Revealing the Secret of Madagascar’s “Demon Lamp”

  In Madagascar in southeastern Africa, there is a dark canyon off the beaten track. Rumors of dementors have been circulating here for a long time, making all the local natives awed. In 2011, a French couple came here for their honeymoon. Unfortunately, their wife died here like many people before. The eternal mystery of the canyon jungle, the unpredictable nature of nature, waiting for the husband to uncover it with wisdom and love…
  Honeymoon shocking changes
  In August 2011, the newly married couple Vale Tourman and Mary Tourman From Dijon, France, travel to Madagascar in Southeast Africa for a honeymoon.
  Madagascar is an island country far from the African continent, with unique natural landscapes and strange customs. The 18 tribes constitute the main component of the country’s population, and many tribes believe in primitive religions. The Marumukutlu Mountains in the southwest of the country are full of beautiful scenery, scattered with many spectacular waterfalls, attracting many European and American tourists.
  In the early morning of August 14, the Tourmans and his wife left the inn and went to a group of wild canyons and waterfalls. However, there was no return until late at night, so the inn owner called the police. After two days of searching, everyone finally found Waller with his broken right leg in a col. He said he accidentally rolled down the mountain and was injured. Although he could not move, he urged his wife Mary to return to the inn for help as soon as possible. Because they didn’t see Mary, everyone concluded that she was lost on the way back, so they searched again.
  The next day, the searchers found Mary’s clothes fragments beside a mountain stream. From the location, it was seen that she had entered a forested canyon by mistake. Facing the dense jungle gorge in front of them, the local people who were eager to search were uncharacteristically. Even if Waller expressed his willingness to pay high rewards, no one responded. Everyone explained that it was strange, saying that the canyon was the place where the evil “demon spirit lamp” haunted in the legend.
  Waller certainly didn’t believe in the legends of the local tribes, but he was unable to move due to a leg injury, so he had to contact France through Madagascar officials, and eventually rented a helicopter from a private air transport company to search.
  Until the evening of August 25, the helicopter spotted Mary lying dying in the canyon from a high altitude. On the way to the hospital, she was in a coma with convulsions and screamed in confusion. A few hours after arriving at the hospital, Mary died of functional failure. The doctor specifically stated in the death certificate that the deceased had obvious jaundice during his lifetime. Although jaundice occurs in the local area from time to time, this conclusion has caused many doubts among Mary’s parents, because they are certain that their only daughter cannot be infected with jaundice in such a short time.
  The reason why Mary’s parents had doubts about their daughter’s resignation was actually their distrust of her son-in-law Waller. Because Mary was originally a wealthy girl, she was strongly opposed by her parents when she first fell in love with Valler, a normal middle school physical education teacher, because they always thought Valler was interested in her daughter’s money. On August 28, Mary’s parents arrived in Madagascar, accompanied by a medical expert and lawyer. They are not in a hurry to deal with their daughter’s funeral, but to understand the situation before and after Mary’s death to the greatest extent.
  During the investigation, the locals also mentioned to Mary’s parents the legend of the “demon spirit lamp”, that is, evil spirits light up the flickering lights of the night on the night of the moon, attracting the lost by mistake to ingest the soul Practicing magic, and the canyon Mary strayed into is where the “demon spirit lamp” often appears.
  Mary’s parents certainly don’t believe in the “Demon Spirit Lamp”, but there is a detail that caught the attention of the accompanying medical experts: According to locals, anyone who was illuminated by the “Demon Spirit Lamp” could not escape death, and the body would be cold before death. The “Demon Light”. It happened that the nurse before Mary’s death also told her that her body kept convulsing before she died. When she screamed, her tongue stuck out of her mouth, spitting out the gloom of the “monster lamp” bit by bit. Therefore, after an autopsy by an expert, it was finally found that Mary had excess phosphorus in her body, and the symptoms of phosphorus poisoning in the later stage were similar to jaundice.
  Phosphorus is not common in daily life. How can a good person ingest a lethal dose of phosphorus? Before and after the incident, Mary had no family or friends besides Waller. If you connect everything together, it turns out to be so similar to a common plot in movies: an obscure husband murders a wealthy wife. In reality, it was discovered that Mary had also made a will a week before her marriage: all her property would go to Valle after her death.
