The earliest superpower war

  Speaking of “the earliest”, it is inevitable to read Chinese history. And this “superpower war” took place five thousand years ago, and it was the beginning of China’s recorded history. The fighting side is Huang Di, and his enemy is naturally Chi You. The historical book that recorded this battle is “Historical Records”, and there are even more such as unofficial history notes.
  Huangdi is a tribal leader living in the Central Plains. Chi You is an unidentified mysterious figure with different legends. There are eighty-one brothers, and his looks are very strange: a bronze head, iron forehead, human body, hooves, four eyes, eight toes, horns on the head, and ears and temples like halberds. He also has wings on his body, can fly in the air, can swallow sand and eat stones, and can use human language. In short, it is a monster similar to humans but completely different.
  There are countless people with super powers in this war. But we are mainly concerned about the following: Chi You himself, Feng Bo and Yushi in the Chi You camp, and Xuan Nu and Han Yan in the Yellow Emperor camp. The battle between them made us see for the first time the plot that often appears in the movie today: the superpower showdown that overcomes each other-the strong wind created by the wind master and the rain teacher, was yelled by the drought, and suddenly sunshine It shone, and the rain stopped. And next, Xuannv beat a drum made of one-legged cow skin with a sound of 500 li, stunned Chi You, and made the Yellow Emperor’s camp even better. In order to regain a city and escape by the way, Chi You created a heavy fog. For a moment, the sky was dark, flying sand and rocks. The Huangdi’s troops lost their way and couldn’t distinguish between the enemy and the enemy. They attacked each other. Chi You took the opportunity to escape.
  But the most interesting thing is not how these superpowers showed their magical powers, but the magical ability of calling the wind and raining and finally lost at the feet of “technology”: when Chi You once again raised fog in the war and was triumphant, Huang Di’s However, relying on the guide car made by Fenghou, the army unexpectedly went straight to Chi You’s base camp and caught Chi You.
  Therefore, we can sum it up like this: the decisive factor of a mythical war is a scientific invention; ordinary humans (the Yellow Emperor’s superpowers are borrowed from the Emperor of Heaven) can also defeat the superpowers (the Chiyou people are all Weird and eccentric); even with super powers, it is still undesirable to be overwhelmed.
  The most dramatic superpower
  According to available data, Russia was the first country to start studying superpowers. Before the establishment of the Soviet Union, there were many stories of supernatural phenomena circulating in this vast, cold land. One of the most well-known superpowers was Gregory Rasputin, an adviser to Tsar Nicholas at the time, nicknamed the “crazy monk”. He had a very precise ability to foresee, so the czar invited him to the court as a personal adviser. When all the medicines were unable to cure the czar’s son Alexei, the czar thought of the magical mad monk who accompanied him and pinned his hopes on Rasputin. As expected, Rasputin had healed Ariksha with super powers in front of the dumbfounded royal family members and doctors.
  From that day on, Rasputin established his prestige with the supreme leader of Russia. Unfortunately, as described in many movies, the greater the ability, the more fear it will cause people. In addition, Rasputin himself is indeed licentious and notorious (for example, letting an upper-class woman in St. Petersburg take off his clothes and bathe him in a public bathroom; after eating with his fingers, he asks his followers to lick them clean with their tongues). The Russians began to worry involuntarily that this mad monk who accompanied the czar would use his superpowers to control the czar’s mind and usurp power. In order to make this possibility an imagination in their heads forever, several senior military officers secretly planned to give Raputin 8 cakes mixed with potassium cyanide, and drink a bottle of Made mixed with potassium cyanide. Pull wine (enough to poison twenty people). After discovering that he was still unresponsive, he shot through his lungs, and the bullet passed through the heart and remained in the liver. Everyone thought, this time he finally died, so he prepared to dispose of the body. Unexpectedly, he suddenly jumped up, pinched one of them by the throat and shouted that he would hang him the next day, and then he had the strength to break free and ran into the courtyard. Later, people fired three shots at him, one of which hit the head, dragged him back into the house and awoke again, and slammed his temple with dumbbells… After Rasputin was still alive and escaped again, a group of people held him The big Russian man with sticks beat him around… and Rasputin even had spare time to break the ice and jump into the river. It’s just that he seems to forget that he can’t swim… Besides, Russia is not a good season for swimming in winter… The
  next day, people found his body in ice water, and it was confirmed that he was drowning.
  This mad monk may not be the first person with super powers in history, but he must be the most dramatic super power.
  Some super powers cases
  much Hyperthymesia with amnesia as a brain disease, as some people say that this is a specific function, such people are very rare, so far the world has found only three cases People with hypermemia.
  Hypermemory is the ability to have super memory. If forgetting is an ability, those with hypermemory have no ability to forget. They remember clearly the things they experienced personally, ten years ago, twenty years ago, no matter what day, as long as they mentioned it, he would be able to tell what happened on that day. A detail. They can recall anything they have experienced in the brain cells based on the said keywords. In American words, it is “Human Google”.
  Professor James McGaw, a neuroscientist at the University of California, Irvine, who specializes in hypermemory, said that studying hypermemory can better study the way the human brain stores memories and is of great help to the treatment of Alzheimer’s.
