Stonehenge finds “twin brothers”

  Recently, scientists discovered that Stonehenge, the unsolved mystery of the world, is not alone. The “Stonehenge 2.0” was buried in the ground less than 3000 meters away. British researchers used remote sensing radar to discover that a large number of boulders are buried beside the historic site “Durington Wall” near Stonehenge. The Durrington Wall is located less than 3,000 meters northeast of Stonehenge. It is a huge half-moon-shaped earth wall. The diameter of the circle around it is about 500 meters. It is about 4,500 years ago. Similar.
  The British “Daily Mail” reported that there are a total of more than 90 boulders, each of which is about 4.6 meters high. Unlike the arrangement of Stonehenge in a circle, these boulders buried 1 meter deep in the ground are arranged in a straight line. Archaeologists believe that this is only the remaining part, which may have formed a long linear arrangement before.
  Scientists estimate that these boulders were moved to this area more than 4,000 years ago and used to construct a large-scale sacrificial place. These boulders originally stood on the ground, but they were probably torn down during the reconstruction of the sacrificial site in the Neolithic Age and gradually buried in the ground over time. But who overthrew them? Scientists still don’t know this.