  The bereavement of his wife on the honeymoon brought misfortune, and he was already miserable, but he accidentally became the suspect of murdering his wife, which made Waller even more sad. That’s not even counted. When he returned to France under police surveillance, he was surprised to find that he was the focus of the media. Out of anger and helplessness, Waller had to resign and relocate to a remote village.
  Revisited Lan mystery
  in Mary’s death anniversary of his death, Valle went to pay homage to his late wife’s family cemetery, he was hit by more than hate still lingers wife’s parents flatly refused. This blow stung Waller deeply, and he realized that only by finding out the truth about Mary’s death, the lives of himself and Mary’s relatives would truly return to their original positions.
  One side of Mary’s death is the conclusive medical test evidence at that time, and the other side is the mysterious African tribal legend. After thinking about it, Waller decided to investigate from the legend of “Demon Spirit Lamp”. By consulting the information, Waller discovered that the valley area where the incident occurred belonged to several branches of the local Bejillo tribe. These aborigines have a closed living environment and have always maintained primitive customs. The information on “Spirit Lamp” is rare. After repeated inspections, Waller found a clue from these similar reports. It was a memoir article written by a German doctor, in which it was mentioned that a female mage of the Bejilio tribe named Tamashisi was in treatment. Tell the doctor that he was a survivor who had escaped from the “Demon Spirit Lamp” Canyon.
  Valle tried every possible means to contact the author of the article. The doctor told: The Bejillo tribe in history often fought with other tribes. In order to reduce the consumption of food, they often took prisoners in batches to the canyon to be executed. It wasn’t until a hundred years ago that a tribal leader accepted foreign civilization and felt that the ancestral tradition was too cruel, so he dethroned the old rules and sealed the valley as a restricted area. Since then, the gorge full of blood and history has ceased to be peaceful, with “monster lights” appearing from time to time, and deaths occur one after another. The Bejilians thought that this was an extermination punishment by the gods to the tribe, and they were even more alarmed. It is said that in order to cut off those who have been illuminated by the “Demon Spirit Lamp” and bring “Demon Qi” back to the tribe, even if someone gets out of the canyon where the “Demon Spirit Lamp” is located, they will be asked by the tribe to drink the juice of a poisonous plant to kill themselves. And the corpse was not entered in accordance with the family rules, but was wrapped in linen and thrown back into the canyon from the top of the mountain.
  That Tamashisi was a female fortune-teller from the tribe. In May 1993, she strayed into the “Demon Spirit Lamp” Canyon looking for a few missing cows. She finally walked out, but she was physically and mentally weak, and she kept vomiting and convulsing. . The German doctor who was providing medical assistance in the local area couldn’t bear her being forced to commit suicide, so he hypothesized that Tamashisi, as a fortuneteller, was a mixture of witches and people, and could not drink poison as usual. People of the same tribe were also afraid of being forced to death and causing official investigations, so they handed her over to a German doctor.
  German doctors told Waller very positively that Tamashisi’s symptoms were similar to phosphorus poisoning. But because he was worried that his buying of the tribe’s elders would be revealed, he did not have time to carefully inspect Tamashisi, and only hurriedly sent her to another relatively civilized tribal territory of Milena.
  In the summer of 2013, Waller came to the territory of the Merina tribe on the east coast of Madagascar. There, he found Tamashisi who survived the catastrophe.
  After learning of Valle’s experience, even though Tamashisi had lingering fears, she still told her body feelings and symptoms in detail. After hearing this, Waller concluded that she and her deceased wife Mary were poisoned with phosphorus. The people of the Melina tribe also took out several kinds of seaweed mixed powder and told Valle that they used it to detoxify Tamashisi.

  Waller sent the seaweed powder back to his relatives in France. A few days later, the other party informed that the main ingredient was the cholinesterase resurrection factor that can detoxify phosphorus, and the diarrhea caused after taking it can accelerate the excretion of toxicity.