  Mind Actuation After the
  20th century, Mind Actuation was included in the research scope of psychology. The most famous contemporary spiritually actuated performer should be called the Israeli master U Geller. He has performed a lot in Britain and the United States.
  He claims to be able to perceive other people’s thoughts, bend metals with mental power, stop watches, etc. Scientists at individual high-level research institutions have affirmed his special functions. It was later discovered that he was cheating, and every time a magician was present, he would fail. It turned out that Geller himself was a magic actor in Israel. Although most psychologists hold a negative attitude towards the phenomenon of mental activation, and even though the performer has been repeatedly exposed as a hoax, a few believers still believe that the part of their success is the result of supernatural ability. Believers also believe that conventional natural scientific methods should not be used to test this kind of mental phenomenon, because it can only be realized under certain conditions and on certain people.
  Human body floating
  In legends, some human superpowers are often mentioned, such as they can rise from the ground without the help of any external force. However, in real life, there are many of these “floaters”. Based on some historical records and some recent examples, the floaters seem to have a super power that can overcome gravity and let their bodies float slowly. .
  Modern parapsychologists have not been able to solve these floating phenomena, and the Hindu super-in-the-meditation masters known as yogis also know the levitation technique and have their own unique features. In 1986, there was a yoga ascetic flying contest in Washington, USA. This contest was conducted in front of the public. Approximately 20 yogis competed high and low. They floated in the air, with a minimum of 60 cm and a maximum of 1.0 meters. In recent years, scientists have been trying to unravel how the human body floats in the air free of gravity.

  Super powers who worry
  if I have the ability to regenerate, I do not fear hit by a car; if I could fly, tickets can save money each year to go home, they do not line up at the train station; if I can stealth, hey, I You can go home with a beautiful woman, and… But… there is a saying: There is no absolute perfection in the world.
  NO.1 teleport
  teleport? Are you really sure? Well, please be fully armed, wear a helmet, shovel, ice axe, lifebuoy, fire jacket, if necessary, dial 110… because almost no one can be 100% sure that it can move to the exact location, maybe it’s a big road Above, in the wall, under the manhole cover, in the cement mixer.
  NO.2 flight ability
  of this capability fascinated people need to take account of the following scientific knowledge: the earth’s surface against the troposphere every 1000 meters, the temperature drop of 5 to 6; highly significant air convection; almost atmospheric water vapor All are concentrated in the troposphere, producing weather phenomena such as wind, rain, thunder and lightning, snowfall, etc.; the air density decreases with altitude, and the higher the air, the thinner the air…
  This means: when you fly at high altitude, in addition to In addition to facing cold and lack of oxygen, you must have a steel body that can withstand high-altitude strong air currents. It is best to be equipped with a flight suit, an oxygen system, and two propellant rockets…unless you are not worried about everything attention of people around the world, as well as poor eyesight hunter, but at the height of several hundred meters of slow flight with ……
  NO.3 stealth capabilities
  that can do whatever stealth comrades must be noted: Since people can not see, then the car will You can drive unscrupulously at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour. The beauty you are peeking at is likely to be practicing yoga with a kitchen knife. The decorator behind you is throwing a sledgehammer, and the clerk will not notice if your fingers are right when they close the door. Helping on the door frame, the dogs who excrete anywhere will not move to other places because you don’t look like an invisible tree…In short, for a person who doesn’t exist at all, you have to remember this all the time. Point: You are not air after all. Not to mention buying an insurance can’t explain how you got injured bizarrely. Moreover, there are no witnesses.
  NO.4 telepathic
  far as I know, anything humans do not want to know what someone else was thinking. However, when you truly have the telepathic ability, you will find that you can’t hear anyone’s thoughts at all. It’s a pity: human thinking is jumping, and many ideas are flashed by. All you get is a bunch of noise. And sleeping, exams, answer the phone, driving, and affectionate lover and Shihai heard ……
  NO.5 flame capability
  Yes, since then, you no longer need a lighter, do not even have gas to cook. If you are not tired, you can also drive a steam locomotive! However, you have to face this situation at the same time: you can’t wear designer clothes in your life unless you are rich and you can’t burn it out; you can’t drive unless you hire someone who will go to the gas station to refuel. : Of course you have to avoid any flammable items, and you have to always beware of fire extinguishing foam or footwashing; you probably have to use tweezers to hold the RMB in your wallet when shopping, and the wallet is also fireproof; you have to do it Be mentally prepared, lest you wake up and find yourself sleeping on the bed frame with ashes all around you; please find an alien from other planets who will never be burnt by fire to be your partner; and, the most important thing Yes, adhering to the principle of cherishing animal and plant resources and protecting ancient buildings, please do not travel.
  NO.6 super speed
  speed, the speed of evil. The traffic police will tell you; you must maintain visual acuity at high speeds to prevent hitting guardrails, telephone poles, wall corners, broken iron brazing… But the astronauts will tell you that the human body is at high speeds, There will be unresponsiveness, loss of vision and even blurry… and the scientists have said that apart from metals and certain plastics, nothing can withstand the impact of high speed-unless you don’t mind running naked.