America is a big country

  Friends who have just arrived in the United States will find it strange that the United States looks very powerful, but it is likely to be a thousand miles away from their own imagination. Just as a foreign student netizen wrote: “What is unique about the United States is simply a huge rural area.” Except for the big cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, the rest of the world is completely rural, with no industry in sight. There are tall chimneys in the district, and you can’t see the rows of tall buildings in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, and you can’t see too many pedestrians on the streets. Sometimes you will be surprised by the squirrels or even the elk that suddenly come out from the side.
  Actually, my feeling when I first arrived in the United States is similar to that of my classmate. Look at the high-rise buildings in downtown Chicago. At best, they are comparable to the relatively poor areas in Puxi, Shanghai. In terms of the height of the buildings and the beautiful streets, they are not as good as China. But what is strange is that people all over the world are desperately running to the United States. In the United States, you don’t see too many factories. Even Lake Michigan next to the industrial city of Chicago can be as pure as Jiuzhaigou. In the store, besides food, most of the commodities such as clothing, daily necessities, sporting goods, school supplies, small household appliances, refrigerators, washing machines, TVs, printers, etc. are made in China, while most of the edible fruits and vegetables are made in China. From South American countries. Compared with the quantity of these things, there are not many real American products. However, by comparison, you will find that most of the things produced in the United States are high-tech, patented industrial and technological products that have a greater advantage in the world market.
  From the point of view of profit margins, those products from China and South American countries may only have a profit margin of 2% to 5%, while the profit margin of patented technology products in the United States is as high as 10% to 30%, or even higher. From a market perspective, products from China and South American countries have a relatively high market share, but the prices are relatively low, and they are often subject to so-called anti-dumping prosecutions, while the share of American products in the international market is relatively hidden. Because many technological products seem to be made in China and South American countries, but their core components and key components are made in the United States. For example, the famous dual-core computer chips are made by Intel and AMD, both of which are high-tech companies in the United States. In fact, these products in the United States have constituted a technological monopoly in the market, but it is difficult for you to use anti-monopoly laws to sanction and prosecute them. The reason is simple, your sanctions on them are sanctions on yourself.
  The American strategy is that I will not make anything you can make and the cost is lower than mine; and what I want to make is usually something you can’t make, or you can make something with lower quality and lower technology content. product. For example, there are many technologies in computer and network technology, and Americans have patents, but once you obtain the cost or technical advantage of such technologies, they will not create them.
  Just look at the number of people in the world who come to the United States to conduct postdoctoral research every year, and you know that this has long been an established national policy of the United States. You have to cultivate talents. After 20 or 30 years of hard work, from elementary school, middle school to high school, university, master’s degree, and doctoral degree, as soon as I graduate, I give them a postdoctoral position, and they will all come. If it is the talent that the United States really needs, then just stay; if it is not the talent that the United States really needs, he must go back. This is a kind of talent “skimming” strategy in the United States. China’s basic education is very good, so you should work hard to cultivate talents; France and Germany have good engineering education, so you should work hard to train talents; India has a lot of talents in computer and information technology, so you should work hard to train them; The archaeological talents in Egypt are good, so you can train them well. After graduating from the Ph.D., as long as the United States handed out the olive branch, they soon became American talents, regardless of race, regardless of race.
  Not to mention anything else, just go to the affiliated hospital of the University of Chicago. The most people there are Chinese, all of whom come to do postdoctoral studies and do various experiments. There are at least more than 200 people, plus people from all over the world, and there should be more than 400 people. The annual salary of these people is 35,000 to 50,000 US dollars. Excluding the living expenses of 15,000 US dollars, the net income should be about 20,000 US dollars every year. That is to say, the annual net income is 120,000 to 130,000. Yuan Renminbi. If these people are in the country and the monthly salary is calculated at the standard of 7,000 yuan, then the annual salary is about 84,000 yuan. Excluding the monthly expenses of 3,000 yuan (in large cities), the annual net income is about 48,000 yuan.
  In the words of a postdoctoral fellow: “Here, my only task is to engage in my scientific research work. As long as I finish my work, I can go home. If you have the ability, the boss will appreciate you. Will use you. You don’t have to worry, because if you find that your job is not guaranteed, it will prove that your ability is insufficient compared to others. So, in work, the only thing you need to care about is how to improve your Skills and strength, don’t let yourself fall behind.” Through contact with these people, I gradually understood that the reason why the United States is so strong is because it has a very efficient labor market system. Under this market system, as long as you have the ability, you will get the corresponding salary and position. If the salary I give you is high, you will come to me; if the salary in the west is high, you will go to the west; if the salary in the east is high, you will go to the east. Because your social security, pension insurance, etc. are all connected across the country. When you arrive in your new city, you just need to go to the Social Security Bureau to declare it. Therefore, you can easily handle everything from east to west, north to south.
  Therefore, in the United States, you can see a series of related social and economic phenomena:
  1. Husband and wife often live in two places, because it is difficult to guarantee that they can find a job in the same city. This is the power of the market.
  2. The man works outside, and the woman is at home with husband and child. In this way, the two will not separate, and at the same time, it can be ensured that the person at work must be the most efficient person in the family.
  3. After working in this city for two years, I went to another city. If you work in this city today, it will be difficult for anyone to be able to work in the same city tomorrow. This is true of civil servants, such is the case of researchers, such is the case of university presidents, such is the case of Democratic and Republican chairmen, and the same is true of American presidents. Hillary’s votes in this state are higher than Obama’s, but she absolutely can’t guarantee that she can get the advantage of votes in another state. Listening to the hoarse voice when Hillary Clinton spoke, you know that she is in a highly efficient labor market, how dare she relax.
  4. The economic pressure that Americans face in life may not be as great as that of people in developing countries, but Americans are more vulnerable than people in developing countries. The reason is that the family concept there is not particularly strong, and the care from the family is relatively Since there are few eastern countries such as China and India, Americans have higher enthusiasm for communities and churches than developing countries, and people’s worship of the supreme God will be stronger than that of people in developing countries.
  5. Americans are more receptive to new ideas, new knowledge, and new people than people in developing countries. I often see that many young white-haired elderly people sit in the park and read. In China, Ph.D. study is for young people, but on American campuses, you can often see seniors in their 40s, 50s or even 60s studying for Ph.D. Because in their lives, they are full of competition everywhere, and they sing songs of forging ahead.
  It is precisely because the United States has a more effective labor market system than other countries, so since 1783, talents from all over the world have moved to the United States. Since the 1950s, the United States has become the most active country in the world for invention and creation and the most economically powerful country in the world.
  Therefore, it seems that the United States is a huge rural area with no towering chimneys and factories. However, this does not prevent it from becoming the most powerful country in the world, because it has only the largest and most effective labor market in the world. It does not need factories, and its factories are in all countries in the world; it does not need to smoke, and its smoking factories are in developing countries.