  Tamashisi recalled the weird scene she had witnessed in the jungle and said: She saw fireflies bursting out of the jungle in the middle of the night, accompanied by the crackling sound of ghosts in the legend. And those star-spotted fireflies gathered into a piece again, slowly floating out of the woods, and there was a phantom in a trance. The erratic light of the “demon spirit lamp” pierced people invisible, and there was a strong pungent smell in the air. In order to avoid the chase of the erratic “demon spirit lamp”, she had to endure the nausea, fatigue and confusion, and finally jumped into the stream with all her strength and struggled out of the canyon.
  The memory of Tamashisi also puzzled Waller. If she is not alarmist, is the legendary “demon spirit lamp” really true?
  Get to the bottom
  although the incident did not return Valle breakthrough, but his perseverance to explore the truth have impressed lawyer Falun Di-Jules. With his credibility and prestige, he tried to persuade a pharmacist from the University of Paris School of Medicine, two natural scholars and an independent TV production team to go to Madagascar again in October 2015.
  Accompanied by local government officials, the crowd came to Marumukutru Valley. When Behe slightly tribal people heard that they want to enter the “demon spirit lamp” canyon, categorically prevent patriarch said:. “Canyon is evil forbidden, once you go in, not only his own life was not guaranteed, but also hurt our tribe.”
  This At that time, the well-prepared lawyers Waller and Fallenti invited Tamashisi out, and her appearance surprised the Bejilians. Afterwards, Tamashisi recounted her experience of “resurrecting the dead”, and the tribesmen who had some sentiments then gave way in doubt.
  Entering the canyon, everyone explored the canyon during the day and stayed in tents at night. By the evening of the fifth day, a sudden heavy rain poured down. When the night stops, the air is extremely humid.
  The dark sky under the night was shrouded in dense clouds. The photographer who was adjusting the infrared lens outside the tent suddenly cried out: “Quickly come out, there is movement over the jungle?” The others flew out and raised their ears. He heard a slight crackling in the jungle not far away. With the sound, a cloud of fluorescence appeared between the swaying branches, one meter high from the ground, and the low one almost touching the ground. Sometimes, smoke can be seen floating in the flash of fluorescence. In a moment, those fluorophores gradually gathered again to form a large light net, slowly drifting towards the tent.
  A naturalist with extensive experience in field surgery hurried to greet everyone to put on gas masks. When everyone took out the gas masks and put them on, they walked out of the tent again, and they were surprised to find that they were surrounded by heavy smoke and gloom. It is conceivable that a person without a gas mask can’t hold on for a few minutes in the thick smoke.
  It wasn’t until the wind in the gorge dispersed the fluorescence and smoke that everyone carefully took off their masks. At this time, several scholars explained the weird phenomenon just now: it turns out that the phosphorus contained in the bones of a large number of skeletons buried in the old slaughter interacts with water molecules in the humid air to produce phosphine and phosphorus tetroxide gas, which are in the air. Spontaneous combustion makes a popping sound, and because the gas is lighter than air, it moves with the wind. Because phosphorescence only shows dim brightness in the dark, it gives people a terrible impression of erratic and treacherous.
  At this time, Waller thought of Mary being witnessed by the nurse vomiting the gloomy light in her mouth before she died, and she was still puzzled: “But this does not explain how the deadly phosphorus poison entered Mary’s body? I know, usually Phosphorus poisoning requires the accumulation of toxins in the body, and the bones of the ancient slaughter captives decayed in the soil for too long, and the preserved phosphorus content cannot be too high, nor can it be transmitted to Mary’s body.”
  Waller’s question made everyone present. The question was stunned. After a while, the pharmacologist asked Tamashisi who was accompanying her about her diet when she was trapped in the canyon for several days. When she told everyone that she relied on the wild berries and the stream of the jungle to satisfy her thirst, the pharmacologist couldn’t help but if anything. Think about it.
  Before leaving the canyon, the pharmacologist deliberately picked some wild berries under the guidance of Tamashisi, and sampled nearby soil, rock formations, and stream spring water.
  A few weeks later, the test results of all samples showed that the entire canyon was originally a high-content phosphate vein belt. A large amount of phosphorus was absorbed by plants and water through the soil, rock formations, and if an adult continuously consumed a certain amount of accumulation, it must be It can cause different levels of phosphorus poisoning, and even death in severe cases. The truth of the mystery of the so-called “demon lamp” is finally revealed to the world