space, allowing the flying saucer to travel in that world.
  The authenticity of this information is too doubtful, but with the help of the Technical University of Munich, the Haller Society did create a levitation vehicle, which was further developed into the RFZ series of flying saucers, and then to the H series of powerful flying saucers. Therefore, the Nazi UFO has three major series: JFM series, RFZ series and H series. After Hitler came to power in 1933, he allocated a large amount of funds to the UFO Research Center to transform the original flying saucer so that it can carry people. At this time, the flying saucer model was the RFZ series.
  Later powerful flying saucer experiments
  In 1939, Hitler increased the research on UFO weapons for the needs of war. From 1939 to 1945, the Nazis tested three models, one of which was stronger than the other. At this time, the flying saucer was the H series. The Nazis not only developed flying saucers, they also set up the “Black Sun Order” project to develop how to find free energy to replace coal and oil. The flying saucer developed in 1939 used mercury vortex technology to collect free energy.
  The HI model flying saucer has a diameter of 25 meters and can carry 8 people. The speed at the beginning can reach 4800 kilometers per hour, which has exceeded the speed of sound by 3 times. When flying, it can accelerate further and reach a speed of 17,000 kilometers per hour, which is the speed of sound 13.8 times! The flight time lasts 18 hours. In order to overcome the high temperature caused by high-speed friction, they used a material called frozen smoke to make the shell.
  There are several HII flying saucers, ranging from 26 meters to 32 meters in diameter, which can carry 9 people. Between 1943 and 1944, HII flying saucers have conducted 106 tests and can take off at a speed of 6000 kilometers per hour. The top speed is 21,000 kilometers, which is 17 times the speed of sound! The flight lasts up to 55 hours. However, the most powerful is the HIII flying saucer. Only one model was built before the end of World War II. It has a diameter of 71 meters and can carry 32 people. The take-off speed is 7000 kilometers per hour, and the maximum speed that can be reached is 40,000 kilometers per hour. 32 times the speed of sound! It has a three-layer heat-proof shell, and the flight duration is seven or eight weeks. That is to say, the flying saucer can fly continuously in the air for nearly two months! This model has been tested 19 times and it is said to be a tool for the main Nazis to retreat in 1945.
  At the end of the war, a 120-meter-diameter flying saucer was already under construction. These three series of flying saucers have many related photos. In some photos, there are large transportation vehicles dragging the flying saucers to some place for testing.
  UFO is so confusing
  but confusing is that, since the UFO has been successfully manufactured, and strong enough, why UFOs are not widely used in war?
  Someone explained that the main reason is that the flying saucer model is too small, and the internal space cannot be loaded with any offensive or defensive weapons except for some small laser weapons. Because large guns are installed, the center of gravity of the flying saucer will deviate, and the flying saucer will lose its balance and cannot fly stably. And the turning angle of the flying saucer can only be 22.5 degrees, or 45 degrees, or 90 degrees. Used in warfare, this kind of turn seems very stupid.
  However, on the battlefield, the Allies did see fireball-like aircraft turning around them day and night. The bomber engines and radars could be destroyed by the powerful electrostatic field of the fireball. So the Allies called this weird fireball “Foo”. Fighter”, and Hitler’s flying saucer model can indeed create a strong electrostatic field, making bombers and radars useless. So is the Foo fighter described by the Allies a Nazi flying saucer?
  In fact, one of the fatalities about the rumors of Nazi UFOs is that since so many models have been manufactured and there are so many photos, why are there only people talking after the war, but no flying saucer models have been seen? Where are those flying saucer models? Bring out a flying saucer model, nothing to say.
  Mysteriously, it is said that after the defeat of the Nazis, all models of flying saucers disappeared after May 1945. Some said that these flying saucers and their main builders were withdrawn to the Antarctic base, and even Hitler did not commit suicide, but was hidden since then.
  It’s so mysterious, can you believe these claims?